Local Productions  FTV

Handyman At Work

FTV - Sunday 8:10pm

In the home life, we often encounter some small problems, problems exist, often bring a lot of inconveniences, delay not to repair small problems, will lead to greater problems in the future. If every time please professional staff home repair, the cost is high, how can we do?

Leisure Talk

FTV - Monday-Friday 6:20pm
FTV2HD - Monday-Friday 4:30am

Leisure Talk, a television program produced by the combined efforts of Fairchild Television Vancouver, Fairchild Television Toronto and a brilliant cast of local program hosts, who are passionate in sharing original and fascinating contents. Each episode features a special guest to discuss various trends and topics. This captivating program will surely capture your attention.

Timeline Magazine

FTV - Wednesday 10:00pm
FTV2HD - Saturday 3:00pm

Timeline Magazine is a program that helps Chinese audience ease into the Canadian culture through delivering news that intertwines with our daily lives in a fascinating and informative manner. Information may include politics, information technology, movies, entertainment, and astrology. Behind a long living and high quality program stands a team of professional and knowledgeable crew. Timeline magazine has been bringing audience a premium and enriching TV experience.

Mandarin Profile

FTV - Saturday 6:00pm

Mandarin Profile is a Mandarin program that shares amazing stories and heartfelt journeys of immigrants becoming successful entrepreneurs. The program reflects the joy and hardship immigrants go through when transitioning in a new environment. The program showcases stories of how they overcome the culture barrier to accomplish their dreams.

What's On

FTV - Sunday 7:40pm

What’s On is a program that brings you the hottest and trendiest news from the East and West Coasts, as well as exclusive interviews of local and international celebrities.