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Hit Awards 2017

FTV1 Feb.25 Sunday 9:00pm

2018 International Chinese New Year Night Parade

FTV1 Feb.18 Sunday 9:00pm

The International Chinese New Year Night Parade is one of Hong Kong’s most anticipated annual events, with fantastic floats and spectacular performances by local and international performers welcoming Chinese New Year with a festive energy that is uniquely Hong Kong. Themed ‘Best Fortune. World Party.’, the parade will take place on Chinese New Year day, bringing positive energy to everyone in the audience and a vibrant party to see in the Year of the Dog.

Miss Chinese International Pageant 2018

FTV1 Feb.11 Sunday 9:00pm

J.S.G Awards Presentation 2017

FTV1 February 4th Sunday 9:00pm

TV Awards Presentation 2017

FTV1 Sunday Jan.28 9:00pm

Unity Gate - A Chino Latino Parade At The Historic Centre of Macao 2017

FTV1 Sunday Jan.21 10:10pm