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Community Chest Charity Show 2017

FTV1 May 28, 9:00pm FTV1 June 4, 9:00pm

Love & Caring For Elderly Buddies

FTV1 May 21, Sunday 9:55pm

Dream In The Ring

FTV1 May 21, Sunday 9:00pm

2017 Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival

FTV1 May 7, 2017 Sunday 9:00pm FTV1 May 14, 2017 Sunday 9:00pm

A union of 8 Asian territories for one converted effort to drive music creativity,performing arts,show organisation and music business development across the Asian music markets.Its Supernova contest and the music business forum provide the catalyst as well as the mover for such local and regional advancement.

Pok Oi Charity Show 2017

FTV1 April 30, 2017 Sunday 9:00pm

Themed as “One Wish, One Love”, this year’s Pok Oi Charity Show is presented by CAROL CHENG, GRACE CHAN and KARL TING, calling on kindhearted people, through their actions, to help the others fulfill their wishes. Starting with top-notch singer HACKEN LEE’s four seasons-themed songs, the charity show also brings in C AllStar, EDMOND LEUNG and PAKHO CHAU to sing songs that promote love and hope. More fascinating sessions include the stage play by sisters, JANICE VIDAL and JILL VIDAL, to honor our mothers for how much love they show us, LINDA WONG’s two debut songs with harp accompaniment and the exclusive premiere of musical staged by RAY LUI, LAWRENCE CHENG, KEVIN CHENG, PATRICK TAM and MICHAEL TSE, etc. Meanwhile, PAKHO CHAU, C AllStar, BOB CHEUNG and BINGO team up with the directors to play “Summer Game”. On top of that, JULIAN CHEUNG, JUSTIN LO, SHERMAN CHUNG, FRED CHENG, HUBERT WU and HANA continue to sing more beautiful love songs to extend their appeal to people of goodwill for more donations!

TVB Fairchild Fans Party 2017

FTV1 April 16, 2017 Sunday 8:55pm

The first ray of summer sunshine is yearning for a glimpse of the world as the sound of spring is still lingering in the air. This year, Fairchild Television has invited four talented artistes from TVB, including the charismatic Ben Wong and Raymond Wong, along with the beautiful and beloved Grace Chan and Rosina Lam, to join the annual TVB Fairchild Fans Party. Their sunshine personalities will enlighten the stage and bring nonstop laughter and amusement to the Canadian fans.