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Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2018

FTV1 May 6 Sunday 9:00 pm
FTV1 May 13 Sunday 9:00 pm

Pok Oi Charity Show 2018

FTV1 April 29 Sunday 9:00 pm

TVB-Fairchild Fans Party 2018

FTV1 April 22 Sunday 9:00 pm

To commemorate the Silver Anniversary of Fairchild TV, Fans Party invited four prominent stars Benjamin Yuen, Eliza Sam, Mat Yeung, and Rebecca Zhu to grace the celebration stage this year. The artistes and their fans spent a wonderful evening of entertainment together last night. Along with the beautiful melodies of their drama theme songs, the fans’ favorites each made an entrance from the audience section, handing out souvenirs on their way to the stage.

Line Walker: The Hunting Game

FTV1 April 15 Sunday 9:00pm

TVB Filmart 2018

FTV1 April 8, Sunday 9:50PM

The Fantastic Trio...Is Back

FTV1 April.8 Sunday 9:00pm