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  • My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan

    From childhood best friends to becoming powerful mafia bosses, HO KEI-SONG (Kent Cheng) and LAU CHEUK-NAM (Wong Kwong Leung) have been through thick and thin together for all these years. Later CHEUK-NAM is jailed for killing a p ...

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  • Over Run Over

    The Emergency Unit (E.U.), capable of rapid response to any type of emergency, is primarily tasked to provide a speedy and additional presence of uniformed police on the ground to combat crime. Newly appointed sergeant LING SUN-FU ...

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  • Come Home Love

    MA FU (Lau Tan) , Correctional Services officer, moves in with his sons after retirement. FU treats his family members like prisoners without himself realizing it. To MA CHONG (Lai Lok Yi), his youngest son, home is no different t ...

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