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  • Identical Affairs

    The ambitious and successful lawyer, Do Hae-gang (Kim Hyun-joo), and her husband, Choi Jin-eon (Ji Jin-hee), have a dysfunctional relationship. They lose their child and Jin-eon starts an affair with a much younger girl, Seol-ri ( ...

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  • No Reserve

    KONG SHEUNG-HUNG (Wayne Lai), who was a guerrilla team leader, encounters CHEUNG GEI-SANG (Myolie Wu) during the war. After the Japanese launch an invasion of China, the pair become special agents, sneaking into Guangzhou. GEI- ...

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  • Rogue Emperor

    Being a homeless person in Hong Kong, CHU KAM-CHUN (Kenneth Ma) is self-proclaimed the last emperor of China. A social worker FUNG SIU-YUNG (Tracy Chu) is dispatched to follow up the case, gradually unveiling KAM-CHUN's legendar ...

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