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  • My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan

    From childhood best friends to becoming powerful mafia bosses, HO KEI-SONG (Kent Cheng) and LAU CHEUK-NAM (Wong Kwong Leung) have been through thick and thin together for all these years. Later CHEUK-NAM is jailed for killing a p ...

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  • Over Run Over

    The Emergency Unit (E.U.), capable of rapid response to any type of emergency, is primarily tasked to provide a speedy and additional presence of uniformed police on the ground to combat crime. Newly appointed sergeant LING SUN-FU ...

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  • Jungmyung, the Princess of Light

    Prince Gwanghae, son of a concubine, usurps the Joseon throne from his father King Seonjo's direct bloodline. Gwanghae executes the favored legitimate son, and exiles his half-sister Princess Jeongmyeong. Banished from the palace, ...

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