Explore China, Japan, Korea Singing Contest Audition

The Explore China, Japan, Korea Singing Contest Audition successfully concluded on July 15th. Close to one hundred contestants auditioned for a spot in the Final. Many of the contestants chose a Japanese, Chinese, or Korean song in their native language, while others challenged themselves in choosing a song of another language, including a Japanese contestant singing a Chinese song, and an European contestant singing a Japanese song. Among the contestants, a 76-year-old Korean contestant surprised the judges with his energetic performance.

It was a very close competition, making it a difficult decision for the judges to pick the finalists. After careful consideration, two contestants were chosen from each language group to compete and perform on stage with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra in the Final on October 12th at the River Rock Show Theatre.

The six finalists will be revealed to the public shortly. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest news!