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Promising New Director Ho Cheuk-Tin


Winner of this year's Hong Kong Film Awards for "Best New Director" Ho Cheuk-Tin recently visited Canada for the first time. Besides expressing gratitude for the support from fans and promoting his new film "Over My Dead Body", he also shared his journey as a filmmaker of this generation. Ho's debut film, “The Sparring Partner " was a box office success. It was based on the sensational "parricide case" that shook Hong Kong in 2013, aiming to explore the concept of justice through the case. To present authentic courtroom scenes, Ho and his team put a lot of effort into gathering information and even spent a considerable amount of time observing real court proceedings. Although the new dark comedy revolves around corpses again as in his last project, Ho jokingly revealed that the parallel was a mere coincidence. He believed that as a new director, he needed to explore various genres and learn from different actors. He highly praised the young actors in his work, especially the impeccable chemistry between Edan Lui and Ronald Cheng, who portrayed a father-son duo once again. He also highlighted the outstanding performance of Jer Lau. Ho reminded the audience to pay close attention to the film's theme song. Check out for Ho’s interview now!

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Benjamin Yuen


TVB heartthrob, Benjamin Yuen, fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer a few years ago, even assuming the duties of a composer, lyricist and producer. While preparing for his third single, he is also eagerly anticipating his return to TVB Fairchild Fans Party in Canada where he proposed to his wife. After a 5-year absence, Ben really wants to reunite with his family in this beautiful place, drink a cup of coffee, go for a run by River Road, and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of Vancouver. Despite his success as an actor and singer, Ben remained hungry for more. He is enthusiatic about exploring new roles and determined to bring more surprises to his fans, both in Hong Kong and abroad. As for thoughts on starting a family, Ben would let nature take its course and is actually more excited to meet Canadian fans, play games and win prizes with them. Check out for Ben’s interview now!

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Elaine Yiu


Elaine Yiu was thrilled yet nervous about meeting her Canadian fans for the first time as she prepared for TVB Fairchild Fans Party. Elaine is approachable and well-liked by the audience, but she expressed a desire to try challenging roles that contrast with her own personality. She also expressed her admiration for Sean Lau Ching Wan and her desire to work with him, as well as her wish to collaborate again with Dayo Wong Tze Wah. In addition to her acting career, Elaine was also a vegetarian who took great care of her health. Apart from regular exercise, she shared that she used magnetic fork massage to boost her metabolism and maintain her youthful appearance. According to her, the key to "freezing aging" was to maintain an optimistic and cheerful mindset. Elaine was looking forward to the opportunity to interact with her overseas fans, sing together, play games and win prizes. She was excited to experience the beauty of Canada's nature and relished the chance to connect with her fans from a different part of the world. Check out for Elaine’s interview now!

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Annabelle Louie


Annabelle Louie has been away from the stage for three years due to the pandemic, but could finally make her return to Hong Kong as a special guest at Andrew Lam Man Chung's outdoor concert. Annabelle enjoyed this new experience and the opportunity to catch up with her fellow friends in the entertainment industry. During her trip, Annabelle also visited her hometown of Zhongshan for the very first time where she paid her respects to her grandfather, Hok Yat Louie in the ancestral hall. Annabelle even delivered a beautiful rendition of her hit "Faded Dreams" in front of their ancestral house. It was truly a sentimental moment. Annabelle launched her music journey 43 years ago and has always been passionate about singing since then. With an unwavering love for music, she is determined to own the stage again in her upcoming concert, "The Legend Goes On - Annabelle in Concert 2023". As a vegetarian, she also exercises regularly to maintain good health. Annabelle has prepared some never-before-performed songs to surprise her fans. She hopes to take her audience down the memory lane and relive old dreams, while paying tribute to Hong Kong's golden era of music. Annabelle's words "If there is an unfinished fate between us, we will meet again at the corner of the sea" held true for her as she finally returned to the stage to share her love for music with her fans once again. Check out for her interview now!

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Richard Yuen


The renowned composer and producer Mr. Richard Yuen has created countless popular masterpieces in the music industry for decades. The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2021 Special Guest selected a series of significant works throughout his music journey and rearranged the beautiful pieces in a grand presentation by himself together with young local artistes and musicians onstage. His 4th music project in recently years, “Once Upon A Time” featuring new pieces incorporating his favourite Chinese instrumental elements caught the attention of fans around the world. With contributions from talented musicians from Canada, Hong Kong, the United States and Mainland China, the album received overwhelmingly positive feedback during his promotion period in Hong Kong. Let’s find out where Richard's inspirations came from!

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Kenny Ho


The lively and active Kenny Ho discovered a passion in running when he was required to do a fitness test in his 10th grade physical education class. He had joined the track and field team and tried various exercises, but in the end took his coach’s advice and chose Race Walking. Since then, Kenny has successfully represented the Canadian team and the UBC University Track and Field team in different competitions. Diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Kenny managed to find an optimal response plan with the help from sports psychologists and counselors. He now can act calmly and clearly before each game and competition. As an athlete who likes to accept challenges, Kenny previously participated in CBC’s reality show Canada’s Ultimate Challenge. Aside from just enjoying being on television and wanting to share his story to the audience, he truly loves sports and competition. Through his TV presence, he also hopes to remove the public stigma on ADHD and continue to live a fuller life. Check out Kenny’s interview now!

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Harry Ng


Harry Ng, one of the judges for the popular TV show “Midlife Sing & Shine!”, visited Vancouver for a fan meet-up after wrapping up his concert. Harry was extremely touched by the fans greeting him at 5am in the airport. He was also surprised by the number of male fans attending the party. However, one of the most memorable aspects of his trip had to be Canadian cuisine! He joked that whether it be singing or eating, both require "penetrating power". Harry, the “hamburger expert” tried four specialty burgers in just a few days but struggled to find the best one due to the lack of “penetrability” in the quality. Recalling his marriage proposal, Harry said the main purpose of the concert was to write a new song for the person he now calls fiancée. The one and only "You're My Greatest Melody", which took Harry three months to complete, tells their love story and has successfully made Harry a winner! Check out the interview for more exclusive content!

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Louis Yan


From street magic to world tours, the Hong Kong magician Louis Yan who has long risen to fame just paid his first visit to Vancouver! Louis was invited by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office to perform for the Lunar New Year reception. Due to the pandemic, the event was delayed for two years, but on the bright side, this gave Louis more time to prepare. The performance highlighted some Chinese New Year elements and was brought up close to the audience. Louis' new reality show “When Science Meets Magic” has also been released; make sure to stay tuned for its premiere on Fairchild Television! Check out the interview to see how Louis amazed the FTV crew with his magic trick!

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Auntie Mai, Sister Bing & Poki Ng


Nowadays, even “aunties” must keep up with the pace in time. Recently, Auntie Mei (陳月媚) and Sister Bing (Maria Chung), along with trend-setter Poki Ng formed a novel trio to host a talk show. In an exclusive interview with FTV and TTV, Poki revealed that he and his two super-friendly senior co-hosts made a perfect team. Sister Bing discovered the sentimental side of Auntie Mei in their latest collaborative project "Love with the Gap". Although Auntie Mei may have furious looking expressions, she truly has a kind heart. As for Poki, his work ethics is praised by both. In spite of the huge age difference, they were able to communicate freely with no generation gap. Through the show, the two ladies began to understand the trendy culture embraced by young people. They even learned from their guests and picked up a few slangs, a true integration into the new generation! Check out the interview for more exciting content!

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Lokman & AK


The reality show King Maker has opened up the doors for many gifted young people to pursue their dreams. It was also where the most popular male group in Hong Kong MIRROR was being nurtured. Season 5 of the recruitment went beyond Hong Kong to discover potential new stars overseas. The leader and deputy leader of MIRROR Lokman and AK recently flew to Vancouver to audition talented candidates. The two idols set foot in Vancouver for the first time and had immediately fallen in love with the weather and environment! In the interview, they even joked about bringing Keung To from their group here next time as he aspires to a “retirement life” and his big appetite would be greatly satisfied by the huge meal portions offered in Canada. After several days of location shooting, Lokman and AK both agreed that their most favourite attraction was the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains at Sea to Sky. The King Maker auditions let the two stars appreciate how pure and straightforward yet full of a dream-seeking heart Canadian boys are. They all hope to bring out their best performance to Hong Kong! Check out the interview for more exclusive content!

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