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Anson Lo


What is the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of Anson Lo? Is it what his fans call him, “Master”? A petrol station trainee? Without a doubt, Ling Siu Muk from the hit drama Ossan’s Love has captured the hearts of many people. Anson is hugely grateful for this, but the drama also posed a great challenge. It was most difficult for Anson to express the mixed emotions of this character. While it was equally hard for Anson to grasp the high-pitch of the theme song, the interlude Unloveable Leader reveals Anson’s tender side. With the recent release of Megahit, the “Master” hopes that this fast-paced number and MV will bring joy and get his fans dancing along! While eagerly awaiting Anson’s first movie Showbiz Spy to debut on the big screen, let’s check out more exciting content from his interview!

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Manson Cheung


Manson Cheung from the reality show King Maker III was known for his close resemblance to Wong Ka Kui, the co-founder of the legendary rock band Beyond. With a unique voice and high proficiency with various musical instruments, his popularity has continued to rise even though he was voted out before the final at the competition. Manson recently finished with the MV for his song Hopeless Romance. He recalls marvelling at this simple demo that he received the very first day. Although it was only recorded with a guitar backing with composer Eman Lam’s vocals, the story behind the lyrics deeply touched Manson. The professional direction of manager Heiward Mak coupling with the spectacular performance by Fish Liew has elevated this MV to a cinematic masterpiece. Manson even worked hard and delved deep into the meaning of the word romance in this song. Don’t miss out on Manson’s interview for more exclusive content!

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Gabriel Harrison


Do you still recall a classic scene from the 13th New Talent Singing Awards? Gabriel Harrison and guest star Eric Moo performed the piece Heartbreak Song and competed in reaching the highest key. Taking home the championship, Gabriel officially debuted in 1995. With a promising future ahead in the entertainment industry as a singing artiste and an actor, he had even been invited to Canada as a special performer for the New Talent Singing Awards. Gabriel has participated in numerous drama series, including Detective Investigation Files III, Rural Hero, and many other classics. Many people may be familiar with his character Dan in the movie Needing You, where he acted as the former boyfriend of Sammi Cheng. Gabriel acknowledged that the singing competition in the good old days was very different from today. The entire process has now become months of marathon battles. Despite numerous obstacles, criticisms from mentors and the challenge of presenting songs of various genres, the experience is invaluable. Gabriel relocated to China in 2008 to expand his career path and recently returned to Hong Kong to film the drama series Sinister Beings, Armed Reaction 2021, and The Line Watchers. Just a while ago, he took on a dubbing role for the movie Anita Mui and is honoured to participate in a production dedicated to the queen of Hong Kong's pop music. Check out Gabriel’s interview for more exclusive content!

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Colleen Lau


Colleen Lau, a participant of the New Talent Singing Awards in 2005, did not make her debut that same year but instead worked as a marketing executive responsible for artiste liaison. As someone passionate about singing, her profession drove Colleen to launch a career in the music industry in 2008. Last year, at The Music Must Go On project, with the advice from producer Yip Siu Chung, Colleen released a rendition of Beyond’s masterpiece, The Grand Earth. This re-arrangement allowed Colleen to reminisce about her time as a child when she watched the original piece on television. The movie lover Colleen was a main cast in the 2018 microfilm Typing… Highly acclaimed by the committee and judges, she subsequently took home the Best Microfilm Actress Gold Award. This accomplishment proves that Colleen, who was a film student, can also excel outside of singing. Check out Colleen’s interview for more exclusive content!

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Bella Lam


Two projects that the sweet and adorable star Bella Lam was recently involved in are featured drama Armed Reaction 2021 and variety show The Locked Down Tourist. In fact, Bella debuted on TV as early as nine years old in the popular drama Light of Million Hopes. In 2016, her portrayal of the distressed character in A Fist Within Four Walls garnered much public attention. Bella is grateful for the recognition and appreciation from the audience, and admitted that the resemblance of her character and her own story growing up allowed her to incorporate a lot of genuine emotions into the performance. Despite being an infrequent exerciser, she fell in love with hiking while filming The Locked Down Tourist, and even discovered trivial knowledge of this outdoor activity with her friend Joey Thye. Bella also pointed out that her idol is Linda Chung as she admires Linda’s ability to balance her roles as both an actor and singer. Looking up to this icon, Bella aspires to have a happy family of her own just like Linda in the future. Check out Bella’s interview for more exclusive content!

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Shirley Chan


Recently partnering with hottest popstar Edan@Mirror to voice in the cartoon Two by Two: Overboard!, the new generation girl idol Shirley Chan has become an even more prominent figure in the public eye. After graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring in Advertising Design , Shirley was offered the opportunity four years ago to participate in two movies, allowing her to step foot in the entertainment industry. Not only does Shirley’s youthful and lively personality impress many followers, but her improving acting skills have also received numerous compliments. Subsequently, she was invited to film TV dramas, online movies, and even had the honour of attending the “red carpet” at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time. As a new actress, she also appeared in the promotional video and as a guest host for the award ceremony. In the interview, Shirley acknowledged that the variety show Mountain Girl had definitely raised her profile, but did not regard herself as “goddess”, a named favored by her fans. Aside from the many exciting moments filming My Indian Boyfriend, this movie brought about a remarkable experience for Shirley as this is where she gave away her first on-screen kiss. What does Shirley’s future have in store? Check out her interview for exclusive content!

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Grace Chan


The cheerful and popular Grace Chan has made a lot of friends in her hometown, Vancouver. However, it was always her childhood dream to return to Hong Kong to pursue a career. Hence, after graduating from university in 2013, she quickly decided to compete in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and was announced winner. Following her victory, Grace was again crowned as the champion in the 2014 Miss Chinese International Pageant. Being the third representative from Hong Kong to hold both beauty pageant titles, Grace was very much favored by the public and shortly after managed to launch her acting debut in the drama “Overachievers”. In the subsequent few years, Grace took up more roles in dramas like “Brother's Keeper II” and “Captain of Destiny”. Her hard work definitely paid off, evidenced by her win as the “Most Improved Female Artiste” at the “2015 TVB Anniversary Award”. The most significant project that Grace has worked on must be “Blue Veins”, where she met her first love, now known to be husband, Kevin Cheng. After a lavish wedding in Bali, Indonesia in 2018, Grace gave birth to two sons and began to reduce her workload.

Recently, Grace made a return to the TV screen as a new variety show host in “Bong Bong Amigo” and “Mama’s Day”. She feels nervous yet fortunate to benefit a lot as she can learn to become a patient listener. Let’s look forward to more of her work! Check out Grace’s interview for other exciting content!

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Kimman Wong


Once travelling around the world to share his music, singer-songwriter Kimman Wong developed a passion on singing and playing with the guitar at age 17. After a difficult path growing up and experiencing the excruciating pain of his mother’s passing, Kimman embarked on a four-year journey with his first song, “Fly Away” as travel partner through 17 countries, more than 30 cities, and back to his hometown in Hong Kong. A Cantonese version of the song was later released as the theme song of a TV drama.

A lucky encounter provided the aspiring busker Kimman with the opportunity to become an artiste, singer, and host at a TV station. Gaining valuable experience aside, Kimman continues to participate in different singing competitions with the desire to touch the world with his music and realize his dream on a more spectacular stage. His recent project playing the role of a visually impaired person in the musical “The Eyes of You” was very well-received by the public. Let’s look forward to more of Kimman’s creative works in the days to come. Check out his interview for more exciting content!

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Justin Cheung


Debuting ten years ago as a model, professional actor Justin Cheung has played numerous roles. Be it in a comedy, action, suspense movie, or as a villain, Justin liberates genuine emotions to depict a realistic representation of the character. Aside from having a fierce battle with contender Endy Chow, Justin was almost in tears when undergoing the challenging training process in the movie “One Second Champion.” Right after this intense artistic expression, he had to devote great efforts to gain 220 pounds in preparation for his new role as a historical character Military Officer Zhang Fei in “Dynasty Warriors.” Though it is never an easy task to achieve this within a short time, as devoted as Justin is, he believes that “as long as you work hard, anything can happen!” Reflecting on the many years of his acting career, the dedicated artiste revealed that “Project Gutenberg” was the most memorable. Not only was he blessed with the opportunity to partner with many of his childhood idols, including Chow Yun-Fat, Aaron Kwok, and Dick Liu (Liu Kai-Chi, Uncle Chi), he had also developed a special friendship with the respectable veteran, also a good friend and mentor, “Uncle Chi”. Check out Justin’s interview for more exciting content!

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Joey Leung x Mirror


Without a script or role-play, reality shows bring out the most genuine and sincere characteristics of participants and touch the hearts of many. Life mentor Joey Leung recently succeeded in coaching several ideal boyfriends on the show "Be a Better Man." This time around, his target is to coach the most popular Cantopop sensation at the moment, Mirror!

Joey jokingly shared that he was not hugely impressed by this boy group at the start, unfamiliar with their songs, and definitely not a fan. However, through this training camp, Joey gained the group's trust and found out that just being unique and kind-hearted, all 12 members already possess the most indispensable quality of a successful artiste.

All members of the Mirror group have let go of the burden as an idol. Without support from their manager and fans, these 12 young men have to confront themselves and each other in the most honest and truthful manner. Through group activities, in-depth conversations, music and singing, the boys manage to resolve all frustrations and break down barriers, understand one another more and stay true to the original goal of forming Mirror. Check out the interview as each member expresses his inner feelings.

Want to know how Joey can change Mirror? Starting July 3, every Saturday on FTV1 at 8:05pm, don't forget to watch "Be a Better MIRROR!"

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