Chasing Star


Jeannie Chan


Born in Toronto and raised in Vancouver, Jeannie Chan travelled to Hong Kong for an exchange program during her studies at the University of British Columbia. Miraculously, an audition at a modelling agency opened up her path to stardom. Jeannie regularly returned to Canada for vacation and eventually made a debut on Leisure Talk. She laughingly mentioned that she used to walk by Fairchild TV’s entrance a lot as a child and never thought she would have the chance to explore inside. Jeannie reminisced her first years at work in Hong Kong and exclaimed that it was stressful and hard to adjust to new environments. Since then, she has taken on many roles in dramas with the character Sui Man Ting in Of Greed and Ants being the most memorable. Make sure you will not miss Jennie’s exceptional performance in this drama currently broadcasting on FTV2HD!

Supper Moment


To commemorate the 14th anniversary in the entertainment industry, Hong Kong popular rock band Supper Moment took a leap forward to have their first Canadian concert tour. While Canadian fans gave them a warm welcome, Mother Nature embraced the band with a white blanket of snow to cool off the heat. However, the winter weather did not deter their diehard fans from showing their support. Band members, Sunny, Martin, CK and Hugh were totally overwhelmed and expressed their upmost gratitude towards their fans on Leisure Talk. Whilst walking through the creation of their first album, the members admitted that the process triggered many different opinions. These music fanatics also revealed that they will be releasing a new album this year so fans please stay tuned! As their Vancouver trip came to a close, the band was heading to Toronto for another concert when bad weather hit and their flight was cancelled. This tiny setback almost jeopardized their next performance. Thankfully, luck was on their side to help them arrive just in time to sing their heart out. These two Canadian performances definitely left a long lasting memory for Supper Moment and we hope for them to return soon!

Ong Yi Hing


While his friends were enjoying their adolescent years, Ong Yi Hing was already dipping his toes into writing literature and has won many awards since. Rising to fame at a really early age, Ong Yi has been a prolific writer, actor, show host, screenwriter, producer and director. Not long ago, he chatted with Leisure Talk host on his switch from being a writer to venturing off to different sectors of entertainment. Ong Yi also touched on the hardships as a novel writer in Hong Kong and how his creative inspirations came about. Furthermore, he disclosed that he is in the process of filming a new movie. To find out more about the details of his upcoming production, please stay tuned to the broadcasting times!

Alvin Leung


Michelin star chef Alvin Leung is famous for his innovative and hilarious cooking style. His technique in molecular gastronomy especially receives great compliments. The top notch restaurants this Chinese chef with most Michelin stars are expanding worldwide. Renowned foodie William Ho invited this internationally known chef onto Leisure Talk to share his road to successfully opening the Michelin restaurants. Alvin also revealed that he will be coaching the Canadian team at the upcoming 2021 Bocuse d’Or, a huge cooking competition equivalent to the Olympics in sports.

Christy Chung & Shawn Zhang


Born and raised in Montreal, Miss Chinese International 1993 Christy Chung still looks as beautiful as ever when turning 50 year old. Recently, she set her foot in Canada again with her husband Shawn Zhang for a charitable event. Fairchild hosts caught up with the couple in City Chat, Asian Magazine and What’s On where they shared the secret in maintaining a loving relationship. During the interviews, Christy and Shawn demonstrated some basic movements of Tai Chi which they started to take on lately. Earlier this year, they also participated in a reality show in China which received a lot of positive feedback. To find out more about the shooting process and behind the scenes snippets, please stay tuned for the interview broadcasting dates!

Matthew Ho


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2019 has successfully concluded, all thanks to the 10 finalists and special guest performer Matthew Ho’s outstanding performances. Other than his amazing acting skills, the audience was captivated by Matthew’s mesmerizing voice onstage. Stepping into his 7th year in the entertainment industry, he shared some of the experiences in acting on Leisure Talk and What’s On. Out of all his roles, Matthew considered his character, Nick, from Law dis-Order was the hardest because of the complex lines he had to memorize. On the contrary, partnering with Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho as Siu Tong in A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch was a time of endless laughter. Prior to filming Life on the Line, Matthew purposely took a first aid training course to help with his portrayal of his character as a professional paramedic. To find out more about Matthew’s acting journey, please stay tuned to Leisure Talk!

Young and Restless – Canada Version


Young and Restless is a popular Hong Kong talk show where young adults express unique ideas from the perspectives of their generation. Recently, the talk show hosts travelled overseas to Canada and conversed with Canadian young idols. Earlier this year, TVB executive Sandy Yu came to Vancouver to recruit potential personalities. After a few rounds of auditions, BChiu, Tingting Niu, Manica Ng, Jeffrey Leung, Sunshine Boyz Brian Ho, Steven Yang, Ethan Chen, and two influencers Wendy and Carman were chosen to be on Young and Restless. As locals, they had of course taken Niklas Lam, Danny Hung, Sharlene Wong and Sandy To on a tour around Vancouver. These 4 overseas KOL, in turn, stopped by Leisure Talk to share some funny moments while shooting as well as the commonalities and differences between Hong Kong and Canadians young adults.

Joey Thye & Zac Liu


For the past couple years, Joey Thye and Zac Liu have been two of the most sought after new-comers in the entertainment industry. Other than appearing in dramas and releasing new songs, they are also spotted on variety shows. Recently, both of them flew to Vancouver to shoot for the Canadian version of Young and Restless. Joey expressed great gratitude for having a smooth career path in her Leisure Talk interview. She has been blessed with the opportunity to be featured in commercials, host shows, make appearances in movies and perform great music. Through these experiences, she gets to learn from her peers and accumulate on-screen popularity. Wonder Woman, released later this year, is her debut ever in a drama and definitely something Canadian audiences very much look forward to. Originally from Taiwan, Zac was recruited as a candidate to undergo a series of training towards stardom. However, his performing dream was shattered due to his company’s financial struggles. It was not until his potential was discovered by the directors when filming a TVB show on location in Taiwan. With this opportunity in hand, Zac took a leap of faith and travelled to Hong Kong to launch a career in the entertainment industry. As he enters the 2nd year in the field, Zac is fine tuning his Cantonese pronunciations as he paves the way towards the music sector. His first single, Let You Go, was released earlier and he is thrilled to continue chasing his dream as a singer.

Crystal Fung


Miss Hong Kong 2016 Crystal Fung attended UBC as an exchange student for one semester as she was studying Nutrition at Hong Kong University. She just came back to her old stomping grounds during that period to film the Canadian version of Young and Restless. At the perfect timing when maple leaves were turning red, she took this opportunity to snap some beautiful shots! Crystal reminisced in Leisure Talk some memorable moments in Vancouver including school field trips, farm visits, the magnificent summer weather and the great food in Richmond. As an eloquent person, Crystal has been hosting several TV shows and recently ventured off to acting as well. This year she has already been part of 4 dramas and is presently shooting Sinister Beings as a Venezuela hacker while practising Spanish for this role. Look forward to her explosive performance!

Vivian Lai


After leaving the music industry for more than 10 years, Vivian Lai did occasionally make public appearances and bless the audience with her beautiful voice. Near the end of 2016, she came back with a HiFi album release called Vfresh, giving her fans the opportunities to appreciate her angelic voice again. Recently, Vivian travelled to Vancouver to perform many of her golden classics in front of her Canadian diehard fans. Locals who missed her performance live must stay tuned to Leisure Talk where Vivian shares her thoughts on returning to the music industry and her future challenges. She went through many phases of her life all along. Starting off as a young idol in the entertainment industry, she retired early after marrying into a rich family. Unfortunately, the marriage eventually did not work out. Vivian became a single mother raising the children on her own. With the many milestones she experienced, Vivian expressed that she now wants to switch the focus back to her dream with a Macao concert in the agenda after the North American tour.