Chasing Star


Sammul Chan


Complimented as the “most handsome emperor in the Chinese history”, Sammul Chan visited Vancouver one year later for a vacation again and guested on Leisure Talk to share some updates, particularly on his new drama Ours Thousands of Songs. He was delighted that the drama captured his own voice live during filming and managed to delineate a more natural image and outstanding character. Participating in this drama was also a new experience for Sammul as it talks about conflicts at workplace and family, issues which have been untouched in his other dramas. During the interview, Sammul revealed that he actually enjoyed guesting on educational TV programs to expand his knowledge. An expatriate n Mainland China most of the time, Sammul finally returned to Hong Kong this year to film RTHK's new series “Elite Brigade IV”. Let’s look forward to more of his filming activities in Hong Kong in the near future!

Pat Poon


Over the past 25 years, numerous renowned artistes had joined Fairchild TV as hosts and Pat Poon was definitely among the most prominent ones. As the former host of Leisure Talk, Pat chatted with many celebrities, but this time around, he made an appearance on Leisure Talk and Taste Buzzing as a guest instead to share some updates. As a veteran artiste, Pat started to learn Cantonese opera when he was a child and launched an acting career after being admitted into a movie training program, then went onto starring in numerous movies and dramas. His latest drama, Another Era, will be aired on Fairchild TV 2 HD very soon. Make sure to stay tuned!

Kenny Chan


After C AllStar announced their hiatus last year, member Kenny Chan has still continued on his solo music journey with a collection of more than 20 songs written within a short period of time. As the special guest performer of this year’s Sunshine Nation, Kenny will be performing his new work on stage, wishing to bring lots of excitement to his Canadian fans. During his stay in Vancouver, Kenny was invited to Leisure Talk, What’s On, and City Chat to share his experiences in composing music, passions on fitness, and his unique ways to combat stress.

Tang Siu Hau


One of the special guest performers of this year’s Sunshine Nation, Tang Siu Hau, took pleasure in sharing her experience of competing in The Voice and Sing! China with FTV and TTV viewers. Siu Hau joined choir when she was a child and since then she had seized every opportunity to participate in singing contests in order to achieve her goal of becoming a singer. This October, Siu Hau will be holding a concert with students of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, wishing to provide a fresh listening experience to her fans.

Ran Xiao Ling


A household name in Taiwan and Southeast Asia back in the 60’s and 70’s, Ran Xiao Ling was in Vancouver lately and made an exclusive appearance on Leisure Talk. Known affectionately as Queen of Alto, Ran Xiao Ling debuted in the music industry with her recognizably husky voice. In 2008, she held her first-ever solo concert in Taiwan, a beautiful rendition of her life stories. During the interview, Ran Xiao Ling reminisced on her remarkable music journey and shared her thoughts on the difference between music in the 70’s and nowadays. Ran Xiao Ling even slightly joked that she would like to release one more Hi-fi CD at a tight timing.

Maria Cordero


Though Good Cheap Eats has just come to an end on Fairchild 2 HD, you may have a chance to meet host Maria Cordero in person while she is in Vancouver for a charity event. In 2014, Frances Yip introduced S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation to Maria who was invited to perform as a special guest at its fundraising dinner shortly after. This year Maria returns for two “2018 Maria Cordero SUCCESS Charity Concert”. While in town, Maria made a visit to Fairchild TV and guested on Leisure Talk and What's On to share her life experiences. To know what chemistry will be created when celebrity chef Maria meets the equally passionate Foodie William, be sure to stay tuned for her Leisure Talk interview.

Gigi Wong


Prominent artiste and former Vancouverite Gigi Wong has starred in countless films, dramas and plays for almost four decades and is well-known for her popular lifestyle TV program Eating Well With Madam Wong in recent years. Moreover, Gigi’s first cookbook, Cooking is Fun, was one of the best-sellers of the year with over 20,000 copies sold. This summer, Gigi returned to Vancouver along with the TVB production crew to film a new series of Eating Well With Madam Wong. Taking time out of her busy schedule, Gigi was a special guest on Leisure Talk to disclose some untold details of the expedition on Vancouver’s best ingredients.

Kayi Cheung


It has been 13 years since Kayi Cheung, the winner of multiple pageants, competed in her first beauty contest at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Apart from the remarkable achievements on the pageant stage, Kayi has also embarked on a new life journey. She started a family with her loving husband and gave birth to an adorable baby girl a couple of years ago. Recently, Kayi returned to Vancouver for a vacation and guested on Leisure Talk and What’s On to share the joy of motherhood. As a former Miss Chinese Vancouver, Kayi also revisited her experience at the competition and encouraged all aspiring young beauties to audition for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018.

Edward Chui


Since childhood, Edward Chui has showed tremendous interest in music and performing arts. Edward competed at the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2010 and was subsequently recruited into the “What’s On” team as a program host. Later launching an acting career with previous background in Vancouver, Edward has now starred in a number of films and TV dramas in Hong Kong and Mainland China. This former Fairchild family member recently returned to Vancouver and guested on Leisure Talk to share the challenges he confronted when stepping into the entertainment industry in Hong Kong at the start and how these precious experiences have helped him to achieve his dream. During the interview, Edward also revealed that he is currently filming a drama in China with his sister Miss Chinese Vancouver 2011 Erica Chui for the first time. For more behind-the-scene account of their shooting, make sure to stay tuned for Edward’s interview on Leisure Talk.

Liu Xiao Ling Tong


Chinese veteran actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong is most famous for his vivid, nuanced portrayal of the Monkey King in the 1986 television series Journey to the West. His compelling performance not only lingered in the collective memory of the generation of Chinese people who grew up watching the show, but also earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award of the 2015 World Outstanding Celebrities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Liu Xiao Ling Tong was recently in Vancouver to promote a comedy film directed and led by himself. During an interview by Arts and Culture in the news hour, he shared some valuable experience of playing the Monkey King in the past few decades and the influence of his deceased brother on his artistic career.