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Hubert Wu


As a versatile singer-actor, Hubert Hu recently unleashed his potential as a dancer in a dance cover with Mandy Wong, receiving a multitude of “likes” from fans! He also loves making desserts and calls himself a "dessert master". Why does Hubert, who isn't exactly a foodie, crave sweets more than others? Watch the full interview below to know more!

Hubert Wu's Interview at What's On

Louis Cheung


With critical praise for his acting, Louis Cheung has become one of the most prominent actors in the Hong Kong entertainment industry for the past few years. Aside from having a successful acting career, he never loses his passion for music! Debuted as a singer 15 years ago, yet taken a break from his singing career for a long time, Louis finally dropped a new single "David Harleyson" last month. Why does Louis reverse the name of the motorcycle brand? What's the hidden message behind it? Watch the interview now!

Louis Cheung's Interview at Snapshots

Owen Cheung


Owen Cheung has made audiences cheer for his hilarious moments in Fans Party and Al Cappuccino! He first showcased his amusing drawing skills in the fun-filled party, then surprised TV viewers with a naked running scene in his new drama. Owen even shared his enthusiasm for it on social media and commented "it's another achievement unlocked." Will Owen have more exciting scenes in Al Cappuccino? Find out in the interview!

Owen Cheung's Interview at What's On

Shiga Lin


With a number of hit songs released and a promising acting career ahead, Shiga originally planned for a concert this year to celebrate her 10th anniversary in the business. Unfortunately, the concert was put on hold due to the pandemic. During this time, Shiga takes a moment to reflect on her future career path. Although we cannot enjoy Shiga’s live performance for now, please look forward to more of her amazing works coming soon!

Shiga Lin's Interview at Snapshots

Stanley & Konnie


Stanley Cheung and Konnie Lui, who play the fans’ favourite “GungShui CP” in TVB’s “Come Home Love Lo and Behold”, are one sweet couple in the drama and good friends in real life. They recently showed up in a hilarious interview on What’s On making fun of each other! Which scene did they find most memorable? Watch the full interview below to know more!

Stanley & Konnie's Interview at What's On

Jonathan Wong


Singer-songwriter Jonathan Wong has made different attempts in his career since his debut. This year, he continues to look for new breakthroughs by holding online lectures to spread positivity to the society! Who is Jonathan’s mentor throughout his 11 year career path? What is his thought of moving from singing to acting? Find out in the interview!

Jonathan Wong's Interview at Snapshots

Edwin Siu


Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong are definitely one of the loveliest couples in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. The caring husband often cooks for his beautiful wife, supports every TV drama she participates in, and always talks about her during interviews! Edwin is not only a perfect husband, but also a great singer and a talented actor. He recently finished filming his new drama Smiling Across the Mortal World. Want to hear about the interesting behind–the-scenes stories? Watch the interview now!

Edwin Siu's Interview at What's On

Teddy Chan


Double World, a fantasy adventure film adapted from one of the most popular online games in China and launched simultaneously online across the world last week, has received numerous positive reviews for its fascinating storyline, unique characters, smooth action scenes, and astonishing special effects. Before its huge success, director Teddy Chan who has worked on countless award-winning action films such as Purple Storm, Bodyguards and Assassins, and Kung Fu Jungle, was actually confronted by many challenges from script writing and set design to actual shooting and creating visual effects. How did he overcome all the difficulties? Watch the interview to find out!

Teddy Chan's Interview at What's On Teddy Chan's Interview at Asian Magazine

Cecilia Choi


This year, all eyes are on this rising new star who has been nominated multiple times at major film awards in Hong Kong! Her name is Cecilia Choi, a charming lady who started ballet at a very young age and learned contemporary dance during high school. It wasn’t until this talented dancer was pursuing a study in performance arts in Taiwan that she realized being an actress was her passion. Since debut, Cecilia has participated in several films and TV dramas, including My Very Short Marriage, Pigeon Tango, Detention, and more. Finally, her critically-acclaimed performance in Beyond the Dream earned her the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. Cecilia was not only overjoyed by this honorable recognition but also feels proud of portraying the character “Yip Lam” well. You may get to know more about this soft young lady in the interview!

Cecilia Choi's Interview at Snapshots

Terrance Lau


Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Terrance Lau is considered to be one of the most promising new actors at the time. Since debut, Terrance has participated in a number of stage plays and several TV dramas. His breakout roles came as a teacher in Limited Education and a doctor of philosophy in Leap Day when his popularity surged within a short period of time. This year, Terrance’s effort was paid off with an honorable recognition as Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards with his outstanding portrayal of a recovering schizophrenic in Beyond the Dream. How did Terrance come to terms his character? Find out more in the interview.

Terrance Lau's Interview at Snapshots