Chasing Star


Bernice Liu returns to Campus Life


Crowned with two pageant championships, Bernice Liu left Vancouver to pursue an acting career in Hong Kong and China quite some time ago. Even after gaining success, Bernice still looked back with some regret at the moment when she gave up her education to join TVB. She then was determined to return to Canada to finish her study. While in Vancouver, Bernice made a visit to Fairchild TV to reunite with old friends and chatted with Leisure Talk program host Ricky Cheung on her life experiences and recent endeavors. During the show, Bernice also shared her passion and dedication for her work in the red wine industry, even comparing wine to life, stating that the many revelations of life can be compared to flavors coming from within the wine during fermentation process.

Cheung Man Sun & Candy Chea


2018 is a very special year for Cheung Man Sun and Candy Chea. Not only are they celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, but the couple has also welcomed a lovely granddaughter to the world earlier this year. “Sun Gor”, as he has always been called, and Candy are delighted to be new grandparents, and completely light up at the mention of their adorable baby girl. The day when Sun Gor and Candy guested on Leisure Talk, good friend William Ho, along with staff members surprised program host Mary with a cake to celebrate her birthday and Sun Gor and Candy joined in to sing Happy Birthday as well. Often called ‘The Father of Canto-Pop’, Sun Gor also made the time to appear on music program HK Music Retrospective to share the inception of the “Top Ten Gold Songs” as well as talk about his time in the music industry witnessing the growth of Canto-pop throughout these years.

Mary Cheung


An embodiment of beauty and wisdom, Former Miss Hong Kong and image and etiquette consultant Mary Cheung has lectured for many government agencies and universities. Behind the glamour, however, is a truly inspiring and heartbreaking upbringing. Mary once roamed the streets as an orphan, until she was brought to the orphanage. Earlier, Mary appeared on Leisure Talk to share the story of how she went from having nothing, to becoming the successful woman she is today. During the interview, Mary also shared her past 60 years of experiences as well as her love for art to capture the beauty of the world through paintings and photographs.

Candy Lo


Talented singer-songwriter Candy Lo debuted her musical career 20 years ago. After taking a break as a singer in 2011, Candy made a grand return to the music scene in 2014. Having overcome depression during her time away, Candy has been through many ups and downs in life, but is now back and ready to shine with even more incredible music. Recently, Fairchild Radio’s Canadian Chinese Song-Writer’s Quest had the honor of inviting Candy to be the show’s special guest performer. During her time in Vancouver, Candy guested in Leisure Talk to talk about her experiences during these past 20 years as an artiste as well as share a bit about her future hopes and goals. Please look forward to more of Candy’s amazing music creations coming soon!

Daniel Chu Ming-Yui


With over 40 years of experience in the broadcasting industry, Daniel Chu’s first half of his life was inseparable from the radio. After graduating from high school, Daniel started his career as an operator at Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and gradually worked his way up to more prominent roles. He later immigrated to Vancouver to relax and enjoy life. After returning to Hong Kong, he joined Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited as the Chief Operations Officer. He contributed 14 years of his time at Metro Radio, and later stepped down in 2016. Just when everyone assumed Daniel was going to retire, he surprised the public by accepting a challenge in the new media and taking up the post as the CEO of Bread Radio Online. Daniel's goal is to connect with other online radio stations in Mainland China. During his recent visit to Vancouver, Daniel sat down with Leisure Talk host Mary Lo for the first time to share his memories as Mary’s supervisor at Commercial Radio Hong Kong. They also took a stroll down the memory lane to the development of the broadcast industry, as well as shared his thoughts on the rise of new media.

Andy Hui


With a career spanning 30 years, veteran singer Andy Hui won countless awards and was praised as one of the greatest Hong Kong male singers. Andy was recently invited to Vancouver for a charity concert. With many hit songs since his debut in 1980s, and in response to his Vancouver fans’ requests, he is set to put on a melodious show to relive the love classics. During his busy rehearsal schedule, Andy guested on Leisure Talk to share with Mary Lo his memories as the special performer in Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 1998, filming the music video for his song "Sincerely" with MCV Champion Janice Lee, and also his unforgettable experience participating in various charity events. During his interview, Andy revealed his desire to take part in movies and stage dramas, as well as to continue to thrive in different fields.

Raymond Mak, Richard Yuen and Duck Lau


My 25 Unforgettable Classics Voting Game and Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest are two highlights of the Silver Anniversary celebration of Fairchild Television. As part of a series of promotions, veteran musicians and key figures of Hong Kong music industry in the 80s and 90s Raymond Mak, Richard Yuen and Duck Lau were invited to reminisce on the golden era of Cantopop with viewers in Leisure Talk. The three guests all acknowledged that Cantopop reached its peak before the millennium as the lyrics had deeper meanings and the melodies held a high level of groove. Covering English and Japanese songs was popular at that time and the renditions were always given a whole new life by the artistes, offering audience a fresh listening experience. During the interview, they also shared their amazing experiences on music production in the industry with program host Mary.

Joyce Cheng


For the very first time, Joyce Cheng will be holding her own concert《Break A Leg》at Hong Kong Coliseum. The idea behind comes from her leg injury on a trip aboard. Although Joyce’s ankle hasn’t fully recovered, nothing can stop her from fulfilling her “Hong Kong Coliseum dream”. The diligent Joyce is not only successful in music but also in her acting career. Last year, Joyce was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2017 Nice International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema for her role in "29+1". Recently, Joyce travelled back to Vancouver to visit her family and guested on Leisure Talk to share her two crossover hits and experience of collaborating with Dayo Wong and MastaMic.

Veronica Shiu


Miss Chinese Vancouver Veronica Shiu seized the opportunity to launch her acting career in Hong Kong after winning in multiple beauty pageants. Last year, Veronica was cast as Yan Yan in the modern sitcom Come Home Love: Lo And Behold where she started to gain popularity. As she was taking a vacation back to Canada, many Vancouverites recognized her and asked to take photos together. Aside from acting, Veronica took on a new challenge as she covered Hubert Wu’s song, “I Was Here”, in a special music video, which went viral among netizens. During Veronica’s stay in Vancouver, she sat down with William Ho to share new updates and future plans on Leisure Talk. Veronica also expressed gratitude for landing on the role Yan Yan as it earned her more recognition, allowing her to explore other fields as a program host or and emcee.

Wan Kwong


Best known as "The Temple Street Prince" of Hong Kong, Wan Kwong has worked in the entertainment industry for over 60 years. His songs are filled with witty lyrics and reflect the cultural and political aspects of local Hong Kong residents’ life in the 1970s and 80s. Some of his all-time classics include 14 Seats and Life of a Taxi Driver which voice out the hardship endured by drivers and Ignoring Father which brings out family and drug abuse issues. Wan Kwong was not feeling-well the first few days in Vancouver, however, he still made it to Fairchild TV in person to explain his health condition and re-schedule interviews with our staff. His professionalism definitely earns him respect and admiration from everyone. When Wan Kwong slightly recovered, he immediately guested on Leisure Talk to wish all Canadian viewers a happy early Chinese New year. He also shared his achievement of holding concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum three times in a year and expressed his happiness of winning the Best Male Actor in a Leading Role in Gold Award last year.