Chasing Star


Liu Xiao Ling Tong


Chinese veteran actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong is most famous for his vivid, nuanced portrayal of the Monkey King in the 1986 television series Journey to the West. His compelling performance not only lingered in the collective memory of the generation of Chinese people who grew up watching the show, but also earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award of the 2015 World Outstanding Celebrities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Liu Xiao Ling Tong was recently in Vancouver to promote a comedy film directed and led by himself. During an interview by Arts and Culture in the news hour, he shared some valuable experience of playing the Monkey King in the past few decades and the influence of his deceased brother on his artistic career.

Hugo Leung


Honored as the “Food God” and affectionately known as To-To throughout Hong Kong, Hugo Leung is famous for hosting the television food show series, Gourmet Secret Agent, where he took the audiences on a food adventure, travelling abroad to seek out new and delicious cuisines. Aside from being a gourmet celebrity, he is also a world-class chef who has received many grand awards for his achievements in the culinary world. Hugo was recently in Vancouver to attend a fundraising dinner. During his interviews on Leisure Talk and What’s On, he shared his own definition of gourmet, the story behind the come-back of traditional “poon choi” (basin dish), and some basic techniques to cook walled-village cuisine.

Michael Law


Veteran artist Michael Law is as adept at acting and singing as he is at emceeing. A multitalented performer, he signed with TVB as the host of a travel program after winning the 3rd Asian Pacific Singing Competition Hong Kong Finals and the Asian Finals. Subsequently he was paired with legendary Hong Kong comedian Lydia Shum as hosts in a popular TV game show. After his contract with TVB expired, Michael continued to take helm as master of ceremonies for a variety of notable projects and became known as the ``Consummate Master of Ceremonies``. During his recent visit on Leisure Talk, he divulged that before entering the entertainment arena, he was on the road of success with a bright future in the world of banking and finance. To find out why Michael took a detour and immersed in an acting career, please tune in to his interview on Leisure Talk.

Chris Shum


Chris Shum, well known and prolific lyricist for more than 20 years, has been a major influence in Cantonese music whose footprints can be found in musicals and stage plays, television, movies and pop music. He is the recipient of the Best Film Original Song of the 43rd Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for the film Cross Street along with other accolades that include Hong Kong CASH Golden Sail Music Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, and Hong Kong Drama Awards. Chris was recently in Vancouver to give a workshop on Cantonese music and a master class in Cantonese lyric writing at UBC. At an interview on Leisure Talk with host William Ho, Chris shared with viewers an insightful retrospective on his fascinating career journey and experience

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Winners


Fairchild Television’s Silver Jubilee celebration event Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest was successfully held at River Rock Show Theatre on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. After rounds of solo and duet performances, Esme Shi defeated the other seven finalists to capture the championship title. Other winners of the evening included Esaine Mo who was awarded the Online Popularity Award; and double award winner Eva Yang who was presented with the Yu Fei Yu Best Vocal Award and Most Promising New Talent Award. The three award winners appeared on Leisure Talk to share their experiences from entering the competition to the exhilaration of winning their awards. They expressed thanks to their families and friends for their staunch support throughout their journey. Most importantly they were grateful for the camaraderie that developed with the other finalists and how this valuable experience will help them in furthering their musical pursuit.

Lisa Wong


Veteran Singaporean singer Lisa Wong in her heyday released more than 60 records in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. In the early 1970s, the song The Tears of Love turned Lisa into a household name in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. She was praised for her unique singing skills and emotional expression and was considered to be a Treasure of Singapore. Lisa recently embarked on a long awaited North American tour. During her stop in Vancouver, she sat down with host of Leisure Talk, William Ho, to recount the unforgettable times that she traveled between Singapore and Hong Kong to perform. She also talked about her setbacks including an illness that left her bedridden for almost 11 years.

Ng Yu


Respected Hong Kong entertainment impresario, Ng Yu, has been a driving force in the Hong Kong entertainment world for five decades. His work has led him to be the creative director and senior management of various high profile media and entertainment organizations in Hong Kong. He has produced numerous popular variety programs and dramas that are considered masterpieces. He was also mentor to many of the A-list entertainers in Hong Kong, be it in the movies, television or the recording industry. Always a man of vision, he has led the entertainment industry in Hong Kong from one zenith to another. Known affectionately as "Big Brother", he was recently in Vancouver to attend his son's high school graduation ceremony. Taking time out of his busy schedule, he was a special guest on Leisure Talk and HK Music Retrospective to share with viewers his 50 plus years experience in entertainment and his view on the ever changing current affairs in Hong Kong. “Big Brother” also took a rare occasion to talk about the close relationship he has with his son.

Maria Rincon


Born in Colombia, Maria Rincon immigrated to Canada with her family at the tender age of eight. Since childhood, Maria has acquired an affinity for dance and the performing arts. Two years ago, Maria competed in the 2016 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and was triumphantly crowned the First Place Winner. During her tenure as Miss Chinese Vancouver, Maria had actively involved in all types of community charities. With an inherent passion for show biz, Maria took helm as host of Hunan Satellite TV International Channel’s Travelogue Special in Mainland China. After her return to Vancouver from China, Maria was interviewed by William Ho of Leisure Talk and recalled her unforgettable experiences in competing in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and shared stories of her time filming in Hunan. Talentvision will soon broadcast her program Maria’s Phoenix Travelogue, please stay tuned for the airing details.

Aking Zhang


Aking Zhang made his debut as a singer back in 1992. In 2001, he participated in China’s popular variety show, The Super Impersonation Show. Because of his physical resemblance to Alan Tam, one of Cantopop’s legends, and his own innate singing aptitude, Aking stood out from among the other contenders and ultimately captured the championship title in the finals of the Southwest China Three Provinces Super Impersonation Competition, which led to an invitation from Beijing Television to perform alongside Alan Tam. Aking recently appeared on Leisure Talk and shared with the viewers his experience on the Super Impersonation Show and also performed several of Alan Tam’s classic songs.

Kolor Sammy So


Popular Hong Kong rock band Kolor has been active in the music scene for the past 13 years. Since their debut in 2005, Kolor has released numerous Cantonese albums and EPs. Their concerts are commonly sold out affairs in Hong Kong. Recently, Kolor's lead vocalist and guitarist Sammy So and his wife, popular Canto-rock singer and songwriter, Candy Lo, were in Vancouver to serve as Fairchild Radio’s SQ22 special guest performers. They made an exclusive appearance on Leisure Talk and chatted with host, Mary Lo, on Sammy’s musical resolve and looked back on the band’s concept, Law of 14, wherein the band would release a brand new song on the 14th of each month. Sammy also disclosed the band is in the process of writing new works that will bring new surprises to their fans.