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Alice Kuk


As the Hong Kong music industry is heading towards a bright future in 2022, newcomer Alice Kuk makes her debut with the latest release, “Screw off with Your Ex”. It features veteran musician Johnny Yim and up-and-coming songwriter Color Pang. The music video is inspired by the film 2046, revolving around a secret that cannot be told. It brings in Max Li, the well-known choreographer for Keung To's Masterclass as the lead actor with nostalgic décor. The song not only pays tribute to Hong Kong's local culture but also hopes to trigger a sense of emotional resonance from the audience. Click on the video to check out the highlights now!

Alice Kuk's Interview in What's On

Louis Cheung


Former child-star-turned-singer Louis Cheung has recently been a prominent figure in TV dramas and films, especially known for his unique portrayal of comedic characters and invention of hilarious dialogues. Stepping into 2022, with reference to George Lam's Trailblazer, Louis released his new song, Mad Max, paying tribute to veterans in the Hong Kong music industry and the rock music themed film Mad Max. Together with lyricist Siu Hak and Louis hopes to inspire middle-aged people to overcome obstacles in life with great passion. Louis is now preparing for his concert in April as he has just concluded his movie set to release during Chinese New Year. The "Highway" themed concert is a reflection of his long journey in the industry. Let's check out Louis's interview now!

Louis Cheung's Interview in What's On

Janis Chan


Former host of What’s On, Janis Chan, has made outstanding achievements since returning to Hong Kong. Last year, Janis took on a tough challenge to film The Road to Poverty in the deserted mountainous regions of China, aiming to explore the problem of poverty and poverty alleviation measures. The show won Janis the "Best Hostess" award at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2021. Janis managed to cross the Gobi Desert, the Tibet Plateau, and conquered a 2,556-step staircase within three months. Although the shooting process was difficult and challenging, Janis found it very meaningful and valuable and was glad to have unveiled a new chapter of her life. When Janis visited Ding Zhen in the Tibet region, she was hospitalized due to altitude sickness. Fortunately, she received tremendous support and encouragement from her colleagues. The highly acclaimed show was selected as one of the top 5 “Best Informative Programmes" in the TVB Anniversary Awards. Janis believes that the journey is worth all of the tough effort spent. She also revealed that she would like to organize an "Infinity Tour" to lead people to experience a unique view of modern China. Click on the video to check out the interview now!

Janis Chan's Interview in Snapshots

Gigi Yim


Sweeping 3 awards at Star Academy, the 16-year old Champion Gigi Yim is highly recognised for her remarkable singing techniques and iconic hairstyle. Gigi didn’t think it was easy to change her hairstyle, hence, just followed her stylist's advice. “The Martian Girl” expressed that performing Winnie Hsin’s Understanding was the most challenging moment in the competition, as the vocal transition of the song was tough to manage. Recently wrapping up her first high school musical drama "Forever Young At Heart", Gigi’s debut song has received overwhelmingly great reviews, even earning her Hit Rookie of the Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation 2021 and the New Singer Silver Award of the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2021. What is the rising star's five-year goal? Let’s check out more exciting content from her interview!

Gigi Yim's Interview in Snapshots

Gigi Yim's Interview in Urban Life

Stanley Yau


One of the finalists in the ViuTV’s hit variety show “King Maker”, Stanley@MIRROR is passionate about dancing and acting. Contrary to his role as the playboy Louis in the TV drama Ossan’s Love, Stanley is a loyal and warm-hearted guy in reality. He rehearsed multiple times and read through the scripts in detail before filming, trying his best to understand Louis' character. He also loves the uniqueness of the drama plot, which retained the characteristics of the Japanese version while incorporating Hong Kong's local culture. Stanley, who has been acting for more than two years, shared his experience partnering with Rachel Kan and his role in MIRROR during the interview! Click here to check out his interview now!

Stanley Yau's Interview in Snapshots

Rachel Kan


Thanks to "Ossan’s Love", Rachel Kan’s popularity surged ever since. Rachel decided to reduce participation in TV production after her marriage back in 2017 until last year when she was invited to join “Ossan’s Love” and play Kenny Wong’s ex-wife. Rachel then returned to Hong Kong from Canada for this project. Though Kenny and Rachel have partnered up numerous times, the chemistry between the two received unexpectedly good reviews. Rachel stressed that she is committed to each role, hoping to motivate and touch every audience. In addition, she highly appreciates the pre-shooting preparation of her other partner Stanley Yau. She feels thankful to the entire production team and the fans, who have always been there for her. Now that “Ossan’s Love” has come to an end, she still maintains a very close relationship with all the crew members! Click on the video to check out the highlights now!

Rachel Kan's Interview in Snapshots

Kenny Wong


Highly recognized as touch and courageous on screen, Kenny Wong launched a career in the entertainment industry over 30 years ago. However, in the popular TV drama Ossan's Love recently broadcasted on FTV, Kenny’s exceptional role as the sweet and caring boss named “KK” brought a contrasting image to the public. Kenny’s unconventional portrayal of the character has won the audience's praise. “KK” felt so grateful and thanked all the fans for their support. In addition, the filming crew had also given him tons of confidence to play the role successfully. As he rarely participated in comedies, it took him a long time to consider whether or not to accept the role. This “uncle” also shared his insightful scenes from the shoot and his recent updates. Let’s check out more exciting content from his interview!

Kenny Wong's Interview in Snapshots

Chantel Yiu


Chantel Yiu wowed the audience with her cover of Love Preview in the first season of Stars Academy and has gathered numerous admirers since. The 15-year-old’s sweet voice and amiable smile are very much favored by many. While busy tackling school work since the new semester began, she has found a coach to help her practice her singing and will spend time preparing for her upcoming drama. When asked about her motivation to participate in Stars Academy, she revealed that she was inspired by her father and did not want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Coming out of the competition, Chantel learned the importance of persistence, dedication and putting winning second. What superpower do you think Chantel wants most? Check out her interview to reveal the answer!

Chantel Yiu's Interview in What's On

Chantel Yiu's Interview in Urban Life

Edan Lui


The variety show King Maker gave birth to the most sought-after boy band MIRROR. Edan Lui, one of the group members, released his first single, Mr. E's Series of Unfortunate Events earlier this year. Blessed with tailor-made lyrics written by Wyman Wong, this song was an instant success when his popularity soared. As cheerful as he is, Edan does not hesitate to let go of his image as an idol while fully investing himself into every character he plays. In the drama Ossan's Love, Edan was able to portray the protagonist Tin to the fullest and touched the hearts of thousands of fans. To him, the most difficult task was to play out Tin’s humorous but indecisive personality. Check out the interview for more behind-the-scenes footage from Ossan's Love and Edan's MV!

Edan Lui's Interview in Snapshots

Anson Lo


What is the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of Anson Lo? Is it what his fans call him, “Master”? A petrol station trainee? Without a doubt, Ling Siu Muk from the hit drama Ossan’s Love has captured the hearts of many people. Anson is hugely grateful for this, but the drama also posed a great challenge. It was most difficult for Anson to express the mixed emotions of this character. While it was equally hard for Anson to grasp the high-pitch of the theme song, the interlude Unloveable Leader reveals Anson’s tender side. With the recent release of Megahit, the “Master” hopes that this fast-paced number and MV will bring joy and get his fans dancing along! While eagerly awaiting Anson’s first movie Showbiz Spy to debut on the big screen, let’s check out more exciting content from his interview!

Anson Lo's Interview in Snapshots

Manson Cheung


Manson Cheung from the reality show King Maker III was known for his close resemblance to Wong Ka Kui, the co-founder of the legendary rock band Beyond. With a unique voice and high proficiency with various musical instruments, his popularity has continued to rise even though he was voted out before the final at the competition. Manson recently finished with the MV for his song Hopeless Romance. He recalls marvelling at this simple demo that he received the very first day. Although it was only recorded with a guitar backing with composer Eman Lam’s vocals, the story behind the lyrics deeply touched Manson. The professional direction of manager Heiward Mak coupling with the spectacular performance by Fish Liew has elevated this MV to a cinematic masterpiece. Manson even worked hard and delved deep into the meaning of the word romance in this song. Don’t miss out on Manson’s interview for more exclusive content!

Manson Cheung's Interview in Snapshots

Gabriel Harrison


Do you still recall a classic scene from the 13th New Talent Singing Awards? Gabriel Harrison and guest star Eric Moo performed the piece Heartbreak Song and competed in reaching the highest key. Taking home the championship, Gabriel officially debuted in 1995. With a promising future ahead in the entertainment industry as a singing artiste and an actor, he had even been invited to Canada as a special performer for the New Talent Singing Awards. Gabriel has participated in numerous drama series, including Detective Investigation Files III, Rural Hero, and many other classics. Many people may be familiar with his character Dan in the movie Needing You, where he acted as the former boyfriend of Sammi Cheng. Gabriel acknowledged that the singing competition in the good old days was very different from today. The entire process has now become months of marathon battles. Despite numerous obstacles, criticisms from mentors and the challenge of presenting songs of various genres, the experience is invaluable. Gabriel relocated to China in 2008 to expand his career path and recently returned to Hong Kong to film the drama series Sinister Beings, Armed Reaction 2021, and The Line Watchers. Just a while ago, he took on a dubbing role for the movie Anita Mui and is honoured to participate in a production dedicated to the queen of Hong Kong's pop music. Check out Gabriel’s interview for more exclusive content!

Gabriel Harrison's Interview in Snapshots

Colleen Lau


Colleen Lau, a participant of the New Talent Singing Awards in 2005, did not make her debut that same year but instead worked as a marketing executive responsible for artiste liaison. As someone passionate about singing, her profession drove Colleen to launch a career in the music industry in 2008. Last year, at The Music Must Go On project, with the advice from producer Yip Siu Chung, Colleen released a rendition of Beyond’s masterpiece, The Grand Earth. This re-arrangement allowed Colleen to reminisce about her time as a child when she watched the original piece on television. The movie lover Colleen was a main cast in the 2018 microfilm Typing… Highly acclaimed by the committee and judges, she subsequently took home the Best Microfilm Actress Gold Award. This accomplishment proves that Colleen, who was a film student, can also excel outside of singing. Check out Colleen’s interview for more exclusive content!

Colleen Lau's Interview in Snapshots

Bella Lam


Two projects that the sweet and adorable star Bella Lam was recently involved in are featured drama Armed Reaction 2021 and variety show The Locked Down Tourist. In fact, Bella debuted on TV as early as nine years old in the popular drama Light of Million Hopes. In 2016, her portrayal of the distressed character in A Fist Within Four Walls garnered much public attention. Bella is grateful for the recognition and appreciation from the audience, and admitted that the resemblance of her character and her own story growing up allowed her to incorporate a lot of genuine emotions into the performance. Despite being an infrequent exerciser, she fell in love with hiking while filming The Locked Down Tourist, and even discovered trivial knowledge of this outdoor activity with her friend Joey Thye. Bella also pointed out that her idol is Linda Chung as she admires Linda’s ability to balance her roles as both an actor and singer. Looking up to this icon, Bella aspires to have a happy family of her own just like Linda in the future. Check out Bella’s interview for more exclusive content!

Bella Lam's Interview in Snapshots

Shirley Chan


Recently partnering with hottest popstar Edan@Mirror to voice in the cartoon Two by Two: Overboard!, the new generation girl idol Shirley Chan has become an even more prominent figure in the public eye. After graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring in Advertising Design , Shirley was offered the opportunity four years ago to participate in two movies, allowing her to step foot in the entertainment industry. Not only does Shirley’s youthful and lively personality impress many followers, but her improving acting skills have also received numerous compliments. Subsequently, she was invited to film TV dramas, online movies, and even had the honour of attending the “red carpet” at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time. As a new actress, she also appeared in the promotional video and as a guest host for the award ceremony. In the interview, Shirley acknowledged that the variety show Mountain Girl had definitely raised her profile, but did not regard herself as “goddess”, a named favored by her fans. Aside from the many exciting moments filming My Indian Boyfriend, this movie brought about a remarkable experience for Shirley as this is where she gave away her first on-screen kiss. What does Shirley’s future have in store? Check out her interview for exclusive content!

Shirley Chan's Interview in Snapshots

Grace Chan


The cheerful and popular Grace Chan has made a lot of friends in her hometown, Vancouver. However, it was always her childhood dream to return to Hong Kong to pursue a career. Hence, after graduating from university in 2013, she quickly decided to compete in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and was announced winner. Following her victory, Grace was again crowned as the champion in the 2014 Miss Chinese International Pageant. Being the third representative from Hong Kong to hold both beauty pageant titles, Grace was very much favored by the public and shortly after managed to launch her acting debut in the drama “Overachievers”. In the subsequent few years, Grace took up more roles in dramas like “Brother's Keeper II” and “Captain of Destiny”. Her hard work definitely paid off, evidenced by her win as the “Most Improved Female Artiste” at the “2015 TVB Anniversary Award”. The most significant project that Grace has worked on must be “Blue Veins”, where she met her first love, now known to be husband, Kevin Cheng. After a lavish wedding in Bali, Indonesia in 2018, Grace gave birth to two sons and began to reduce her workload.

Recently, Grace made a return to the TV screen as a new variety show host in “Bong Bong Amigo” and “Mama’s Day”. She feels nervous yet fortunate to benefit a lot as she can learn to become a patient listener. Let’s look forward to more of her work! Check out Grace’s interview for other exciting content!

Grace Chan's Interview in Snapshot

Kimman Wong


Once travelling around the world to share his music, singer-songwriter Kimman Wong developed a passion on singing and playing with the guitar at age 17. After a difficult path growing up and experiencing the excruciating pain of his mother’s passing, Kimman embarked on a four-year journey with his first song, “Fly Away” as travel partner through 17 countries, more than 30 cities, and back to his hometown in Hong Kong. A Cantonese version of the song was later released as the theme song of a TV drama.

A lucky encounter provided the aspiring busker Kimman with the opportunity to become an artiste, singer, and host at a TV station. Gaining valuable experience aside, Kimman continues to participate in different singing competitions with the desire to touch the world with his music and realize his dream on a more spectacular stage. His recent project playing the role of a visually impaired person in the musical “The Eyes of You” was very well-received by the public. Let’s look forward to more of Kimman’s creative works in the days to come. Check out his interview for more exciting content!

Kimman Wong's Interview in Snapshot

Justin Cheung


Debuting ten years ago as a model, professional actor Justin Cheung has played numerous roles. Be it in a comedy, action, suspense movie, or as a villain, Justin liberates genuine emotions to depict a realistic representation of the character. Aside from having a fierce battle with contender Endy Chow, Justin was almost in tears when undergoing the challenging training process in the movie “One Second Champion.” Right after this intense artistic expression, he had to devote great efforts to gain 220 pounds in preparation for his new role as a historical character Military Officer Zhang Fei in “Dynasty Warriors.” Though it is never an easy task to achieve this within a short time, as devoted as Justin is, he believes that “as long as you work hard, anything can happen!” Reflecting on the many years of his acting career, the dedicated artiste revealed that “Project Gutenberg” was the most memorable. Not only was he blessed with the opportunity to partner with many of his childhood idols, including Chow Yun-Fat, Aaron Kwok, and Dick Liu (Liu Kai-Chi, Uncle Chi), he had also developed a special friendship with the respectable veteran, also a good friend and mentor, “Uncle Chi”. Check out Justin’s interview for more exciting content!

Justin Cheung's Interview in Snapshot

Joey Leung x Mirror


Without a script or role-play, reality shows bring out the most genuine and sincere characteristics of participants and touch the hearts of many. Life mentor Joey Leung recently succeeded in coaching several ideal boyfriends on the show "Be a Better Man." This time around, his target is to coach the most popular Cantopop sensation at the moment, Mirror!

Joey jokingly shared that he was not hugely impressed by this boy group at the start, unfamiliar with their songs, and definitely not a fan. However, through this training camp, Joey gained the group's trust and found out that just being unique and kind-hearted, all 12 members already possess the most indispensable quality of a successful artiste.

All members of the Mirror group have let go of the burden as an idol. Without support from their manager and fans, these 12 young men have to confront themselves and each other in the most honest and truthful manner. Through group activities, in-depth conversations, music and singing, the boys manage to resolve all frustrations and break down barriers, understand one another more and stay true to the original goal of forming Mirror. Check out the interview as each member expresses his inner feelings.

Want to know how Joey can change Mirror? Starting July 3, every Saturday on FTV1 at 8:05pm, don't forget to watch "Be a Better MIRROR!"

Joey Leung x Mirror's Interview in What's On

Ying Chi Yuet


Up and coming singer-songwriter Ying Chi Yuet, with the nickname “Little Cat”, studied postmodern music in Korea. In addition to being an idol intern during his exchange, he also participated in the reality show “Idol Producer” in China, and the first season of ViuTV’s “Good Night Show”. Throughout his music journey, Little Cat is fortunate to have met many like-minded friends who support him and help him grow. Recently, this new artiste became the leading role in the microfilm “Limelight”, which was awarded the “Most Favourable Microfilm Honors Award” in the "The Eighth Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music)". This is a huge motivation for Little Cat to excel further. In spite of the disruption by the pandemic, Ying Chi Yuet encourages everyone to let loose and "Don’t Think Too Much”, to echo the theme of his new song. Check out Little Cat’s interview for more exciting content!

Ying Chi Yuet's Interview in Snapshot

Anthony Chan


In addition to being known as the drummer of The Wynners, Anthony has acted in numerous comedy and action movies, and also worked behind the scenes as a screenwriter, director, and producer. This highly skilled artiste recently played the role of an irresponsible father in the movie “Embrace”. This was a challenge for Anthony as the character had abandoned his wife and daughter when young but has come back to reunite with them after being diagnosed with cancer and dementia. Portraying this character was not an easy task but it allowed Anthony to learn how to properly grasp every detail while putting in genuine feelings to be more realistic. Even though the pandemic has interrupted many aspects of our lives, Anthony hopes that everyone can still benefit in some way while spending every day healthy and happy. Check out the interview for more exciting content!

Anthony Chan's Interview in Snapshot

Crystal Cheung


Debuted in 2007, Crystal was a former member of the female singing-dancing group Hotcha. Her healthy and hearty image was loved by fans. Although the trio officially disbanded in 2014, it left Crystal with many happy and unforgettable memories. Through this experience, she also came into realization and started to launch a new chapter in her life by embarking on an acting career and involving in stage dramas, movies, and hosting TV shows. Looking back on years of work, Crystal feels that it is most valuable to seize onto every opportunity, and to put her best effort to accomplish every task. Find out more exciting content from the interview!

Crystal Cheung's Interview in Snapshot

Jarvis Chow


The returning MC for Fans Party Jarvis Chow recalled having great fun partnering with Hubert Wu to improvise a dance on stage last year. He expressed that this time around, the guest stars would bring even more unexpected surprises to everyone. Jarvis recently appeared on the sitcom “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” where he vivified the character of a Japanese television host by adding a unique personal flavor. Though this travel expert is unable to visit Japan due to the pandemic, he still pays close attention to the latest news in there and continues to do research in hopes that he can begin his Tokyo journey and introduce the greatest and most fun places to everyone again. Watch the full interview to find out more!

Jarvis Chow's Interview in Urban Life

Jarvis Chow's Interview in What's On

Benjamin Yuen


Debuted in the entertainment industry 20 years ago, Ben returns after the 2018 participation as a guest star for this year's Fans Party. His life has changed dramatically after tying the knot last year. This includes reducing spending on his beloved toys, developing a music career, and fulfilling one of his dreams by capturing “Most Popular New Artist Awards” in the “2020 Jade Solid Gold Presentation”. Watch the video to reveal more from the interview!

Benjamin Yuen's Interview in What's On

Benjamin Yuen's Interview in Urban Life

Sisley Choi


Last year, Sisley’s stellar performance in the drama “Legal Mavericks 2” led her to winning the title of “Best Actress” award. For the first time, this rising star will be one of the performers at the virtual Fans Party this year. Having played numerous undercover police roles in the past seven years of her acting career, Sisley has now become a popular idol of the new generation. She is grateful for the “Legal Mavericks” series where her role in the drama shares similar traits as herself and thankful at the same time that she is able to grow and improve her acting skills alongside the character.

Sisley Choi's Interview in Snapshot

Sisley Choi's Interview in Urban Life

Sisley Choi's Interview in What's On

Kaho Hung


With a career launch as a singer-songwriter in 2018, Kaho Hung won several rookie awards and only within 2 years, he has already released more than 10 songs! While Kaho guested on What’s On, he revealed that his new single “The Underdog” was actually inspired by Fiona Sit’s “May Be Next Time”! Watch the full interview now to find out why!

Kaho Hung's Interview at What's On

Janice Vidal


No matter how many times you listen, Janice Vidal’s love songs have always touched people to the bottom of their hearts. She recently released a new single “Take Your Trash With You” and was involved in every aspect of the song by expressing her experience through writing the lyrics. Watch the interview now to know more about the behind-the-scenes of this amazing music piece production!

Janice Vidal's Interview at What's On

Behind the Scenes for "Stupid Squad" at What's On

Pakho Chau


Pakho Chau recently performed at the Final of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2020. Although he couldn’t come to Vancouver in person, his virtual collaboration stage with the 8 beautiful finalists was still magnificent! He also guested on What’s On to share his thoughts of being a first time dad through a singing segment. Which song is her daughter’s favourite? Among all his released songs, which one does Pakho like the most? Watch the interviews to find out the answer now!

Pakho Chau's Interview at What's On

Pakho Chau's Interview at Urban Lifen

Grace Wong


Debuted as an actress and landed several big roles in TVB dramas, Grace Wong has always dreamed of becoming a dancing singer. Last year, she released her first single “Casada” (meaning marriage in Spanish) under her stage name G. Racie in her third wedding anniversary. To make the song even more meaningful, she also participated in writing the lyrics and composing the music. To know more about the process of producing this beautiful song and gorgeous music video, watch the interview now!

Grace Wong's Interview at Snapshots

Dear Jane


Hong Kong pop band Dear Jane was thrilled to meet with Canadian fans for the first time on What’s On and expressed their concern about COVID-19 outbreak in Canada in the recent interview, hoping their music can help everyone to manage pandemic stress. The entertainment industry has almost been forced to shut down due to the unprecedented health crisis. However, it doesn’t affect their plan of releasing a full-length album. Also, there seems to be other surprises at the end of the year! Watch the interview now!

Dear Jane's Interview at What's On

Stephen Wong


Stephen Wong had been struggling with his youthful appearance and feared that this might inhibit his acting career until he gained attention with his masculine look and manly beard in Apple-colada! Since then, Stephen has continued to receive positive reviews for his nuanced portrayals of different characters. However among all, Stephen revealed that his most memorable character is Fu Yee-Chek in Land of Wealth. To find out why, watch the interview now!

Stephen Wong's Interview at What's On

Chet Lam


Inspired by this wonderful world, Chet Lam’s music often tells different stories through his traveling experience. With a unique perspective, Chet recently released a new album “Born in Kowloon”, which is also a tribute to his birthplace, Hong Kong. He reconstructs the city with music through his own lens as well as childhood memories and is happy to share the new songs with his fans. The album even comes with a special bookmark! To know more about Chet’s new album, watch the interview now!

Chet Lam's Interview at Snapshots

Hubert Wu


As a versatile singer-actor, Hubert Hu recently unleashed his potential as a dancer in a dance cover with Mandy Wong, receiving a multitude of “likes” from fans! He also loves making desserts and calls himself a "dessert master". Why does Hubert, who isn't exactly a foodie, crave sweets more than others? Watch the full interview below to know more!

Hubert Wu's Interview at What's On

Louis Cheung


With critical praise for his acting, Louis Cheung has become one of the most prominent actors in the Hong Kong entertainment industry for the past few years. Aside from having a successful acting career, he never loses his passion for music! Debuted as a singer 15 years ago, yet taken a break from his singing career for a long time, Louis finally dropped a new single "David Harleyson" last month. Why does Louis reverse the name of the motorcycle brand? What's the hidden message behind it? Watch the interview now!

Louis Cheung's Interview at Snapshots

Owen Cheung


Owen Cheung has made audiences cheer for his hilarious moments in Fans Party and Al Cappuccino! He first showcased his amusing drawing skills in the fun-filled party, then surprised TV viewers with a naked running scene in his new drama. Owen even shared his enthusiasm for it on social media and commented "it's another achievement unlocked." Will Owen have more exciting scenes in Al Cappuccino? Find out in the interview!

Owen Cheung's Interview at What's On

Shiga Lin


With a number of hit songs released and a promising acting career ahead, Shiga originally planned for a concert this year to celebrate her 10th anniversary in the business. Unfortunately, the concert was put on hold due to the pandemic. During this time, Shiga takes a moment to reflect on her future career path. Although we cannot enjoy Shiga’s live performance for now, please look forward to more of her amazing works coming soon!

Shiga Lin's Interview at Snapshots

Stanley & Konnie


Stanley Cheung and Konnie Lui, who play the fans’ favourite “GungShui CP” in TVB’s “Come Home Love Lo and Behold”, are one sweet couple in the drama and good friends in real life. They recently showed up in a hilarious interview on What’s On making fun of each other! Which scene did they find most memorable? Watch the full interview below to know more!

Stanley & Konnie's Interview at What's On

Jonathan Wong


Singer-songwriter Jonathan Wong has made different attempts in his career since his debut. This year, he continues to look for new breakthroughs by holding online lectures to spread positivity to the society! Who is Jonathan’s mentor throughout his 11 year career path? What is his thought of moving from singing to acting? Find out in the interview!

Jonathan Wong's Interview at Snapshots

Edwin Siu


Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong are definitely one of the loveliest couples in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. The caring husband often cooks for his beautiful wife, supports every TV drama she participates in, and always talks about her during interviews! Edwin is not only a perfect husband, but also a great singer and a talented actor. He recently finished filming his new drama Smiling Across the Mortal World. Want to hear about the interesting behind–the-scenes stories? Watch the interview now!

Edwin Siu's Interview at What's On

Teddy Chan


Double World, a fantasy adventure film adapted from one of the most popular online games in China and launched simultaneously online across the world last week, has received numerous positive reviews for its fascinating storyline, unique characters, smooth action scenes, and astonishing special effects. Before its huge success, director Teddy Chan who has worked on countless award-winning action films such as Purple Storm, Bodyguards and Assassins, and Kung Fu Jungle, was actually confronted by many challenges from script writing and set design to actual shooting and creating visual effects. How did he overcome all the difficulties? Watch the interview to find out!

Teddy Chan's Interview at What's On Teddy Chan's Interview at Asian Magazine

Cecilia Choi


This year, all eyes are on this rising new star who has been nominated multiple times at major film awards in Hong Kong! Her name is Cecilia Choi, a charming lady who started ballet at a very young age and learned contemporary dance during high school. It wasn’t until this talented dancer was pursuing a study in performance arts in Taiwan that she realized being an actress was her passion. Since debut, Cecilia has participated in several films and TV dramas, including My Very Short Marriage, Pigeon Tango, Detention, and more. Finally, her critically-acclaimed performance in Beyond the Dream earned her the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. Cecilia was not only overjoyed by this honorable recognition but also feels proud of portraying the character “Yip Lam” well. You may get to know more about this soft young lady in the interview!

Cecilia Choi's Interview at Snapshots

Terrance Lau


Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Terrance Lau is considered to be one of the most promising new actors at the time. Since debut, Terrance has participated in a number of stage plays and several TV dramas. His breakout roles came as a teacher in Limited Education and a doctor of philosophy in Leap Day when his popularity surged within a short period of time. This year, Terrance’s effort was paid off with an honorable recognition as Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards with his outstanding portrayal of a recovering schizophrenic in Beyond the Dream. How did Terrance come to terms his character? Find out more in the interview.

Terrance Lau's Interview at Snapshots

Kiwi Chow


A prolonged decline of Hong Kong film industry from the early 1990s has made its golden age a distant memory. However, a group of young and passionate filmmakers have determined to go against the flow and continue to translate their creativity to high quality productions. Kiwi Chow, director of Beyond the Dream, is a prominent figure within the group. The movie recently took the city by storm when it topped the weekend box office! Beyond the Dream originated from a short film Kiwi directed in 2006. The inspiration arose when Kiwi met with some mental disorder patients during his research and witnessed how desperately they were yearning for love. What message does Kiwi want to convey to the viewers? Watch the interview to know more about his motivation.

Kiwi Chow's Interview at Snapshots

Anne Heung


Anne Heung returned to the entertainment industry in 2015 with new projects launched on dramas, movies, and variety shows. The same year, she was invited to be the MC of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. 5 years later, Anne has made an appearance on Fairchild TV again through the currently airing Miss Goodviu and Snapshots. Anne mentioned in the interview that she felt uncertain about her future when she first graduated from the university. Knowing that her friend Virginia Yung won the title of Miss Hong Kong as an overseas contestant, she decided to give it a try in the next year and took home four awards including the championship. Her acting journey started immediately after. In 2008, Anne traded her acting career for another job in Shanghai then returned to showbiz after a few years, wishing to hit the next milestone. Please look forward to more of Anne’s amazing works coming soon!

Anne Heung Interview at Snapshots

Rio Ma


People were totally overwhelmed and touched by “Little chinchilla” Rio Ma’s crying scene in The Exorcist's 2nd Meter. This promising rising child star has been taking dance class at Mother Hong Kong Arts Centre since he was 3 years old. The famous Hong Kong actress, also founder of the Arts Center, Nancy Sit greatly praised his cheerful and enthusiastic personality and was instrumental in his TV drama filming debut. Starting at a very young age, Rio has already collaborated with many prominent actors and actress, including Fred Cheng, Ali Lee, and Gallen Lo in Provocateur, as well as Kenneth Ma and Anthony Ho in the previously aired The Exorcist's 2nd Meter. He specially felt honored to work with TV King Gallen who even coached him on acting for a little while. Entering his 6th year of acting career, what is Rio’s most memorable and interesting filming experience? What new things did he come across? Find out more in the interview!

Rio Ma's Interview at Snapshots

Hanjin Tan


Known for his outstanding musical talent, the chubby and smiley Hanjin Tan delivered an incredible performance at Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2012. Eight years later, Hanjin amazes everyone with his dramatic weight loss and impressive acting skills in The Gutter, playing a selfish and self-centred role named Ken detested by all viewers. However, the unpleasant comments sounded beautiful to Hanjin’s ears as compliments for his vivid personification of the character. The acting techniques of this singer-songwriter and Winner of Best New Performer at the past Hong Kong Film Awards are acknowledged by the audiences with his remarkable portrayal of the role in the drama. Recently, Hanjin guested on Snapshots to share his experience of filming The Gutter and working with his buddy Bowie Lam who wasn't only an actor this time but also the producer of the drama. Hanjin also revealed that Bowie’s overly serious attitude scared him off at times throughout the filming process!

Hanjin's Interview at Snapshots

BabyJohn Choi


BabyJohn Choi was the winner of Best New Performer Award for his role in "The Way We Dance" at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards. He was also the promising new actor who touched numerous hearts when sacrificing himself at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel to save others in “Shock Wave”. His achievements had made him one of the favourite newcomers in the Hong Kong film industry. Unfortunately, all film production came to a standstill due to the pandemic since the end of last year. BabyJohn then decided to present a photo exhibition on Japanese tea ceremony to spread love and positivity. Not only was this exhibition his first public event after launching his own company, his interview was also Snapshots’ first online interview. He even curated the photo exhibition, revealing the message behind these pictures. 8 years of study in Japanese tea ceremony inspires BabyJohn of the tremendous value of self-reflection to help improve and balance life. The photo exhibition was also a valuable opportunity for BabyJohn to empty himself spiritually, leaving space to listen and learn from others.

BabyJohn's Interview at Snapshots

Tang Siu Hau


Evidenced by two EP’s, a first solo concert commemorating her 10 years in the music industry and the win as Artist to Watch Award, 2019 marked a flourishing year for Tang Siu Hau. Her years of efforts have finally paid off. Recently, Tang Siu Hau and Hong Kong pop music producer Victor Tse shared their past year’s accomplishments on What’s On, among which was their 10 day creative escape in Finland. After her recent EPs, Tang Siu Hau has revealed plans to release a full album near the end of the year. Her overseas trip to Vancouver was actually a preparation for this upcoming album. Her Canadian fans cannot wait to see Tang Siu Hau’s new angelic creations to be born!

Tang Siu Hau's Interview at What's On - Part 1

Tang Siu Hau's Interview at What's On - Part 2

Frances Yip


Stepping into her 50th anniversary in the music industry, Frances Yip returned to Vancouver for a charitable show to share this precious moment with her beloved fans overseas. The superstar has performed in more than 30 countries and blessed fans worldwide with her talented voice. One of Frances’ biggest hits which defies the test of time is undoubtedly the theme song of the classic The Bund. She can never step off the stage without singing this all time favourite. During her What’s On interviews, Frances recalled the challenges to recording her first original Cantonese song The Bund because the producer demanded for a completely different rendition of the new song. Her great efforts definitely paid off as it was overwhelmingly well-received by the public. Lastly, Frances gave a word of advice to her young peers in the music industry: while chasing your dream, make sure to enjoy the moments on stage and the pleasure of singing. This is the incentive to help them advance in their career.

Susur Lee


Known as the fusion cuisine master, the Chinese Canadian international chef Susur Lee ventured into the culinary world at the age of 16, completing an apprenticeship at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. He immigrated to Canada at 20 years old and worked his way up to head chef at multiple restaurants before opening up his own business. Recently, this highly regarded chef met talk show host and foodie William Ho on Leisure Talk to share his tactics running a successful restaurant and the differences between East and West coast cuisines. To his knowledge and observations, the West coast has an abundance of fresh seafood and the East’s diverse population offers a variety of food selections. On another note, Susar makes regular trips to Spain to visit his son and satisfy his craving for Spanish food. As a tip for Hoho and our viewers, the star chef suggested adding a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavour of a paella.

Supper Moment


To commemorate the 14th anniversary in the entertainment industry, Hong Kong popular rock band Supper Moment took a leap forward to have their first Canadian concert tour. While Canadian fans gave them a warm welcome, Mother Nature embraced the band with a white blanket of snow to cool off the heat. However, the winter weather did not deter their diehard fans from showing their support. Band members, Sunny, Martin, CK and Hugh were totally overwhelmed and expressed their upmost gratitude towards their fans on Leisure Talk. Whilst walking through the creation of their first album, the members admitted that the process triggered many different opinions. These music fanatics also revealed that they will be releasing a new album this year so fans please stay tuned! As their Vancouver trip came to a close, the band was heading to Toronto for another concert when bad weather hit and their flight was cancelled. This tiny setback almost jeopardized their next performance. Thankfully, luck was on their side to help them arrive just in time to sing their heart out. These two Canadian performances definitely left a long lasting memory for Supper Moment and we hope for them to return soon!

Christy Chung & Shawn Zhang


Born and raised in Montreal, Miss Chinese International 1993 Christy Chung still looks as beautiful as ever when turning 50 year old. Recently, she set her foot in Canada again with her husband Shawn Zhang for a charitable event. Fairchild hosts caught up with the couple in City Chat, Asian Magazine and What’s On where they shared the secret in maintaining a loving relationship. During the interviews, Christy and Shawn demonstrated some basic movements of Tai Chi which they started to take on lately. Earlier this year, they also participated in a reality show in China which received a lot of positive feedback. To find out more about the shooting process and behind the scenes snippets, please stay tuned for the interview broadcasting dates!

Matthew Ho


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2019 has successfully concluded, all thanks to the 10 finalists and special guest performer Matthew Ho’s outstanding performances. Other than his amazing acting skills, the audience was captivated by Matthew’s mesmerizing voice onstage. Stepping into his 7th year in the entertainment industry, he shared some of the experiences in acting on Leisure Talk and What’s On. Out of all his roles, Matthew considered his character, Nick, from Law dis-Order was the hardest because of the complex lines he had to memorize. On the contrary, partnering with Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho as Siu Tong in A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch was a time of endless laughter. Prior to filming Life on the Line, Matthew purposely took a first aid training course to help with his portrayal of his character as a professional paramedic. To find out more about Matthew’s acting journey, please stay tuned to Leisure Talk!

Raymond Wong


Raymond Wong was once an actor, screenwriter, and producer before he became the owner of a movie company. He is dedicated to promoting the Chinese films and continues to produce new classics for audience. Raymond recently came to Vancouver and gave his local fans a glimpse of his past on Leisure Talk and What’s On. Other than the establishment of his company Cinema City Company Limited, he reminisced on some of his popular movies including Aces Go Places, Happy Ghost and A Better Tomorrow. Furthermore, Raymond shared some challenges of remaking the movie Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing into a musical. Aside from work, he also revealed emotional hardships of battling cancer with his wife.

Alice Chan


The acting and cooking goddess Alice Chan was previously invited by Fairchild TV to host a culinary extravaganza, Alice’s Royal Feast and shoot a special program Alice in Heart-to-Heart Kitchen in Vancouver. While catching up with her good friends in the program, Alice also blessed her Canadian fans by appearing on Leisure Talk and What’s On to review her career life in the entertainment industry. She embarked on her performing journey after winning the Miss Asia Beauty Pageant. 4 years after her retirement from the acting business, she joined the TVB family in 2012 and immediately landed multiple powerful female roles. Alice laughingly stated that her acting roles’ contradict with her real timid self. It always took her a long time to fully grasp onto the character’s personality and express it on camera. Her recent challenging portrayal of Princess Taiping was countless audience’s favourites. Alice expressed much gratitude towards her viewers for their overwhelming great feedback. Furthermore, she shared some funny behind the scene moments whilst shooting Alice in Heart-to-Heart Kitchen and some stories during the filming process of her drama Anita Mui Fei. To find out more, please stay tuned to the broadcasting dates!

Karl Maka, So Chun Mui & Clifton Ko


A musical tribute to the distinguished Cantonese opera legend Hong Xiannu had brought two outstanding actors Karl Maka and So Chun Mui and renowned director Clifton Ko to Canada. Even though schedules were booked to the rim, they still took time to guest on Leisure Talk and What’s On to share recent endeavours and thoughts on their upcoming local performance. With a comprehensive portfolio as a director, actor, screenwriter and producer in countless productions, Karl took on a role in a musical this time. All his fans looked forward to this eye-opening performance! Having practiced under the guidance of Master Hong Xiannu, the female lead So Chun Mui impersonated her mentor with much excitement and pressure. The more recent projects Director Clifton Ko has been working on revolve around celebrating famous performers including this Hong Xiannu musical, Coquettish Diva, and Anita Mui’s commemorative movie earlier this year. In additional, these three guests had also expressed their views on the differences among musicals, biographies and movies productions. Please stay tuned!

Jinny Ng


Through a lucky encounter, 18 year old Jinny Ng was scouted by an agency and underwent two years of private training in preparation for her singing career launch. To build up her popularity, Jinny frequently released new works at the start. In 2014, her moment to shine finally came when she was assigned to sing the theme song “Love is not Easy” of the drama Line Walker’s, which eventually became a big hit. First time setting her foot in Vancouver as special guest performer for Sunshine Nation, Jinny guested on What’s On to unfold 10 years of her music journey. Since she entered the entertainment business at a very young age, Jinny expressed that she felt very lost at the beginning. She then gave herself a deadline: if she couldn’t make a living in 3 years time, she would leave music behind her. Thankfully, her 2014 song “Love is not Easy” garnered overwhelming feedback, instantly raising her fame. With work being in favour with her, Jinny’s love life is also going smoothly. She got married with the love of her life 2 years ago and has now taken the role as a mother. Throughout the entire interview, Jinny shared a lot of her daughter’s precious moments with smiles of content on her face, making everyone around her super envious!

Curley G’s Path to Singer Songwriter


During the blind audition, her rendition of “Incomparable Beauty” ushered two celebrity instructors to push the button and demand her to join their corresponding teams. In addition, her jaw dropping execution of “She Came To My Concert” was extremely memorable to the audience. The new star garnering such extraordinary impacts in Sing! China Season 2 was Curley G. Recently winning with majority votes at “Golden Classics New Voices”, Curley was invited to Canada to be the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” special guest performer. Her enthusiastic fans are looking forward to Curley’s unique singing style live in action. Moments after Curley had landed in Vancouver, she hopped right into work doing interview for “What’s On”. Other than revealing the behind the scenes of her “Sing! China” competition experience 2 years ago, she also talked about her studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and disclosed her goal in becoming an all-rounded singer songwriter! To find out more about this young talented star, please stay tuned for her interviews!

Linda Chung


After capturing the titles of Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International, Linda Chung was offered the opportunity to pursue an acting career at TVB in Hong Kong. Having gone through years of fame in the entertainment industry, she is now a wife and mother of two adorable kids. With her family as her first priority, Linda surprised her fans earlier with the news of her return to the music scene. A couple of months later, Linda finally released her latest single “Mommy I Love You So” which depicts her unconditional love for her daughter. Prior to her promotional trip to Hong Kong, Linda especially spared time to visit Fairchild TV to chat with What’s On on her new project. The inspiration of her song arose while she was putting her daughter to sleep and watching her go into deep slumber. Linda always aspires to song writing and it was another perfect opportunity to do so. Other than composing the song and writing the English lyrics, she also took the role as a producer to add a personal touch to the video which means a lot to the whole family. Please stay tuned for the upcoming Leisure Talk on Friday to learn more about Linda’s views on her family and recent endeavours!

Michelle Loo


Technological advancements are diminishing the popularity of traditional media. However, Michelle is still optimistic about the future of media as she observes that a show will have its own followers as long as it has a niche. On the other hand, Michelle values eating experience as one of her top priorities. Her upcoming food program “Own Sweet Home” will be airing on Fairchild TV on June 14th. Food lovers should definitely not miss out!

Yoyo Sham


“Best Mandarin Female Singer” and “Best Album Producer” nominee at the prestigious “Golden Melody Awards” for her new album “Nothing is Under Control”, Hong Kong singer song writer, Yoyo Sham’s talent and competence have eventually gained recognition after 9 years of hard work in the entertainment industry. Before attending “The Canadian Chinese Song-Writers Quest” as special guest performer, Yoyo stopped by to have an interview on “What’s On”. Trying to contain her excitement, Yoyo was thrilled to share that she already made plans with her production team to celebrate her “Golden Melody Awards” nominations. During the interviews, she also walked through her journey to become a singer. Travelling to Beijing as a fresh graduate in search of career opportunities, she met one of the most influential figures in Mandopop music, Jonathan Lee who encouraged her to try song writing, subsequently leading to the beginning of her music voyage. Realizing the huge potentials in Taiwan for independent singer song writers, she decided to grow her career there. Her laidback style coupling with the capability of mastering Cantonese, English and Mandarin to create original meaningful stories in her songs is forever appealing to her followers. Her Vancouver fans will be blessed with the opportunity to listen to Yoyo live in action. How amazing her performance will be? We will soon find out!

Fans Party 2019 Guest Performers


TVB’s hottest stars, Kristan Tin, Shaun Tam, Sharon Chan and Hubert Wu, recently came to Canada and participated in the “TVB Fairchild Fans Party.” Although they were on an extremely tight schedule, we took advantage of this opportunity to chat with them about their upcoming endeavours in “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On.” Kristal revisited her singing dream and revealed the challenges at the production of her new album. Returning to Canada brought back Shaun’s memories as a student in Toronto. He also shared some insights on his new projects. As a wife and mother, Sharon Chan gave her Canadian followers some tips in raising a child. Having branched out to acting, Hubert reassured his fans that he has not abandoned plans to release great music.

Pauline Yeung


Deemed a beauty pageant champion, Miss Hong Hong 1987 Pauline Yeung captured the title of Asian Queen at Miss World and was also ranked top 5 in Miss Universe. After her pageant days, she signed a contract with TVB to launch an acting career. Through this opportunity she was able to participate in several dramas, movies and also accumulate hosting experience. After leaving the entertainment industry in 1999, Pauline entered the business sector by coincidence and co-founded a famous Hong Kong jewellery brand. Subsequently, her known title evolved from “Asian Queen” to “Jewel Queen” and her business career only continued to blossom. Recently “What’s On” caught up with Pauline to learn more about her recent endeavours and tips on picking jewellery. As flawless and beautiful as she is at 50 years old, Pauline also shared her secrets on staying youthful and views on returning to the entertainment industry.

Joyce Cheng


One year after her last visit, Joyce Cheng was back to Vancouver for a charity event. In spite of her extremely tight schedule, we were able to catch up with her in “Leisure Talk”, “City Chat”, and “What’s On”. Joyce was thrilled to be back in her hometown to perform after kick-starting her career in the music industry 10 years ago. It was especially heart-warming to see her family and friends to be present and show their support. She felt that growing up as a second generation star was not as easy as everyone thinks. Through a lot of ups and downs, she was determined to use her own ability to win back everyone’s affirmation. In the midst of her hectic life, Joyce actually enjoys going on trips alone as a way to relax and find her true self. As it has been a while since her last album release, she is striving for more high quality music to give back to her fans’ unconditional support.

Lokyi Lai & Jack Wu


In the midst of their busy schedules during the short stay in Vancouver, special performing guest and MC of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018, Lokyi Lai and Jack Wu, guested on Leisure Talk and What’s On to update their recent and future works with local viewers. During the interviews, Lokyi was thrilled to share his experience taking care of his lovely son and his passion for cooking. A plan to host a cooking TV program next year might bring him back to Canada again. Jack Wu revealed that one of his most unforgettable moments since his debut was the naked running scene in The Stunt. In addition, his new drama Justice Bao: The First Year will be aired next year. Make sure to stay tuned to these upcoming new TV shows!

William Hu


Special guest performer of Glamourous Classic Night William Hu was amazed by his filming journey in the Netherlands. During the shooting, William and the crew discussed the impact of “Silver Tsunami” with local institutions and visited De Hogeweyk, a village that has been designed specifically as a pioneering care facility for elderly people with dementia, which left a deep impression on William as his family members had also suffered from the same disease. In addition of living a healthy lifestyle, William addressed the importance of psychological adjustment and encouraged viewers to keep a positive attitude towards work and life.

Kenny Chan


After C AllStar announced their hiatus last year, member Kenny Chan has still continued on his solo music journey with a collection of more than 20 songs written within a short period of time. As the special guest performer of this year’s Sunshine Nation, Kenny will be performing his new work on stage, wishing to bring lots of excitement to his Canadian fans. During his stay in Vancouver, Kenny was invited to Leisure Talk, What’s On, and City Chat to share his experiences in composing music, passions on fitness, and his unique ways to combat stress.

Tang Siu Hau


One of the special guest performers of this year’s Sunshine Nation, Tang Siu Hau, took pleasure in sharing her experience of competing in The Voice and Sing! China with FTV and TTV viewers. Siu Hau joined choir when she was a child and since then she had seized every opportunity to participate in singing contests in order to achieve her goal of becoming a singer. This October, Siu Hau will be holding a concert with students of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, wishing to provide a fresh listening experience to her fans.

Maria Cordero


Though Good Cheap Eats has just come to an end on Fairchild 2 HD, you may have a chance to meet host Maria Cordero in person while she is in Vancouver for a charity event. In 2014, Frances Yip introduced S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation to Maria who was invited to perform as a special guest at its fundraising dinner shortly after. This year Maria returns for two “2018 Maria Cordero SUCCESS Charity Concert”. While in town, Maria made a visit to Fairchild TV and guested on Leisure Talk and What's On to share her life experiences. To know what chemistry will be created when celebrity chef Maria meets the equally passionate Foodie William, be sure to stay tuned for her Leisure Talk interview.

Kayi Cheung


It has been 13 years since Kayi Cheung, the winner of multiple pageants, competed in her first beauty contest at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Apart from the remarkable achievements on the pageant stage, Kayi has also embarked on a new life journey. She started a family with her loving husband and gave birth to an adorable baby girl a couple of years ago. Recently, Kayi returned to Vancouver for a vacation and guested on Leisure Talk and What’s On to share the joy of motherhood. As a former Miss Chinese Vancouver, Kayi also revisited her experience at the competition and encouraged all aspiring young beauties to audition for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018.

Candy Lo


Talented singer-songwriter Candy Lo debuted her musical career 20 years ago. After taking a break as a singer in 2011, Candy made a grand return to the music scene in 2014. Having overcome depression during her time away, Candy has been through many ups and downs in life, but is now back and ready to shine with even more incredible music. Recently, Fairchild Radio’s Canadian Chinese Song-Writer’s Quest had the honor of inviting Candy to be the show’s special guest performer. During her time in Vancouver, Candy guested in Leisure Talk to talk about her experiences during these past 20 years as an artiste as well as share a bit about her future hopes and goals. Please look forward to more of Candy’s amazing music creations coming soon!

Daniel Chu Ming-Yui


With over 40 years of experience in the broadcasting industry, Daniel Chu’s first half of his life was inseparable from the radio. After graduating from high school, Daniel started his career as an operator at Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and gradually worked his way up to more prominent roles. He later immigrated to Vancouver to relax and enjoy life. After returning to Hong Kong, he joined Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited as the Chief Operations Officer. He contributed 14 years of his time at Metro Radio, and later stepped down in 2016. Just when everyone assumed Daniel was going to retire, he surprised the public by accepting a challenge in the new media and taking up the post as the CEO of Bread Radio Online. Daniel's goal is to connect with other online radio stations in Mainland China. During his recent visit to Vancouver, Daniel sat down with Leisure Talk host Mary Lo for the first time to share his memories as Mary’s supervisor at Commercial Radio Hong Kong. They also took a stroll down the memory lane to the development of the broadcast industry, as well as shared his thoughts on the rise of new media.

Andy Hui


With a career spanning 30 years, veteran singer Andy Hui won countless awards and was praised as one of the greatest Hong Kong male singers. Andy was recently invited to Vancouver for a charity concert. With many hit songs since his debut in 1980s, and in response to his Vancouver fans’ requests, he is set to put on a melodious show to relive the love classics. During his busy rehearsal schedule, Andy guested on Leisure Talk to share with Mary Lo his memories as the special performer in Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 1998, filming the music video for his song "Sincerely" with MCV Champion Janice Lee, and also his unforgettable experience participating in various charity events. During his interview, Andy revealed his desire to take part in movies and stage dramas, as well as to continue to thrive in different fields.

Raymond Mak, Richard Yuen and Duck Lau


My 25 Unforgettable Classics Voting Game and Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest are two highlights of the Silver Anniversary celebration of Fairchild Television. As part of a series of promotions, veteran musicians and key figures of Hong Kong music industry in the 80s and 90s Raymond Mak, Richard Yuen and Duck Lau were invited to reminisce on the golden era of Cantopop with viewers in Leisure Talk. The three guests all acknowledged that Cantopop reached its peak before the millennium as the lyrics had deeper meanings and the melodies held a high level of groove. Covering English and Japanese songs was popular at that time and the renditions were always given a whole new life by the artistes, offering audience a fresh listening experience. During the interview, they also shared their amazing experiences on music production in the industry with program host Mary.

Joyce Cheng


For the very first time, Joyce Cheng will be holding her own concert《Break A Leg》at Hong Kong Coliseum. The idea behind comes from her leg injury on a trip aboard. Although Joyce’s ankle hasn’t fully recovered, nothing can stop her from fulfilling her “Hong Kong Coliseum dream”. The diligent Joyce is not only successful in music but also in her acting career. Last year, Joyce was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2017 Nice International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema for her role in "29+1". Recently, Joyce travelled back to Vancouver to visit her family and guested on Leisure Talk to share her two crossover hits and experience of collaborating with Dayo Wong and MastaMic.

Veronica Shiu


Miss Chinese Vancouver Veronica Shiu seized the opportunity to launch her acting career in Hong Kong after winning in multiple beauty pageants. Last year, Veronica was cast as Yan Yan in the modern sitcom Come Home Love: Lo And Behold where she started to gain popularity. As she was taking a vacation back to Canada, many Vancouverites recognized her and asked to take photos together. Aside from acting, Veronica took on a new challenge as she covered Hubert Wu’s song, “I Was Here”, in a special music video, which went viral among netizens. During Veronica’s stay in Vancouver, she sat down with William Ho to share new updates and future plans on Leisure Talk. Veronica also expressed gratitude for landing on the role Yan Yan as it earned her more recognition, allowing her to explore other fields as a program host or and emcee.

Wan Kwong


Best known as "The Temple Street Prince" of Hong Kong, Wan Kwong has worked in the entertainment industry for over 60 years. His songs are filled with witty lyrics and reflect the cultural and political aspects of local Hong Kong residents’ life in the 1970s and 80s. Some of his all-time classics include 14 Seats and Life of a Taxi Driver which voice out the hardship endured by drivers and Ignoring Father which brings out family and drug abuse issues. Wan Kwong was not feeling-well the first few days in Vancouver, however, he still made it to Fairchild TV in person to explain his health condition and re-schedule interviews with our staff. His professionalism definitely earns him respect and admiration from everyone. When Wan Kwong slightly recovered, he immediately guested on Leisure Talk to wish all Canadian viewers a happy early Chinese New year. He also shared his achievement of holding concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum three times in a year and expressed his happiness of winning the Best Male Actor in a Leading Role in Gold Award last year.

Eddie Cheung


Artiste Eddie Cheung had appeared in numerous TV dramas after joining TVB in the early 80’s. After leaving TVB, he began to land on important roles in popular movies such as Running on Karma, Election, Election 2, and Exiled, as his acting skill was recognized by renowned movie director and producer Johnnie To. In order to spend more time with his family, Eddie returned to TVB after almost a decade and participated in multiple dramas includes Til Love Do Us Lie, The No No Girl, Come With Me, and more. Eddie recently came to Vancouver to film a new drama and guested on Leisure Talk and What’s On to share the difference between shooting a movie and a TV drama, his happy family life, and how he gets along with his two children.

Stephen Shin


Renowned Hong Kong movie director, producer, and screenwriter, Stephen Shin, was one of the major figures of the “Hong Kong New Wave”. He has directed and produced countless popular movies. Among them, the historical epic movie The Great Conqueror’s Concubine starring Gong Li and produced by Zhang Yimou made Stephen one of the Hong Kong forerunners to partner with filmmakers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for joint movie productions. In more recent years, his work The Assassin produced was not only featured at the Vancouver International Film Festival but also shone at the Cannes Film Festival and earned multiple international awards. In Stephen’s recent interview on Leisure Talk, he shared some key reasons of joining the film industry and his experience after working in this industry for decades.

Eddy Ko


A Vancouverite himself, experienced actor Eddy Ko has appeared in numerous classic movies and TV dramas in Asia. He recently guested on Leisure Talk with his wife to share some exciting behind-the-scene stories when filming at Hengdian World Studios, his passion for singing, and delightful family life. To learn more about Eddy’s recent updates, be sure to stay tuned for his interview on Leisure Talk!

Teddy Ng


Teddy started his career in the film industry first as a photographer; he then participated in Wong Kar-wai’s movie as a cinematographer before becoming a movie director. Apart from directing films and music videos, Teddy has also collaborated with different organizations, such as Hong Kong Correctional Services, to produce educational micro-movies. There is always a woman behind every man's success. Teddy’s movie star wife, Sabrina Ho, was one of the judges of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017. Recently, Teddy guested on Leisure Talk to share his experience when filming movies, his thoughts on the future of Chinese movies, behind-the-scene stories when directing Andy Lau’s music video, and some little secrets between him and Sabrina.

Joel Chan


Joel first debuted as a singer in the 90’s and later signed a contract with TVB to chase his artistic dream. After years of assuming minor roles in dramas with limited recognition, he was gradually landing on more important parts. His performance in the critically acclaimed drama The Unholy Alliance earned him My Favorite TVB Supporting Actor at 2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia. The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Special Guest Performer sat down with William Ho to share his joy on winning the acting accolade and his impression on this first visit to Vancouver. Known for his passion for running, Joel revealed that he will run to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Canada.

Monica Dong


Experienced radio host Monica Dong was a former member of the legendary radio group “6 Pair and a Half” formed by 13 young popular DJs in the early 1980s. Monica earned major commercial success with her song “Cold Rain” in the group’s self-titled album. After emigrating to overseas, she was still active in hosting radio programs until 2013. During Monica’s interview on Leisure Talk, she reminisced on her days as a radio host. As a dog lover, Monica also shared the happy moments and challenges she confronts when helping animals-saving organizations.

Tam Sik Hay


For over 30 years in the music industry,Tam Sik Hay has been a backing vocalist of many well-known Chinese singers including Paula Tsui, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung, and Anita Mui. At the same time, he has also participated in music composition and arrangement. In 2006, Tam finally had a chance to grace the stage with his magnificent voice as a solo artiste at his first concert in Canada. Tam recently returned to Vancouver for a singing performance and sat down with William Ho to share some amusing stories throughout his career as a backing vocalist on Leisure Talk.

Champions of the Explore China, Japan, & Korea Singing Contest


The three champions of the Explore China, Japan, & Korea Singing Contest, William Wah, Saiko Ikejo, and Ann Rhi, recently guested on Leiusre Talk to share their thills on winning the contest and some behind-the-scene stories with William Ho. During the interview, the three winners also expressed their excitement of performing with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and revealed their travel plans. In addition, they took a moment to thank all the support from their families and friends through an impromptu rendition of a few popular Chinese and English numbers.

Alice Lau


A long running popular variety show in Hong Kong, Enjoy Yourself Tonight broadcasted for 27 years before the last episode was aired in late 1994. Once a regular member of the show and the first Hong Kong female celebrity to star in a Hollywood movie, Uncommon Valor, paired with the legendary Gene Hackman, Alice Lau recently visited Vancouver for a vacation a and sat down with William Ho to share her journey of becoming a Hollywood starlet and reminisce on her days at the Enjoy Yourself Tonight family.

Special Guests of VIFF


Presented by Fairchild Media Group, Dragons & Tigers Series of the Gateway Stream at the 36th Vancouver International Film Festival took the “cinefiles” on a journey into the compelling cinematic worlds envisioned by some of East Asia's most adventurous artistes.

I’ve Got the Blue, one of the most fascinating documentaries to come out of Hong Kong in many years, presented human complexity through interaction between Angie Chen, the director, and Wong Yan-kwai, a painter. The passionate film director guested on Leisure Talk and revealed the reasons why egocentric artists are featured as a way to explore human nature.

Right after the nomination list of the 54th Golden Horse Award had been announced, some visiting guests of the Festival who were also on the list were invited to chat with TTV program host Carmen. Among them were Zhang Aoyue, who is nominated for Best New Performer for his role in The Hidden Sword, Guan Dandan, the producer of The Hidden Sword, and Huang Hsin-Yao, who earns 2 nominations for his black comedy The Great Buddha. They were very excited and expressed great honour to be among the nominees of one of the most prestigious film awards in the world of Chinese language cinema.

Sharon Lam


A veteran assistant director, Sharon Lam participated in the filming of classic movies Rumble in the Bronx, The Warlords, The Forbidden Kingdom, and many more. Despite her achievements in the film industry, Sharon decided to return to school to study Creative Media and begin her path as an independent movie director. Her graduate project, Acid, based on the 2011 Mongkok Acid Attack, was awarded Special Prize at the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2012. In her recent Leisure Talk interview, Sharon flashed back on how she stepped away from commercial film and entered the independent film industry.

Jack Wang


After signing Shaw Brothers Pictures International Limited in early 2017, Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2016 Champion, Jack Wang debuted as an actor in his first online drama, Flying Tiger. Filming under the burning sun for 4 months, Jack now looks stronger and more muscular than before. He recently returned to Vancouver to start preparing for law school entrance exam, hoping to obtain the best grade to apply for world-famous schools. The handsome gentleman guested on Leisure Talk to share interesting behind-the-scenes stories with host Mary Lo and revealed that he was thrilled to work with Eddie Cheung and Bosco Wong.

Linda Chung & Gloria Tang


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 Linda Chung and 2012 Gloria Tang have made incredible achievements through winning the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant, ultimately becoming notable TVB artistes. Both returned to Fairchild recently as special guests at the TVBAnywhere Mobile Apps launch party and sat down for an interview with William Ho. Linda expressed her excitement filming the TVB 50th Anniversary drama “At the Threshold of a New Era” and collaborating with Frankie Lam again 11 years later. On the other hand, Gloria shared how she injured her back while filming the online drama “The Exorcist's Meter”, which left her with no alternative but to forfeit her participation at another TVB Anniversary drama “My Ages Apart”. However, this misfortune may have been a blessing in disguise, as she was casted for a role in “At the Threshold of a New Era”, and given the opportunity to work with one of her favorite Miss Chinese Vancouver idols Linda.

Frankie Lam


Returning to TVB years later to film “My Unfair Lady”, Frankie Lam received great appreciation for his role in the drama. With an increase in popularity again, Frankie is collaborating with the producer of “My Unfair Lady” to film the TVB 50th Anniversary drama “At the Threshold of a New Era”. Recently, the crew was on location in Vancouver. What’s On made a trip to visit the crew, and had a chance to interview Frankie who reminisced about filming with Linda Chung 11 years ago. Be sure to stay tuned for his interview, as well as the “At the Threshold of a New Era” filming behind-the-scenes.

Ko Tin-Lung, Edmond Lo


Art Director of Hong Kong Chung Ying Theatre Company Ko Tin-Lung, and Assistant Art Director Edmond Lo recently returned to Vancouver with “Tuesdays with Morrie” at the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival. A very well-known figure in the Hong Kong theatrical drama industry, Ko Tin-Lung joined Hong Kong Repertory Theatre as a full-time actor in the 80’s. He developed a great interest in directing during that time, and ultimately, started his professional life as a screenwriter, director, and actor. Ko Sir’s most successful productions include “I Have A Date With Spring”, “The Mad Phoenix”, and “Tuesday with Morrie”. Over the past ten years,” Tuesday with Morrie” has toured around nine major cities and has been performed more than 150 times. As the 23rd run of “Tuesday with Morrie”, the Vancouver production will feature two main casts, including Edmond Lo as the student, and Ko Sir as the professor. Ten years ago, Edmond appeared in Vancouver for the first time in the exact same play, so local audience already had a feel of his excellent acting skills. During their Leisure Talk interview, Ko Sir and Edmond shared some of the meanings behind “Tuesday with Morrie”, and why this play is still popular even after ten years.

Maur Yeung


Miss Hong Kong 1991 “Miss Popularity Award” winner Maur Yeung is now a very optimistic and outgoing mother. But behind her sweet smile hides a painful story. During her interview with Leisure Talk host William Ho, Maur shared her compelling experience competing in Miss Hong Kong Pageant, working in the entertainment industry, and finally returning to school. Her life turned upside down after her father was murdered, subsequently followed by her own divorce and diagnosis with cancer. It was the most difficult time in her life, as she faced all the challenges alone while taking caring of her daughter. She felt lost and helpless. Out of all the unwise decisions, one correct choice she made was bringing her daughter to church. Not only did her life values change, but her mindset had also become more positive and open. She later met her current loving husband, Together they formed a trio with Maur’s daughter named “Three Happy People without A Father”, and traveled around to hold sermon and spread positive messages.

Angel Chan, Charlie Cho


Hosts of the 1970s Rediffusion Television program “True Facts About The Owl”, Charlie Cho and Angel Chan, were interviewed on Leisure Talk to share with viewers the untold stories of the Hong Kong entertainment industry in the past few decades. Charlie Cho launched his career in the entertainment business after filming a brandy commercial. With an over-acting approach as his trademarks, Charlie became a popular figure in the pornography films industry. After stepping down from his acting career, Charlie focused more on shows in Mainland, China. He was grateful that some of the young viewers back then who had became bosses today invited him to perform for their events now. Charlie would give out some of his movies on DVD as a token of appreciation for his fans’ support. His partner in “True Facts About The Owl” Angel Chan is also a well-known actress in the pornography film industry. In fact, she was one of the pioneers in this field. Angel now spends most of her time giving back to the community and volunteering at different charity organizations.

Fred Cheung


One of the directors in Moving Picture Company and a musicNEXT artist, multi-talented Fred Cheung is a singer, actor, and director all-in-one. The Vancouver-born artist graduated from Queen’s University with a Film major and Psychology minor, and studied in New York Film Academy in L.A. Fred debuted as a singer in 2013, released his first song “1880”, and subsequently took home the “Metro Radio Hits King of New Singers Award”. In recent years, Fred has begun taking part in microfilms. Among all that he starred, “The Man and The Manager” won “Microfilm Best Actor” Gold Award and “Best Microfilm Production” Bronze Award. Fred returned to Vancouver some time ago to visit family and friends, and was interviewed on Leisure Talk and City Chat where he shared the reason behind his switch from majoring in Psychology to Film and the difference between working behind-the-scene verses starring in a movie.

Frances Yip


Legendary singer Frances Yip won the hearts of fans in Hong Kong after capturing the championship at the talent quest “The Night of Sharp”, where she caught the attention from judge and composer, Joseph Koo who subsequently gave her the opportunity to sing commercial jingles written by himself. Her signature tune “Shanghai Beach” has earned her international fame for over 37 years. Always committed to giving back to the community, Frances was invited for the 6th time by The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation to perform at the “2017 Frances Yip Success Charity Concert”. Returning to Vancouver two years later, Frances shared with Leisure Talk, City Chat, and What’s On her latest updates. During the interviews, Frances expressed that she is always looking for a breakthrough in every performance. She once completely changed the style and feeling of “Shanghai Beach” by incorporating some jazzy element into the song. Though it was an interesting new try, Frances still prefers the original version

Dino @ Soler


Dino from Hong Kong-based rock duo Soler recently travelled to Vancouver and was invited onto Leisure Talk to share new updates with viewers. Dino was excited to announce that Soler will be releasing three Cantonese songs after 3 years, as well as hosting a mini concert in Italy. Dino frankly said that taking the concert to the global level does not only help to promote cultural exchange between Chinese and Western music but also increase their works’ presence internationally. When asked whether they will perform songs in different languages, Dino said, “Of course! Aside from Cantonese, Mandarin, and English songs, we will also be singing in Italian and Spanish!” To know more about Dino’s recent updates, be sure to stay tuned for his interview on Leisure Talk!

Susanna Lung and Billy Cheung


Susanna Lung and Billy Cheung are iconic dubbing masters in Hong Kong. They have dubbed for countless movies and dramas from the 1970’s till now. Billy has been in the broadcasting and dubbing industry for almost half a century, re-voicing for various Asian and Western movies, documentaries, American, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese dramas in early days, and the recent popular Korean dramas, including City Hunter. Aside from movies and dramas, Billy was also the voice behind in the classic cartoons “Dr. Slump”, as well as “Pokémon”. Billy is currently the onscreen voice for various international stars, including Zhang Tielin, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones, Kiefer Sutherland, and more. Billy’s wife, Susanna is also an elite artiste, and has dubbed for Anita Mui, Sylvia Chang, Sharla Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Carrie Ng and many Disney characters. Billy and Susanna recently returned to Vancouver for a vacation, and were invited onto Leisure Talk to share their interesting stories, and thoughts on the changes in the dubbing industry. You might be familiar with their voices, but would it be your first time seeing their faces?

Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2017 Winners


Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2017 has successfully come to an end. The four winners, including: Champion Jacky Weng, 1st Runner-up Frankie Liu, 2nd Runner-up Benjamin Hsieh, and Isabella Winery Most Charming Award winner Albert Tse, were interviewed by Mary Lo on Leisure Talk. As Mary was the emcee at the Final, she witnessed exactly what happened on and offstage and understands how the contestants felt. During the interview, the boyz revisited their amazing journey throughout the competition, and expressed their happiness of winning an award. Aside from the joyful moments, they even shared some funny little stories behind the scene. To know what the winners’ future plans are, then be sure to stay tuned for their Leisure Talk interview on August 23rd (Wednesday) at 6:15pm.

Bonnie Lam


TV viewers may not be familiar with the name “Bonnie Lam”, but the multiple award-winning stage drama actress is certainly well-known in Hong Kong. Graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Bonnie has won eight awards from the Hong Kong Drama Awards, including four times as the Best Actress, and four times as the Best Supporting Actress. Bonnie recently immigrated to Vancouver to take care of her family, but still actively participating in local theatre drama productions, including last year’s “Letter” with Elliot Ngok, and an upcoming drama “Noodle of Love”. This year’s Project Boyz Power Vancouver Final invited Bonnie as a special guest performer in the acting segment to guide the eight boyz to reenact several scenes from a classic movie. She will also take on the challenge of assuming two completely different roles in the drama. Bonnie recently guested on Leisure Talk to share with viewers her colourful theatre drama journey, her comments on young local theatre actors, and how she will lead the 8 boyz to combat the acting challenge.

Lee Tao Hung


Witnessing the ups and downs of the Hong Kong television industry for over a few decades, veteran actor Lee Tao Hung participated in numerous classic dramas and took part in a mid-night talk show “Living Colors”. Always dressed like a gentleman, the charming Lee Tao Hung is known for his character as “Brother Pak Long” in the TV drama “I Have A Date With Spring”, which earned him tremendous popularity. Just last year, Lee Tao Hung announced that he will play a role in the movie “I Have A Date With Spring - Flower Palace” directed by Clifton Ko. Lee Tao Hung especially travelled to Vancouver for a performance in July. During his stay, he guested on Leisure Talk, and shared with viewers stories behind the legendary “Brother Pak Long”.

Erica Chui


With great determination and a lot of hard work, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2011 Erica Chui successfully launched a career in the entertainment industry by joining Cable TV as a program host. During her time there, she gained many onstage experience while improving her eloquence. Erica even enrolled in acting classes to further advance herself. After her contract with Cable TV ended, she began to work towards her dream as an actress. Erica recently took part in the drama “3X1” as a negotiator, and later participated in the much anticipated drama “Heart of Greed 3”. During the interview, Erica expressed her excitement acting in her first ever drama, which turned out to be a memorable experience. Fairchild TV recently invited Erica to host an all new Vancouver food program in July, and also as one of the judges for Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2017 Final. To know more about Erica’s latest updates, be sure to stay tuned for her Leisure Talk interview!

Stephen Gan


Aside from busy running his family business, Stephen Gan, better known as the “Prince of Pak Fah Yeow”, has a strong passion for singing. His recent songs released are about spreading love and peace around the world. Stephen also used his new song release press conference and music concert to raise funds for charities to help refugees survive various crisis and disasters, and rebuild their lives. At the same time, he has created a fundraising website “Songucare”, to encourage everyone to come together and provide assistance to the UNHCR, a refugees support agency, and World Vision. Stephen recently travelled to Vancouver to perform. During his stay, he guested on Leisure Talk, to share with viewers the ups-and-downs throughout his music journey, as well as how he started his life chapter as a dedicated philanthropist.

Jacky Chan


The first Chinese actor in history to receive an honorary Oscar for his decades of work in the film industry, Jackie Chan celebrated with numerous Canadians the country’s 150th birthday in Vancouver on July 1. His incredible singing performance attracted tens of thousands of audience and was undoubtedly the spotlight of the festivity. Although Jackie’s schedule was extremely tight, he still took the time to express his thoughts with “What’s On” viewers. Jackie reminisced the time when he filmed “Rumble in the Bronx” in Vancouver. 24years after, it definitely felt a lot different working in the same place. As one of the legendary comedic martial-artists, Jackie also shared the ups-and-downs of his acting career, as well as words of encouragements for the young martial-artists in the film industry.

Leonard Cheng


Last year’s Project Boyz Power Vancouver brought TVB senior management team members Felix To, Virginia Lok and Sandy Yu to Vancouver with a mission to select a group of aspiring potential individuals to develop a career in Asia. Ex-What’s On host Leonard Cheng was among the lucky individuals who were chosen, and was immediately offered a contract with TVB. He officially launched a career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry as a host in TVB Entertainment News last August. With his extensive host and emcee experience, Leonard was able to perform confidently in front of the camera. Aside from interviewing various international stars, he also flew all the way to Hokkaido to film the travelogue “Fun Abroad”. One year has passed, and this time returning to Fairchild as a guest in Leisure Talk, Leonard expressed how grateful he felt for receiving training from Fairchild TV, at the same time sharing fun stories during his work-trip at Hokkaido.

Betty Mak


Betty Mak, the household name back in the 80’s, participated in nearly 20 dramas within five years of her debut at ATV, which affirmed her position as one of the favorite actresses at that time. Betty recently travelled to North America to perform at a charitable event, but most importantly, to attend her daughter’s university convocation in Seattle. Still strongly passionate, Betty fully immersed herself in the entertainment industry in recent years. During her Leisure Talk interview, Betty took viewers down the memory lane to the busiest filming days when she first started, as well as shared some new projects she has worked on since her comeback. She even told program host May Soo that she will challenge herself with a standby comedy in the near future.

Heiward Mak


One of the most promising young directors in Hong Kong Heiward Mak was invited to Vancouver to introduce her 2007 debut feature film “High Noon” in the“Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017” , a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. Heiward took a stroll down the memory lane with Mary Lo of Leisure Talk and shared stories of her 10 years in the film-making industry, and how she successfully moved forward from a screenwriter-director to an artist-manager and a boss. During the interview, Heiward expressed how thankful she is to Eric Tsang for giving her the opportunity to take part in the writing of the screenplay for “Men Suddenly in Black 2”, which eventually led to her success today. With this thankfulness at heart, Heiward is keen to nurturing new actors, and at the same time, inspiring young directors with her own success story. “Mad World”, winner of Best New Director Award at the 53rd Golden Horse Award and 36th Hong Kong Film Award, was also produced by Heiward. Nowadays, Heiward’s name is frequently spotted in the special acknowledgement section of many independent films.

Jamie Luk


Notable screenwriter, director, and actor Jamie Luk launched a career in the Hong Kong film industry early. He debuted as an actor, until early 1980s when he began to help out behind the scene. Jamie’s first project was a collaboration with Derek Yee as the co-screenwriter for “Legend of the Owl” directed by David Chiang. Jamie later joined Shaw Brothers Studio, directed and written his first movie “Love With The Perfect Stranger” which brought him considerable fame and recognition as he took home the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Screenplay Award and the top ten Chinese films, while the leading actress Pauline Wong won Best Actress. Jamie recently travelled back to Vancouver for a vacation and to visit his family, and shared with Leisure Talk host Eileen Fong how the film industry has changed throughout the years.

Alex Law & Mabel Cheung


Multi-award winning screenwriter and director duo Alex Law and Mabel Cheung have produced many movies focusing on Hong Kong heritage, capturing numerous local and international awards. In 1988, “An Autumn’s Tale” and “Painted Faces” won Best Screenplay in the Hong Kong Film Awards and Best Original Screenplay in the Golden Horse Award respectively. In 2010, “Echoes of the Rainbow” won Best Screenplay in the Hong Kong Film Awards, and Crystal Bear award in the Berlin Film Festival for best feature film in the Generation category. To mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, the world-famous Hong Kong screenwriter Alex and director Mabel were invited to join the “Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017” in Vancouver. They shared their filmmaking journey and the major changes in Hong Kong cinema, and selected a few of their classic films to show to local audience. During their stay in Vancouver, Alex and Mabel guested on Leisure Talk again to reminisce on the ups-and-downs of the movie industry and their future plans.

Lal Dayaram and Eric Fok


Legendary artiste management icon Lal Dayaram has a star studded management portfolio which includes Teddy Robin & The Playboys, Joe Junior & The Side – Effects, Teresa Teng, Sam Hui, Faye Wong, A-Mei, and many more. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Portuguese-Hong Kongese Lal communicated in perfect Cantonese during his Leisure Talk interview, as he walked down the memory lane with TV viewers back to his days as the first musical band manager in Hong Kong. Lal also brought along a young talented singer Eric Fok to share his uniquely inspirational musical journey. During the Vocalibre Singing Competition 2015 organized by Fairchild TV in Toronto, Eric wowed the judges with his impressive singing talent as he delivered the songs of “Princess” and “Miss You Tonight” with overflowing emotions, eventually earning himself the 2nd Runner-up and Most Popular Awards. Behind all the successes and accomplishments, Eric actually pulled through from the brink of death. At the age of 8, Eric encountered a severe car accident, and was in coma for at least 10 days. The doctor asserted that Eric would lose his ability to speak, let alone being able to sing. With an extremely strong will, three days after, Eric miraculously resumed consciousness and was able to speak. This experience taught Eric to take and cherish every single opportunity given to him. With this mentality in mind, Eric is determined to embrace his dream to become a singer. Lal and Eric recently made a trip to Vancouver to record three songs with notable music composer and producer Richard Yuen. After completing school, Eric also plans to travel to China to release his first music album.

Guangzhou Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe


Founded in 1991, Guangzhou Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe has staged numerous classic plays, including “Pity the Poor Girl” and “Unruly Princess, Arrogant Husband”. The troupe has toured around different countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore and earned praises from worldwide audiences. Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe recently travelled to Vancouver to perform for the first time, and was invited onto Leisure Talk to reveal their their impression on this city. The winner of Second Plum Blossom Prize, an award honoring performers who had already won the prize once, Ou Kai-ming shared with William Ho that he was truly humbled by winning this prestigious award twice whereas Cui Yu-mei, student of the iconic Cantonese opera Hung Sin-nui was thrilled to perform in “The Return of Hung Sin-nui” as her young mentor. To know more about the upcoming plans of these national first-class actors, make sure to stay tuned for their interview on Leisure Talk!

Tai Chi


Hong Kong rock band icon Tai Chi has written numerous masterpieces for Cantonese music industry. The group was was awarded “The Golden Needle Award” in the RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award in January. Earlier this year, Tai Chi teamed up with the timeless pop band Wynners to produce "Pure Music Live” concert, as they rocked the stage with their rendition of many classic numbers, and filled the venue with unbeatable energy. Joey Tang and Patrick Lui from Tai Chi recently flew to Vancouver to perform at “The 21st Canadian Chinese Song-Writers Quest” as special guest performers. During their stay, they were invited onto Leisure Talk and City Chat to share their excitement to meet local fans, as well as stories of their amazing experiences in the music industry. At the end of the taping, Fairchild TV crew surprised program host Mary Lo with a birthday cake. Mary was of course deeply touched by the birthday celebration and the warm wishes from Joey and Patrick.

Peter Chan


Veteran Hong Kong singer Peter Chan kick-started his singing career in the 1970s and since then has made countless memorable hits. Having his interest in singing fostered at a very young age, Peter first formed a music band , then released a Cantonese song “Sorrow Autumn Wind” which became an instant popular number. His later pieces “Strong Grass Fragile Flower” and “Separated Sparrow” also captured the attention from fans and media alike. These successes earned him the nickname “Golden Boy”. Recently returning to Vancouver for a concert, Peter was invited onto Leisure Talk to share with program host William Ho his latest updates, and interesting stories from his music journey.

Ricky Lau


One of the legendary pioneers in the Hong Kong Television industry, Ricky Lau graduated from the first ever TVB acting class in 1972, then joined Rediffusion Television (RTV) in the mid 1970s, followed by a service at Commercial Television. He eventually returned to RTV and took part in numerous classic dramas, such as “Chameleon”, “Reincarnated”, “Chen Zhen”, “Fatherland”, “Tiger Hill Trail”, and much more. During the peak of his career, Ricky decided to switch from entertainment to becoming a jeweler. Though being off screen for many years, he continues to keep a close relationship with friends in the entertainment industry, including the iconic Chinese opera actress Bak Sheut-sin. During his recent visit to Vancouver, Ricky guested on Leisure Talk, and took a trip down memory lane, as he shared with audience his glorious days in the TV industry.

Fiona Fu


Started off as a news anchor, program host, dubbing artiste and scriptwriter, the cast of Zack Taylor’s mother in the movie “Power Rangers” Fiona Fu diversified into new territories after she relocated to Canada, expanding her interests to feature films and television dramas. Her first time movie production experience was as a scriptwriter in “Finding Mr. Right” and coincidently, she was offered a role in the same movie. Although it was just a minor role, this experience has fostered her interest for acting, and most importantly, her acting was recognized and appreciated. City Chat host Carmen Shao previously sat down with this longtime friend and former TV station colleague to find out more about her future career plans and review her journey in becoming an actress.

Ada Kam


Popular singer in China, Ada Kam (also known as Jin Chi) joined “The Voice of China” in 2012. After winning the hearts of all four judges with her rendition of “The Nights”, Ada eventually made it to top 16. Later in December of the same year, she competed in another national singing contest and made it to top 4. Best known for her passionate and emotional expression, Ada is also a very inspirational artiste as well. Back in 2002, while in the midst of releasing her first album, she was involved in a car accident, which damaged her vocal cord, and eventually shattered her dreams as a singer. However, her injury didn’t deter her. Her strive to success in her musical career was endured through a tremendous passion for singing, along with intense training, and the support from her friends and family. Ultimately, she returned to the stage with flying colours, and became one of the favorites among music fans. Ada recently held a concert in Vancouver, and was invited onto “City Chat” to share with Carmen Shao her first impression of Vancouver, and her future endeavors.

William So


A passionate R&B and jazz music fan, William So named his new born “Jazz” to express his love for this music genre. Overjoyed at the arrival of his first child, the new daddy occasionally shared snippets of his parenting journey on social media. Not long ago, William uploaded a short video of him bathing Jazz, revealing his gentle and loving side. The video went viral and he was praised for his overflowing fatherly love. Aside from treasuring time with his baby, the loving dad is also an active supporter of charitable works. A previous Vancouver resident, William was recently invited back here to perform at a charity concert to help raise funds for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, when he took his fans down the memory lane with a number of smash hits. Leisure Talk host Mary Lo caught up with this longtime friend lately. Apart from disclosing details of his recent endeavors and future career plans, William also shared some interesting parenting stories with the audience.

PoPing AuYeung


Vancouver raised veteran casting director PoPing AuYeung has been instrumental in successfully introducing numerous Asian actors into the Hollywood movie industry, including recently bringing actor-director Jiang Wen the role of Baze Malbus in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story plus working on other classic movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, The Forbidden Kingdom, Skiptrace, and The Karate Kid. Known for our beautiful weather and spectacular scenery, Canada has nurtured countless superstars who launched their career in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Director AuYeung specifically made a trip back to Vancouver to search for new faces in a huge production in China. During her stay, she guested on Leisure Talk and City Chat to share with viewers the challenges as a casting director, and how she matches the right actors with different roles. If you are interested in joining the movie industry, then stay tuned for director AuYeung’s interview. You can also contact her team at to find out more.

Raymond Wong, Ben Wong, Rosina Lam, Grace Chan


Four cheerful TV stars Raymond Wong, Ben Wong, Rosina Lam, and Grace Chan, recently travelled to Vancouver for the annual TVB Fairchild Fans Party 2017. Aside from performing on stage and meeting with fans, they also sat down with Leisure Talk, What's On, and City Chat program hosts to reveal the lesser known aspects of themselves. Raymond, the lead in the drama “Married but Available” previously aired on Fairchild TV 2 HD, was thrilled to interact with Vancouver fans and revisit Vancouver, the place where his wedding took place 12 years ago. First time performing in Vancouver, Grace was amazed by her experience as a Fans Party audience then. This time around, being able to perform and chat with fans made her extra excited. The loving father in “Tiger Mom Blues”, Ben, thanked fans for their support for this drama, and shared his insight during the 28 years in the entertainment industry, from a host in “Flash Fax”, to Yung Heung Hoi in “The Kindred Spirit”, and Lat Keung in “Lives of Omission”. A Beijing Central Academy of Drama graduate, Rosina led us into reliving moments of her filming career and indulged herself in her happy life as Mrs. Mok throughout the interview. If you want to know more about the four talented artistes, then make sure to stay tuned for their interviews!

Gloria Tang


After capturing the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2012 and Miss Chinese International 2013, Gloria Tang launched a career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry and is now working her way up. Apart from hosting a number of shows and programs, she is also taking part in multiple dramas. Gloria was highly praised for her performance in the recent “Two Steps From Heaven”. First time appearing on screen with short hair, Gloria amazed the audience with her tomboy and carefree role, and was acclaimed for her sophisticated acting skills. Since then her popularity soared, taking her career to a new height. Gloria is currently filming the new TVB drama “My Ages Apart” with top notch actors including Bobby Au-yeung, Moses Chan, Louis Cheung, and Kristal Tin. To get herself into character, Gloria cut her hair even shorter, radiating sunshine, and further complementing her cheery and positive personality. This new TV favorite recently made a short trip to Vancouver to attend her best friend’s wedding. Despite her busy schedule, Gloria took the time to visit Fairchild TV, and guested on Leisure Talk and What’s On.

Avan Yu


This year’s Bridge to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala invited one of Canada’s most promising young pianists, Avan Yu, as special guest performer. Two talented individuals Linda Chung and Ava Yu formed a duet and performed a series of romantic classics that evening. Their mesmerizing collaboration instantly melted the hearts of the audience. Immigrated to Vancouver at the age of 9, Avan became the youngest contestant ever to win the Canadian Chopin Competition at the age of 17. Later in 2012, Avan triumphed at the Sydney International Piano Competition, capturing first place, and achieving international recognition. Currently residing in Berlin, Avan continues to perform internationally and expand his music career. Returning to his hometown Vancouver to perform at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala and giving back to the community where he grew up made it extra meaningful for Avan. After the performance, Avan guested on Leisure Talk and City Chat to share interesting behind-the-scene stories. Avan expressed that it was a pleasure working hand in hand with Linda and also being able to incorporate his classical music background into pop music. If you want to know what it’s like when classical composition meets pop, then make sure to stay tuned for the interview!

Annabelle Louie


While busy preparing for her Eternal Love Charity Concert 2017, Annabelle Louie has dedicated great effort in promoting the beneficiary for this concert, Alzheimer Society of BC. Alzheimer’s Society of BC is a health organization working nationwide to improve the quality of life for patients affected by Alzheimer's disease, a progressive degeneration of brain cells, affecting one's cognitive and functional abilities. Annabelle shared in Leisure Talk that through this charity concert, she wishes to help raise awareness for the disease and gather donations to provide care, support and research for this incurable but preventable disease. The interview will be aired on March 15 at 6:10pm on Fairchild Television. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on Alzheimer’s disease and Annabelle’s upcoming charity concert.

Annabelle Louie


Originally from Hong Kong, the bright and straightforward Annabelle Louie recently guested on City Chat when she challenged herself with a 20-min interview session conducted entirely in Mandarin. During the interview, Annabelle shared with Carmen Shao the joyful experience of releasing her first audiophile album “Eternal Love” in 35 years of her singing career. This hot selling album was presented with the 2016 Best Cantonese Album of the Year Award by Guangdong Musician Association. Annabelle will be performing live onstage selected tracks from this award winning HiFi album in her upcoming charity concert on April 2. For more information on the concert, make sure to stay tuned for Annabelle’s City Chat interview on March 9 at 10:15pm on Talentvision.

Linda Chung


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 and Miss Chinese International 2004 Linda Chung has made remarkable achievements in both her pageant journey and artistic career in the entertainment industry. Just last year, Linda married her boyfriend Jeremy in Vancouver and subsequently gave birth to their little angel Kelly. Every time Linda talks about baby Kelly, her eyes will sparkle with joy, and smile from the bottom of her heart. As a full time mother still passionate about her work, Linda returns to Hong Kong occasionally to attend various functions. While juggling between family and work, Linda also dedicates time for charity events. In March, She will perform at the 2017 Bridge to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala, along with one of Canada’s promising young pianists Avan Yu to help raise funds for a good cause. Back in 2004 right after she had been crowned Miss Chinese International, Linda already made a debut at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala. 13 years later, the new mum will return to the same event as a professional artiste, giving back to the community where she grew up. Recently, the low-profile Linda especially paid a visit to the studio to meet her Fairchild family and help to promote the upcoming charity gala with the SUCCESS representative Sunny. During the interview, she has also shared her future career plans with Leisure Talk host William Ho.

Hugo Ng


Singapore born and raised Hugo Ng was a widely recognized face on Hong Kong television in the 1980s, starring in many legendary dramas such as “The Twins”, “Border Town Prodigal”, and “The Silver Fox”. Years after he left the Hong Kong Entertainment industry, Hugo returned to TVB to take part in “Brother’s Keeper II” as the main antagonist, Ko Tin-Tsau, a character driven by a boundless desire for ambition, money, power, and dominance over people around him. His villainous portrayal of the outrageous tycoon earned him great appreciation from the audience. With overwhelmingly positive feedback on his performance in “Brother’s Keeper II”, Hugo challenged himself again in “Burning Hands” as he picked up the role of Chiang Tin Lung, an arrogant and dominating former King of Gambler. Hugo managed to take a break in Vancouver to celebrate Chinese New Year with his wife Lily Chung during a business trip here, at the same time sharing his future plans with Mary and Angus in “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On”.

Sandra Lang


Legendary “Hilarious Singing Queen" Sandra Lang will throw another charity concert to raise funds and awareness for a good cause while using her unique voice to spread happiness. Having been in the music industry for decades, singing enthusiast Sandra carefully picks each song for her concerts taking into consideration feedback from her previous concerts. She jokingly said she rarely practices singing because her strength is on vocal improvisation and she loves to sing with feel, emotion, and passion. Sandra was recently interviewed on Leisure talk, and shared interesting stories throughout her singing career with Mary Lo.

Ha Yu


With over 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry, veteran Hong Kong actor Ha Yu has starred in many popular TV shows and dramas, including “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” and the “Heart of Greed” series. In 2008, he captured the title of Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary Awards for his vivid portrayal of Kam Tai Jo in Heart of Greed - Moonlight Resonance. As a follow-up to the Moonlight Resonance project 8 years ago, Ha Yu will return to TVB to film “Heart of Greed 3” with his old partners Louise Lee, Michelle Yim, and Susanna Kwan. The third installment will continue to focus on family issues, and use a Hong Kong style restaurant as the story background. In “Heart 3”, Ha Yu will challenge himself as a milk tea expert of a family-owned business. To emerge himself into the character and better his portrayal of an expert in this particular field, he has been learning and polishing his traditional milk tea making techniques. Ha Yu recently finished his concert in Vancouver, and was invited onto Leisure Talk to update fans on his life and at the same time share his excitement to take part in “Heart 3”. Accompanying him were co-performers at the concert Jennie and Annie Chung. Together they wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

Gigi Wong


Celebrity chef and renowned actress Gigi Wong recently returned to Vancouver for vacation while taking a break from her busy filming schedule in Hong Kong. 2016 was quite a hectic year for Gigi. Apart from participating at the new drama “Three Women, One ‘Gene’”, she also travelled around the world making various cooking shows, exploring unique local products from Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia. Her recent project “Eat a Rainbow” is a first time attempt to analyze nutritional values of food in different colours while providing cooking tips to enthusiasts. During her stay here, she paid a visit to old friends from Fairchild TV to share her recent updates and interesting stories while filming on set.

Vinci Wong


Previously lived and studied in Vancouver, Vinci returned to Hong Kong after graduating from UBC, and has been the MC for numerous variety shows such as the Tung Wah Charity Show. Vinci also hosted a popular talk show “Vinci’s Code”, inviting celebrities and industry leaders as his special guests to share their insights on style, luxury and fashion with TV viewers. As a philanthropist, Vinci contributes considerable time and effort to charity events and give back to the community. Just last year, he travelled to Vancouver to host the annual telethon for Richmond Hospital Foundation. This year, Vinci participated at Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 as the MC, and was invited to “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On” to share his life as a newlywed and upcoming plans.

Ms. Lynn Hsieh


An active philanthropist, legendary Taiwanese artistes Lynn Hsieh has been awarded numerous times for her outstanding performance, including the Asian Film Festival and twice at the Golden Horse Award. During the peak of her career, Ms. Hsieh decided to get married and start a happy family, subsequently had 5 adorable children. Proficient in English, calligraphy, painting and dance, Ms. Hsieh dedicates a considerable amount of time and effort on charitable works in the community, some of which include organizing a dance performance and an oil painting exhibition to raise funds for the underprivileged, and making a donation to China to finance school construction and subsidize education for children in extreme poverty. Earlier this month, Ms. Hsieh was invited to Vancouver as the judge for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 and sat down with “Leisure Talk” and “City Chat” hosts to share her memorable life experience.

Mak Cheung Ching


Prominent TVB figure Mak Cheung Ching recently travelled to Vancouver for the very first time as Special Guest Performer for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016. Mak made his first TV appearance on the popular children program “Flash Fax”, and slowly worked his way up from an extra to supporting roles, eventually winning the Best Male Supporting Actor Award in the 2010 TVB Anniversary Award for his superb portrayal of the main antagonist, Leung Fei-fan in the drama “No Regrets”. Earlier last year, he co-hosted a cooking program “Feastival a la Stars” with Eliza Sam and received overwhelmingly positive response. An instant hit among housewives, his new TVB program “Bazaar Carnivals” has further strengthened his good-man image. During his short trip, Mak was invited by “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On” to share his feelings and thoughts as a guest performer at a pageant for the first time.

Annabelle Louie


Singing diva Annabelle Louie recently released her first audiophile album “Eternal Love”. She could not help but to share this joyful experience with her fans right after returning to Vancouver from Hong Kong. The new HiFi album features ten cover versions from male stars including Leslie Cheung, Sam Hui, Lui Fong, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, and much more. Annabelle hopes the new music arrangements complementing her signature style will offer audience a fresh listening experience. During her interview with Mary Lo in Leisure Talk, Annabelle revealed interesting stories behind the collaboration with renowned producer Antonio Arevalo Jr. on this 100% “Made in Canada” album.

Ruth Chen


Singer-songwriter and vocal instructor Ruth Chen was a popular DJ at Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and a member of the famous DJ music group “61/2 Pairs”. Blessed with the talent of singing and a beautiful voice, Ruth was recruited into the judging panel of “The Voice” on TVB. As a renowned vocal instructor, Ruth has coached many prominent stars including the legendary Sandy Lam, Cass Phang and Ekin Cheng. As the saying goes “a strict instructor produces an outstanding student”, Ruth is strict in perfecting every musical detail. However, when she is home, she transforms into a very loving and caring mother. Ruth recently came to Vancouver for her Music Sharing session, and met with Mary Lo, also an ex-CR2 DJ for a Leisure Talk interview.

Andrew Choi


As one of the five largest film festivals in North America, Vancouver International Film Festival always prides itself as the platform to showcase a collection of outstanding Asian Films throughout these years. Among the selected films this year was the controversial winner of Best Film in Hong Kong Film Award “Ten Years”. Twelve years ago, when Executive Producer Andrew Choi was still a Digital Media Company executive, he was diagnosed with benign brain tumor. After a series of surgery, electrotherapy, and rehabilitation, he successfully recovered. Andrew’s victorious battle with tumor triggered a strong sense of life mission in his mind. Ultimately, Andrew quitted his job and entered the film industry to pursue his dreams, which resulted in the production of “Ten Years”. Andrew recently flew to Vancouver to participate in VIFF. Aside from interacting with his audience, he was also interviewed by Eileen Fong in Leisure Talk.

Stanley Cheung


Immigrated to Vancouver as a child, Stanley Cheung joined New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2002 and successfully made it to top 8. Later on, Stanley returned to Hong Kong to launch a career in the entertainment industry. He debuted as a band member of Cheers which released its first music album in 2003. After Cheers was disbanded, Stanley joined TVB and hosted various entertainment programs including Scoop. In 2011, he made his first official appearance in drama series as Hui Ka Ming in the popular “When Heaven Burns”. Stanley’s outstanding portrayal of the character earned him the nickname “Ka Ming” followed by more major supporting roles in other TV dramas. He recently returned to Vancouver to bid farewell to his late singing teacher Thelma Leung. During his stay, he shared his blissful memories with Thelma and interesting stories in acting on Leisure Talk and What’s On.

Chan Tze-Woon & Vincent Chui


Nominated for “Best Documentary” in the 53rd Golden Horse Award, the film “Yellowing” is featured under the “Dragons and Tigers” series at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. Director Chan Tze-woon and producer Vincent Chiu are in town to participate at discussion sessions with audience at the screening venue. They have also sat down with program host Eileen Fong to share the obstacles in producing independent films and documentaries. Director Chan frankly mentioned that he does rely on commercials productions and film editing jobs to make a living. Although independent films and documentaries have a relatively small market and may not even get a chance to be shown in theatres, Tze-Woon and Vincent strongly believe that their work will leave its mark on Hong Kong history. As implied by its Chinese name "Memo of the Troubled Times", one shall not forget what has happened.

Ng Yu


“Big Brother Ng Yu” is a prominent media figure and highly respected personality in the Hong Kong Entertainment Industry. He has served in many major media and entertainment agencies as Creative Director and top management executive. Aside from having boundless creativity and polishing his ideas with innovative elements, he is also famous for nurturing behind-the-scenes talents and fostering pop icons. Ng Yu recently travelled to Vancouver with his son before the new school year started and shared his insights in the entertainment business with Leisure Talk host Eileen Fong.

Carat Cheung


2009 Miss Chinese Vancouver 1st Runner-up, 2012 Miss Hong Kong and 2013 Miss Chinese International 2nd Runner-up, Carat Cheung, has great achievements in both her pageant and love journeys. She has recently married her lawyer boyfriend and started a new life chapter as Mrs. Choy. After their grand wedding in Hong Kong, the newlyweds have returned home to celebrate with family and friends in Vancouver. During her stay, Carat paid a visit to her Fairchild family and shared her happy life on Leisure Talk and What’s On. She also encouraged all aspiring young ladies to take the opportunity to embark on an amazing venture by joining Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant.

Cosmos People


Established for more than 8 years, the new generation boy band Cosmos People is gaining popularity in Taiwan. Their music revolves around the fusion of funk, jazz, disco, and other genres; thus, creating their own unique blend of “Cosmos-Style”. The critically acclaimed 2015 album “10000 Hours” earned them a nomination at the 27th Golden Melody Awards for Best Musical Group. This year, Cosmos People were invited to perform at Taiwan Fest 2016. During their stay in Vancouver, they visited Fairchild TV and shared their music dream with program host Carmen Shao on City Chat.



Formed by the award-winning guitarist Zhang Ge Jun from Sonic Deadhorse and the 19th Taiwan Golden Melody Award Best New Artist nominee Olivia Yan, Taiwanese band Utopia was known for their unique blend of ambient, glitch and electronic dance music. As a music diva with unrestrained creativity, Olivia always integrates her pieces with a great passion in music. Olivia once said “Creation is the simplest form of rebellion.” Therefore, her music ideas very often revolve around the discontentment towards the government and society. Utopia has participated in many music festivals around the world, including Canada, as they performed in this year’s Taiwan Fest and brought to their Canadian fans a mystical night full of vibrant Utopia-style music. During their stop at Vancouver, they sat down with Carmen Shao and shared their visions on City Chat.

Phil Lam


Born and raised in Vancouver, Hong Kong Singer-Songwriter Phil Lam debuted in the music scene after winning the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition and competing in the International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship held in Hong Kong. Although Phil has encountered some setbacks and difficulties, with an unbeatable determination, he composed “High Hill Low Valley”, a song with dramatic rhythm and meaningful lyrics. Not only did this song tug at listeners’ heartstrings and receive great critical acclaims, but also take Phil’s music career to a new height. Earlier this year, he recorded the song’s Mandarin version “Sky and Abyss”, collected under his first ever Mandarin album “Goodman”. Phil recently came home with his girl friend, also previously from the Fairchild, to visit his family in Vancouver. During his stay, he made a stop at Fairchild TV to share the incredible journey in love and music.

Andy Wang


Former recipient of the Best Pop Music Program Host award and 6 time nominee of the Golden Bell Broadcast Award, Andy Wang is not only a radio DJ, but also a TV program host, singer, voice actor, writer and lecturer. Andy has produced and hosted pop music programs for a number of stations including Taiwan I Like Radio, Taiwan POPRadio, America’s The Sound of LA, Singapore Radio1003, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and Guangdong Music FM. Currently a DJ at Fairchild Radio FM 96.1 hosting Whispers In The Starry Night, Andy guested on City Chat a few days ago to catch up with Carmen Shao and share stories on his broadcasting experience.

Kimman Wong


Hong Kong singer-songwriter and busker Kimman Wong received a lot of public attention earlier this year for his song Ours, which he wrote and sang as the theme song for the drama Margaret & David – Green Bean. In addition to participating in various singing competitions including Taiwan’s Super Idol, Chinese Million Star, and The Voice, Kimman has also traveled to 17 countries around the world to hold street performances in over 30 different cities. This time, aside from attending a friend’s wedding in Vancouver, Kimman also took part in an interview on Leisure Talk to share his miraculous experience as a singer wandering the world.



Hong Kong songwriter-performance group RubberBand (RB) made their debut over a decade ago. After taking multiple music awards home, RB still carries the same mindset and values as when they first started playing music. RB’s works always address issues happening in society, using direct and high quality music to project positive energy to the public. All four members of RB recently sat down with Leisure Talk and City Chat hosts to share their excitement in the upcoming Song Quest at Fairchild Radio and expressed their wish to touch the heart of fans here with great music.

Anthony Wong


Renowned singer Anthony Wong has been persistent in making high quality music with unique style over the years. He has written many popular songs for Tat Ming Pair, the duo formed by Tat Lau and himself, also named one of the most legendary bands of the 20th century. Aside from being a successful musician, Anthony also established his own music production brand, People Mountain People Sea, helping raise and nurture a new generation of artistes. Anthony came to Vancouver the past summer to perform as a special guest for SQ20. During the interviews with Leisure Talk and City Chat, Anthony shared his delight at meeting Vancouver fans again as well as told stories of his amazing experience in the music industry.

Chet Lam & Eman Lam


Hong Kong singer-songwriters Chet Lam and Eman Lam were gifted with unique voices and natural music talent. Chet taught himself to play the guitar, compose music and write lyrics to create a name in the entertainment industry. Chet’s younger sister Eman formed the group at17 with fellow singer Ellen Joyce Loo. Their refreshing image and amazing compositions bring novelty to the Hong Kong music scene. Chet and Eman were previously invited to Vancouver to perform for Fairchild Radio. During their stay, they also stopped by for interviews on Leisure Talk and City Chat. The pair expressed their joy at being able to perform as a sibling duo and hoped to bring audiences a completely different musical journey.

Joyce Cheng


Vancouver-born Joyce Cheng has inherited her mother, Lydia Sum’s bright personality, bringing joy and positive energy to the people around her. In recent years, Joyce has focused more on acting, but at the same time making various breakthroughs in her music career. Joyce’s latest single ‘Goddess’ has received much praise with the MV surpassing one million views within a short period of time. During her vacation in Vancouver, Joyce visited Leisure Talk to chat about her music dreams and goals as well as reminisce about her days growing up in Canada.

Mark Hong


Taiwanese director Mark Hong’s commercials and short films have won over 50 awards in various international film festivals and competitions. This past July, Mark was the recipient of three awards at the LA Independent Film Festival Awards including the Best Editing Award, Best Commercial Award and Best Commercial Director Award. Whenever Mark brings in a new production, he always carries the Love Taiwan slogan due to a past misunderstanding in which an award ceremony MC mistook Mark for a Thai person. This incident inspired Mark to begin his Hundred Festival plan through which his creations will be introduced to different international festivals while building a platform for Asian films to interact with International films and gaining recognition for Taiwan. Fellow Taiwanese City Chat host Carmen Shao not only wishes for Mark’s dream to come true, but also anticipates for Mark becoming the next Ang Lee!

Marcus Kwok


Last winter, Marcus Kwok travelled all the way from Hong Kong to Toronto to be the MC for Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant. This summer, Marcus once again made a long haul flight, this time to Vancouver, completing his job within the short span of 40 hours. Amidst his tight schedule to MC a wedding, Marcus took the time for a short interview in What’s On with Vicki. During the interview, Marcus discussed his revelation of transitioning from an emergency ward doctor to an actor, as well as the difference between being a real doctor and acting the role.

Wong Wei Kun


Talented Cantonese opera singer and Mainland actor Wong Wei Kun is widely popular amongst Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore fans. Aside from appearing as the main actor in many popular operas, Wong Wei Kun is also skilled in acting as the female lead role. During his earlier trip to Vancouver, Wong Wei Kun sat down for a chat with Leisure Talk to reminisce on the days at the ZhanJiang Art School and his journey to becoming an actor.

Iconic characters of the broadcasting industry – Candy Chea, Cheung Man Sun


Multiple time recipient of the Most Popular Radio Program Host Award and 8 time recipient of Most Popular DJ Award Candy Chea and her husband, former RTHK Television Department Assistant Broadcasting Director, Man Sun Cheung recently paid a visit to Vancouver again for vacation. The now semi-retired Candy has immersed herself in charity works in recent years, while her husband, Man Sun enjoys traveling to different places across the globe with Candy. The two outstanding icons were pleasured to participate at their first interview ever as a couple with Fairchild TV and shared exciting details from their travels as well as their own love story.

Lan Tin-Yau, Cheng Nga-Ki


Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Chinese Opera Program graduate Lan Tin-Yau and Cheng Nga-Ki were nurtured by their parents from a young age with an appreciation for Chinese opera. After graduation, they joined the Hong Kong Young Talent Opera Troup and received much public attention. Recently the two have even been dubbed the new generation Chinese opera ‘Golden Duo’. Cheng Nga-Ki, who has worked with Chinese Opera star Loong Kin Sang, and Lan Tin-Yau, who studied under the Chinese opera grandmaster Lam Kar Sing, was in Vancouver for a performance. They caught up with avid Chinese opera fan William Ho in Leisure Talk to share their experiences and thoughts on learning the art of Chinese opera.

Benji & Lesley Surprise Visit for Father's Birthday


Ever since duo Benji & Lesley disbanded, both older brother Benji and younger sister Lesley have been individually working hard in different aspects of the entertainment industry. Benji recently starred in the film My Ten Million, as well, taking on the task of singing, composing, and producing the theme song Together. Benji even went the extra mile to partner with his father, Paul Chun in the MV, which exploded with popularity, hitting 280 million views within 24 hours after being uploaded. Lesley, on the other hand, has been busy pursuing her musical dream in South Korea. The pair just returned to Vancouver to throw a surprise birthday party for their father. Leisure Talk and City Chat hosts caught up with them during their stay. Aside from sharing their experiences as musicians, Benji and Lesley also reminisced on their childhood lives as loving siblings.

Linna Huynh – The New Icon for Children’s Program


After capturing the Miss Photogenic Award at Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2012, Linna Huynh took on another challenge by joining the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2014. As a CBC, Linna’s lack of fluency in Cantonese made the audience burst out in laughter as she repeated a Cantonese slang after Carol Cheng (Dodo) at the Final, earning her fame overnight. After the competition, she was offered a contract with TVB and kicked start her career with hosting positions at various Children’s Programs including”Kids, Think Big”. Linna recently returned to Vancouver for her sister’s graduation ceremony. She did of course visit Fairchild and share stories as she works her way up in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Tomi Wong


TVB is recently rerunning Tony Leung’s version of the drama The Duke of Mount Deer in Hong Kong, sparking much discussion online. What are the cast of the drama like now, 32 years after its original broadcast? Leisure Talk had the pleasure of chatting with one of the main characters from the drama, Seattle-based Tomi Wong. After retiring from the entertainment industry in 1998, Tomi started a completely different life in the United States. Her recent trip to Vancouver was arranged by Project Boyz Power mentor Truman who has the honor of inviting Tomi to participate at the 20th anniversary celebration of his acting troupe. This coming June, Tomi will be leading over 20 local actors in the musical I Have a Date With Love, reviving Hong Kong’s nightlife in the 70’s.

Edmond Leung


In 2010, Edmond Leung and his good friends Andy Hui, William So, and Dicky Cheung came to Vancouver for a charity concert as Big Four. 6 years later, Edmond has once again returned to the Vancouver stage for charity. Edmond revealed to What’s On host Gary that he has spent a lot of time and effort rearranging and practicing his live piano performance at the concert, hoping to create some unforgettable moments to local audience and at the same time re-live the amazing experience at the concert in Hong Kong last August.

Rita Carpio


After stepping out of the spotlight for almost 20 years, talented singer Rita Carpio made her comeback in 2014 in the TV drama Come On, Cousin. Rita and her good friend Ram Chiang released the duet We Don't Have to be Acquaintances to have Met in the 90’s, gaining immense popularity. It was once again picked up as a hot topic in recent years by audiences after the drama had been aired. Rita is of Filipino – Portuguese descent, born into a musical family and built a successful singing career in the 80’s and 90’s. Although she had never acted in a TV drama before, her appearance in Come On, Cousin was very well-received. Earlier this month, Rita travelled to Vancouver for a charity performance and reunited with her old friend Annabelle Louie for a chat in Leisure Talk, as well as sat down with What’s On program host Gary to discuss her future career plans.

Tsin Ting


Renowned huangmei opera singer Tsin Ting was loved by many throughout the 50’s and 60’s. She recorded a lot of songs for Shaw Brother’s films including melodic tunes from Kingdom and the Beauty. With her amazing skills and talents, not only is she able to perform perfectly without practice, but she can also begin her audio recording after only one rehearsal with the band. Tsin Ting recently travelled to Vancouver to perform for charity and shared with Leisure Talk and City Chat that although she had no prior lessons or training in singing, she felt blessed to receive so many compliments for her voice.

Grace Chan


As the spring flowers began to bloom, the Vancouver-raised Miss Hong Kong Grace Chan led a TVB production team back here to film a travelogue. As they traveled to different attractions throughout the city, Grace shared stories of her life growing up here to audiences in Hong Kong. After capturing the crown in 2013, Grace has been overloaded with job after job and even took home the Most Improved Actress Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards last year. This time, Grace was able to take a vacation while working, traveling around Vancouver and grasping the chance to visit some old friends. Grace also made a stop at Fairchild TV to reveal stories from her time here as well as comment on her relationship with Kevin Cheng.

Sherry Chen


After capturing the title of Miss Chinese Toronto in 2006 and Miss Chinese International 2nd Runner Up in 2007, Sherry Chen was offered a contract with TVB to pursue an acting career. She has since hosted a number of lifestyle and information programs as well as participated in television dramas. In 2012 Sherry got married and has since bowed out of the entertainment industry to start a successful online seafood buisness. She was recently invited to be the MC of a charity event in Vancouver and took sometime to visit Fairchild TV’s headquarters in the West Coast. During an interview with Leisure Talk, Sherry updated the audience on her life after marriage as well as discussed her work and future plans.

Miss Chinese International Jennifer Coosemans


Earlier this year, Jennifer Coosemans represented Vancouver in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2016, then of course winning it. After her return, Jennifer has been working non-stop on public events and media interviews. The training in Hong Kong had led to better Chinese proficiency for Jennifer who shared her experience participating in the competition and expressed her happiness at being able to meet girls from all over the world and create wonderful memories together.

Bernice Liu


Bernice Liu, the first Miss Chinese Vancouver to capture the title of Miss Chinese International has recently wrapped a Hollywood movie in Malaysia and a television drama in Singapore. While Bernice was in Vancouver visiting family, she made a trip to our studio to meet up with the Fairchild family too. As she sat down to share stories on set with Leisure Talk and What’s On, Bernice revealed that she took up many of the action scenes herself in the movie and enrolled in gun-shooting sessions in order to realistically portray the character. As for her work in Singapore, Bernice expressed that it was her first time filming in English and first time taking on the role of a mother too. Both productions were major acting breakthroughs and challenges for Bernice. Her appearance in these productions is indeed very much anticipated by her fans all over the world.

Nancy Sit


With a healthy image and comedic personality, Nancy Sit, who debuted as a child actor, is loved by people of all ages. Apart from releasing children’s songs, Nancy also acts in television dramas, and hosts television programs, bringing joy and laughter to her fans. Nancy recently traveled to Vancouver for a Chinese New Year performance and caught up with Leisure Talk for an interview. Busy with her new television program, radio program and a concert tour in various cities, Nancy’s schedule is already full the first half of the year. Apart from these, Nancy will also be making a foreign language movie in Singapore, playing a character who suffers from Alzheimer disease. Both the language and her character in the upcoming film will be a completely new challenge in her acting career.

Dessert Prince Shaopin Tsui


Born and raised in Canada, Shaopin Tsui returned to Hong Kong in 2014 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Not long after, Shaopin was provided with the opportunity to host a program, and subsequently took on modeling activities as well. Apart from appearing on his mother Gigi Wong’s cooking show, Shaopin published two cookbooks, earning him the nickname ‘Dessert Prince’. He has also participated in a theater production and a micro-film. Shaopin recently came back to Vancouver to visit with family and shared his stories in Leisure Talk. Shaopin expressed that although he has been living in Hong Kong for two years now, there are still some areas that he has yet to adjust to. Yet, he will continue to work hard in the future and hopes to be able to take on even more jobs in the future.

Gigi Wong


In the start of 2016, Leisure Talk invited celebrity chef and renowned actress Gigi Wong for a chat. It has been a while since Gigi met with audiences in Vancouver, as she has been very busy with work in both Hong Kong and around Asia in the past year. 2015 was a year of acomplishments for Gigi. She kick started the year with the drama The Fixer, where she challenged the role of a patient suffering from alzheimer. Next, Gigi traveled to China to film a new series of Eating Well With Madam Wong, where she visited different cities and explored new culinary experiences. Lastly, Gigi took part in a theatre production, followed by a trip to Singapore and Malaysia to film culinary programs. During the interview, Gigi also introduced her new 12th cookbook and shared with everyone the joys of cooking.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2015 MC Anne Heung


Miss Hong Kong 1998 Anne Heung recently returned to Vancouver to be the MC for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant on December 9th and took some time to chat with hosts of Leisure Talk and What's On. Although Anne stepped out of the entertainment industry in 2008 to focus on her PR job in Shanghai, she occasionally takes on MC positions and makes appearances on TV. Anne updated the program hosts on her life in Shanghai for the past 7 years and revealed that if a good script or interesting role comes along, she will also consider picking up an acting career again.

Louie Castro


Louie Castro recently returned to Vancouver one year after his concert for a charity performance in the lower mainland. Leisure Talk and What’s On caught up with him during his stay. A multi-talented performer who excels as a singer, actor and program host, Louie is working on a very tight schedule throughout the year. But he specially made time to participate in this charity event to bring awareness for orphans with AIDS. Louie expressed that coming to our studio again gave him a familiar and warm feeling as events that happened a year ago just felt like yesterday. During the interview, Louie and his longtime friend Annabelle Louie shared stories from the past and Louie also revealed his career plans for the future.

Power Chan


Actor Power Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1989 and has since played different roles in countless television dramas, with Pang Sam-sui in The Confidant being one of the most memorable among them. When Power traveled to Vancouver for the stage production Tuesdays with Morrie, he stopped by Fairchild TV for a chat on Leisure Talk and What's On. In spite of his numerous performances of Tuesdays with Morrie around the world, the feeling that he takes is different each time. As he garners more experience, his style of acting is transforming as well. Power has seen many ups and downs in his career, but he has not given up on his dreams. He expressed his wish to continue to act and hopefully take on even better roles in the future as a token of appreciation for his fans’ support.

Louis Cheung, Priscilla Wong, Vincent Wong, and Samantha Ko


TVB rising stars Louis Cheung, Priscilla Wong, Vincent Wong and Samantha Ko flew to Canada in early September for the annual TVB Fairchild Fans Party. Aside from performing on stage and meeting with their fans, they also sat down with Leisure Talk and What's On program hosts and share with the audiences another side to their charisma and charm. Louis, the lead in the hit drama Momentary Lapse of Reason previously aired on Fairchild TV 2 HD, expressed that he felt delighted to receive positive comments on his acting. Apart from television appearances, he will also hold a solo concert at the end of the year, striving to become an all-rounded artiste. Priscilla Wong recently took over as the main character in Come Home Love, acting as an onscreen partner of Louis Cheung. Priscilla shared that she will be focusing on filming television programs and developing her career as an actor and a program host. Vincent Wong not only made a breakthrough with his recent lead in the drama Brick Slaves, but is also considered a great contender for TV King this year. Vincent revealed that he is already very pleased with a nomination and thanked his fans their support. Goddess to countless male fans, Samantha Ko, is also busy with filming dramas. Among them is one in which she plays a fishmonger. Samantha joked that she is now an expert in cutting fish!

Magic Power


Electronic rock group Magic Power brought powerful music to different cities during their world tour. While in Vancouver, the group chatted with Carmen Shao and reminisced on their previous tour with Ding Dang here four years ago. Since then, the group has gained popularity in the Taiwan music industry, even holding concerts in the Taipei Arena. This time, Carmen has once again witnessed their growth and encouraged them to keep working hard to chase their dreams. After the interview, Carmen took a picture with them with the photo from 4 years back on hand and wished them a successful world tour.



5 members of new generation male idol group SpeXial, Wes, Wayne, Simon, Evan, and Teddy were special guest performers at this year’s Sunshine Nation. Among them, Evan traveled to Taiwan to pursue his career after winning the title of Sunshine Boyz 2012. The five handsome young men caught up with Leisure Talk, City Chat, and What's On hosts and shared each other’s secrets on screen and friendship off camera. Their appearance at Sunshine Nation was the group’s first performance in North America and generated great responses from fans. The boys also wished to return to Vancouver to perform with all 10 members.

Vinci Wong


It has been five years since previous Vancouverite and versatile artiste Vinci Wong last visited Vancouver. This time, Vinci returned as the MC of the Richmond Hospital Telethon. Vinci grew up in Vancouver and spent his university years working part time as a radio program host. After graduation, he developed his career as a program host and actor in Hong Kong, and became a household name. Vinci has worked in 4 different broadcast stations and spent the longest period of time at TVB when he was able to work with many industry seniors and learned valuable lessons to help nourish his acting skills. Vinci accredits his best work to the television program ‘Vinci’s Code’, and even made a DVD out of the program for charity.

Lori Chow


Beautiful and Talented New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2005 champion and Miss Hong Kong 2007 2nd Runner-Up Lori Chow returned to her hometown Vancouver earlier this August. Having worked in Hong Kong for 8 years, the Canadian born Chinese Lori has improved her Chinese a lot and now speaks fluently without any problem. Lori used to be shy as a child. Her love for performing onstage was discovered when she participated in a theater production in grade 10. During an interview with Leisure Talk, Lori shared her experiences on screen and expressed that she felt very lucky to have so many people supporting her throughout her career. In the future, Lori will focus on music and hopes to write her own songs.

Xiao Yi


Shenzhen Opera Group young talent, Xiao Yi, began learning the art of Chinese opera from the age of 10. Under the guidance of his mentor, Chen Xiao Feng, Xiao Yi became skilled in song, dance, and creation of Chinese Opera, winning the support of many fans. Xiao Yi recently performed the first time in Vancouver together with a number of veteran actors including Cheng Ling Yu and He Hua Zhan. Xiao Yi. He shared with Leisure Talk the ups and downs of learning Chinese opera as well as his performing experience. During the interview, Xiao Yi showed off his talent on the spot, earning much applause throughout the studio.

Hubert Wu


Hubert Wu debuted through competing in ‘The Voice’ a few years back. This past year, thanks to the hot TVB drama theme songs, he was made a household name. Last month, Hubert, along with a number of artistes, flew to Vancouver to perform at the All Star Charity Gala when he shared his hit songs ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ and ‘Goodbye Kiss’ as a gift for fans. During the trip, Hubert spent some time to chat with ‘What’s On’ and expressed that he has had the chance to travel to different places for work lately, with a previous filming for Miss Hong Kong in Japan before travelling to Vancouver but will focus on making music for the latter half of this year.

Vincy Chan


Vincy Chan is always famous for her talented sweet voice and sensuous presentation. She has just added a touch of sexiness in her image with blond hair to match. The title song of her 2nd HiFi album, the much talked about rendition of Veronica Yip’s classic, ‘Irresistible Sexiness’ was performed at the All Star Charity Gala and heated up the stage with an alluring dance. During her interview with ‘What's On’ Vincy expressed that she is approaching her 10th year since debut and hopes to make more breakthroughs in the future.

Hins Cheung


Last year, Hins Cheung swept up the music scene with his song ‘Youthfulness’, garnering a lot of attention online and winning multiple awards. Last month, Hins performed ‘Youthfulness’ at the All Star Charity Gala and touched the hearts of many. During his stay in Vancouver, Hins was interviewed by ‘What’s On’ and revealed that he will release a new album soon. Advancing from his music career, Hins will participate in an upcoming movie along side with his interest in drama acting.

Gillian Cheung


Gillian Cheung of the popular duo Twins has been focusing on her solo career in recent year. When she flew to Vancouver last month to participate at the All Star Charity Gala, “What’s On” had the opportunity to chat with her. Aside from filming dramas in China, Gillian is excited to be reuniting with her partner Charlene Choi for the Twins’ 15th anniversary concert. Gillian also revealed that her new album will feature upbeat songs, hopefully bringing forth happiness and positive energy.

Ken Hung


This past July Emperor Entertainment sent a number of artistes to perform at the All Star Charity Gal. Among them was prince of ballads, Ken Hung. During the rehearsal, Ken had time backstage for a brief interview with “What’s On” to share his future plans. As it was Ken’s first time in Vancouver, he and his fellow artistes took the chance to tour the beautiful city and try the delicious foods, particularly the famous Vietnamese pho noodles.

Kate Tsui


TVB top actress Kate Tsui has always been a strong supporter of charities. Despite her busy schedule, Kate took the time to fly to Vancouver to perform at the All Star Charity Gala. While in Vancouver, Kate sat down for a chat with “What’s On”. She recently finished promotions for her drama and will begin to work on her a new moive. Kate has not released an album for a while and revealed that she will be singing a song in her upcoming thriller film. It is her first time acting in a thriller and hopes that she will be able show audiences another side of herself.

Raymond Lam


Raymond Lam, who possesses unparalleled popularity across Hong Kong and China, recently managed to make time to travel to Vancouver for the All Star Charity Gala. Raymond’s schedule was extremely tight, only staying less than two days with no time to explore our beautiful city. Although Raymond had to attend the Press Conference immediately after landing in Vancouver, he was very energetic and showed no signs of fatigue. After the press conference, Raymond sat down for an interview with What’s On, revealing that he was still in the midst of recovering from a previous leg injury while filming in China. However, he would give his best effort towards the Charity Gala regardless.

Fred Cheng


Canadian-born Fred Cheng returned to Vancouver to take part in Fans Party last year. In less than a year, he travelled back once again to perform at the All Star Charity Gala. After the show, Fred had time to stay for a couple of days and chatted with Leisure Talk and What’s On. Fred shared that he is about to release his new album which features rock style music. He also revealed that he has been secretly training for his upcoming solo concert in Hong Kong and hopes to hold a solo concert in his hometown, Vancouver, to show appreciation for the support from his local fans.

Gloria Tang


After participating at the All Star Charity Gala, 2012 Miss Chinese Vancouver and 2013 Miss Chinese International Gloria Tang spent some quality time with her family in Vancouver. She had also chatted with members of the Fairchild family. Gloria has kept herself very busy in Hong Kong since she was crowned. Apart from hosting a number of shows and programs and acting in multiple dramas, Gloria also took part in a World Cup Special in Brazil last year. Gloria expressed that she still remembers her life-changing Pageant experience in Vancouver. She strongly encouraged young girls to capture the opportunity and join the upcoming Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant.

Jacqueline Wong


Sweet, cute and adorable Jacqueline Wong had just had her very first mcing experience with fellow Vancouverite Gloria Tang here in her hometown for the All Star Charity Gala. Jacqueline had performed as a dancer at many Fairchild TV shows, but never appeared on screen for interviews. This was Jacqueline’s first time returning home since winning 2nd Runner Up of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012. She shared her experiences of participating at the Pageant as well as stories from her work as an MC and an actress.

Sherman Chung


As the guest performer of both the EEG Singing Contest Semi-final and the All Star Charity Gala, Sherman Chung had spent about a week in Vancouver and managed to spare some time to chat with Leisure Talk and What’s On. After her debut in the EEG Singing Contest in 2005, Sherman has achieved many breakthroughs in her career over the past 10 years. Aside from self-composed numbers in her new EP, fans will also be amazed by Sherman’s talent in the production of her MV as a writer, director and actor to re-create an 80’s music style. Sherman has recently developed an interest in drama. She shared that the process of preparing and acting in the play made her fall even more in love with performing on stage and hopes to be able to take on more acting roles in the future.



Talented singer Alex together with fellow EEG artiste Sherman Chung participated as performer and judge for at the EEG Singing Contest Semi-Final while joining hands with Gloria Tang and Jacqueline Wong as the MC for All Star Charity Gala. He was interviewed by Leisure Talk, City Chat and What’s On while in town. For the past few years, Alex has developed a duo role as a singing artiste and an event host. Recently, Alex was given the opportunity to partner with Huang Zijiao to MC the renowned Huading Awards in China, gaining valuable experience and learning important MC tips. Alex has not released new songs for quite some time, and expressed that he is expecting a new project as early as next year.

Erica Chui’s Career Path in Hong Kong


2011 Miss Chinese Vancouver Erica Chui recently surprised Fairchild TV staff with a visit back home to Vancouver. After winning the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver, Erica had no plans for her future career as yet. With one full year’s training as “What’s On”’s program host, Erica had developed great interest in the entertainment industry. Re-uniting with her actor brother Edward, also an ex-“What’s On” host, in Hong Kong, she later enrolled herself in acting classes to further train herself, and, by coincidence, joined Cable TV Hong Kong as a program host. Not only has Erica broadened her horizons now, but has also become more eloquent. Erica felt lucky to have gone through the experience at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and glad to have gathered up her courage to participate in the life changing pageant.

New Generation TV Host Brian Chan


nowTV program host Brian Chan made a short visit to Vancouver during his break from work and sat down with Mary and Gary for interviews. Brian has interviewed many people in the past, but this time he felt very different to be the guest. Brian was quick-witted and eloquent, answering each interview question with ease, sharing that he started off in TV after winning the championship of nowTV CEO MC Competition in 2011. For the past four years, Brian has hosted a variety of shows including Stargazing Headquarters 102, Music Control, Lifetival and more. As a shy young boy, Brian never imagined that he would enter into the entertainment industry, not to mention stepping up to the international level, reporting on large films festivals all over the world.

From Ms. Li to Mrs. Wong


Last September, Leanne Li visited the studio to guest on Leisure Talk. In less than a year, Leanne has returned home to the Fairchild family to meet with fans again. However, this time Leanne brought a special guest along to participate in the interview with her, husband and ‘Fairchild TV’s son-in-law’ Wong Cho Lam. For the past few months, Leanne has changed her identity from Ms. Li to Mrs. Wong. During the interview, Leanne shared that not long after marriage, she and Cho Lam had to be separated due to work commitments in different cities, and, like other long distance couples, could only communicate through video chatting. Cho Lam also revealed the process of his proposal to Leanne. For more on the happy couple, please tune in for interviews on Leisure Talk, City Chat, and What’s On.

Grace Chan


Miss Hong Kong 2013 Grace Chan has attained overnight fame the day when she was crowned. In two short years, Grace became the most promising new star, taking on many important roles in TVB productions. After completing her recent drama Vampire, Grace returned to Vancouver to visit her family and at the same time shared stories from filming on set in Leisure Talk and What’s On. Already participated in four drama productions, Grace expressed that she thoroughly enjoys the experience though acting is not an easy task. Known for her optimistic personality, Grace does not worry too much about the future, rather, she believes in living in the present. Grace also thanked her parents for all their support and encouragements throughout the years.

Soler 10th Anniversary


Twin brother rock duo Soler was invited to Vancouver as guest performers for the Canadian Chinese Song-Writers Quest Singing Contest. The pair also appeared in Leisure Talk and City Chat to share their journey since debuting 10 years ago as well as plans for their future music projects. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Soler has released 2 new songs and will meet with fans through a series of mini concerts in Hong Kong, Macau and China. As for years to come, Soler expressed that they wish to continue to make music, striving for their best to reach out to each and every one of their supporters.

Pancy Lau


Skyrocketed in popularity with her debut ‘Quickly Take a Look Back’, renowned singer Pancy Lau was born with a naturally beautiful set of vocals. Early last year, Pancy was originally scheduled to partner with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for a concert. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer and had to cancel her plan. One year later, Pancy has fully recovered and shared with our audience how cancer has changed her lifestyle and attitude towards life. Having gone through the suffering, Pancy is working hard to play her part in helping others with cancer. This coming September, Pancy will once again grace the stage at the Canadian Cancer Society Gala in hopes of raising money towards the eradication of cancer.

Giddens Ko


Popular Taiwanese novelist Giddens Ko was recently invited to lecture at the University of British Colombia. City Chat program host Carmen had a chance to sit down with him for an interview during his stay. Giddens published his first online novel in 2000 and has since released over 70 works in a variety of genres with tremendous support from the younger generations, not to mention the huge success of ‘You are the Apple of My Eye’ , which has become the favorite of many in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. During the interview Giddens not only shared his insights as an author, but also his views on love and romance.

Mimi Choo Brings Laughter to Vancouver


Mimi Choo has just returned to Vancouver for 2 sold out concerts after a tremendously well-received special performance in Super Ten 13. Mimi was very lively and full of spirit as usual when interviewed by Leisure Talk, City Chat, and What’s On. Witty and funny as she is, Mimi brought much laughter to the set, recapping everything ranging from her childhood memories to anecdotes from the recent drama.

Bianca Wu


Jazz diva Bianca Wu has recently returned to Vancouver five years after to perform at a charity concert. During her stay, Bianca sat down with Mary Lo of Leisure Talk to share her experiences and changes for the past years. Bianca likes to incorporate elements of jazz into her music and search for new breakthroughs in her career time and again. Started off with an attempt to write her own lyrics three years ago, Bianca began composing her songs last year, bringing a novel experience to her fans. She also revealed that she is currently recording her upcoming album which will not only include new songs, but also cover versions of the classics by the Four Heavenly Kings.

Veronica Shiu


After graduating from the university, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2012 1st Runner Up Veronica Shiu took on another challenge by joining the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. With her intelligence and beauty, as well as the experience from the Vancouver Pageant, Veronica captured the crown and the titles of Miss Photogenic and Miss Friendship in Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2014. The following few months had had Veronica working nonstop, until recently when she managed to take a short break, visiting Fairchild TV and reuniting with friends at the office. Returning home for the first time since winning the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Veronica shared stories and changes she has experienced. She felt fortunate to be nourished by the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant journey, which provided her with the ability to carry the best of herself on stage during the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, not to mention the valuable friendships she gained during the process.

Come On, Cousin


Three of the main characters from the recent hit television series “Come On, Cousin” including Ram Chiang, Tommy Wong, and Lee Lai Ha greeted Vancouver with a number of golden oldies in a concert during the Chinese New Year. They also visited friends at Fairchild TV for an interview in “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On”. Unfortunately, Tommy Wong was unable to join on that day as he was sick. The other two talented artistes, Ram Chiang and Lee Lai Ha shared many singing tips with host Annabelle Louie. Ram Chiang, who first debuted as a singer-songwriter, was confronted by many obstacles in his music career. However, he never gave up on his dreams and thus, encouraged youth not to shy away from challenges.

Where Chou


When Where Chou debuted, she was often looked down upon due to her unappealing appearance. As a result, her album used cartoon characters to replace her photo, and her music video was made from computer animation. The media even dubbed Where as the female version of William So. However, Where’s optimistic personality kept her from being affected by negative comments. She even covered William’s song “Met Too Early” in her album, earning praise for having comparable techniques as the music diva Faye Wong. From “Promise” to “The World I See”, Where’s career as a singer has not been a smooth one. However, she has never given up on her dreams. 14 years later, Where held her first large scale concert last year, and was welcomed by a full audience’s cheers and applause. This time, Where visited Vancouver for a joint concert with Power Station. City Chat host Carmen specially visited backstage to discuss with Where the journey of her music career.

Top Ten New Generation Cinematographer Rain Li


Named by an American Hollywood magazine as one of the top ten new generation cinematographers, Rain Li won the Special 60th Anniversary Prize of the International Cannes Film Festival at the age of just 21. When Rain was 17, she went to London to work as a lighting assistant, and became a professional cinematographer at age 19 with the honor of being Christopher Doyle’s apprentice. Literally spent her entire youth amongst film crews the 31-year-old Rain invited actress Chi-Ling Lin and actor Liu Ye to star in her first self-directed film, Beijing, New York. During Rain’s visit to Vancouver, she guested on an episode of City Chat with host Carmen to share some behind the scenes stories from Beijing, New York as well as discuss her thoughts and experiences as a young female developing a career in the film industry.

Zhang AoYue


It is said that people with long arms and legs cannot dance well, but So You Think You Can Dance, China winner Zhang AoYue has proven that wrong. Zhang AoYue faced off against So You Think You Can Dance, USA’s Travis Wall, demonstrating amazing control over his body movements with fluid dance moves and skillful techniques, winning over many American fans. Recently, Zhang AoYue arrived in Vancouver for an interview on City Chat with Carmen. Carmen is an avid fan of So You Think You Can Dance, China and was greatly interested in how Zhang prepared for so many dance challenges in such a short period of time. Throughout the interview, Carmen complimented Zhang, showing admiration for his dance talents.

George Lam


George Lam recently toured across Canada to thank Canadian fans for their many years of support. Lam was born with a unique voice and a wide vocal range that allows him to sing powerful high notes. During the concert, Lam performed many golden oldies throughout the 38 years of his career with his signature vocal. “What’s On” host Cliff sat down and chatted with Lam after the press conference. The two Diocesan Boy’s School alumni had actually performed together onstage when Cliff, as a member of school choir, sang backing for Lam at a concert.

Best Partners Wei Te-Sheng and Chih-ming Huang


Three years ago, Director Wei Te-Sheng introduced his film Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale to Vancouver and shared his experience at City Chat for an interview with Carmen. This time, Director Wei returns with his best partner, Producer Chih-ming Huang, bringing the pairs’ newly produced film, KANO. KANO is the winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 51st Golden Horse Awards with box office revenue exceeding 300 million TWD. Set in 1931, the film takes us back to witness the Taiwan’s first ever baseball team comprising Han Chinese, Japanese, and native Taiwanese players to make it to the Japanese Koshein Stadium baseball championships. From Cape No.7, to Seediq Bale, and now KANO, Director Wei has documented the history of Taiwan through his films because he believes that films have the power to give everyone a chance to return to the past and learn to forgive and see that hatred and resentment are not the only emotions that history has to offer. Director Wei’s philosophy, of course would not have succeeded if not for the support of Producer Chih-Ming Huang. During the interview, Director Wei and Chih-ming Huang walks us through the process of producing the 400-million TWD film from early stage to post production, and share how Taiwan’s top grossing film of 2014 was created.

Shaopin Tsui


Born and raised in Vancouver, Shaopin Tsui had followed his actress mum Gigi Wong to various drama shoots and interviews since he was young, triggering a dream in an acting career. From the age of 6, Shaopin had set his goal to make an achievement in the entertainment industry. He chose to attend the theater program at Vancouver Film School after high school graduation to establish a solid foundation in acting. After returning to Hong Kong, Shaopin made an appearance in his mother’s cooking program, Eating Well With Madam Wong, preparing delicious desserts for the program’s guests, earning much attention and praise. Shaopin later signed an artiste contract with TVB and began hosting the lifestyle program Dolce Vita on TVB Pearl, and was recently given the opportunity to travel to Australia to tape a travelogue with fellow artiste Kandy Wong. At 6’2” tall, and as the son of a renowned artiste naturally brings advantages to his entertainment career, but on the other hand, having been born and raised in Vancouver, the Chinese language comes as a difficult task for him as well. During his return to Vancouver for Christmas and New Year, Shaopin shared little stories of his journey and his plans for the future with TV viewers. At the age of 26, Shaopin began his career at a later age than most and therefore must work harder to make up for the time. During his interview, he also expressed his desire to accept challenges such as acting in a television drama.

King of Rookie Singers Alfred Hui


Better known as “the King of Rookie Singers”, Alfred Hui has by far released four albums with a long list of hit songs and the production of a new album in progress. He swept up all four new singer awards in Hong Kong in 2011 with his debut record and subsequently earned numerous awards with his songs Mask, Grandit and Youth Anthem. While on his path to stardom, Alfred did not give up his education and successfully obtained the professional qualification as a dentist, capturing young fans’ hearts with both his intelligence and charisma. This year, with a fairytale world as the theme of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, handsome prince Alfred was the best candidate to be the special guest performer for the Final. During his stay in Vancouver, Alfred shared his career plans in the upcoming year with Leisure Talk and What’s On. He revealed an intention to participate in composing and writing lyrics for his upcoming album to express his view on love. In addition, Alfred is looking forward to working with different professionals in the music industry in order to expand his music style and show his fans a new dimension of himself.

Bernice Liu Brews Second Life


Although Bernice Liu was the first Miss Chinese International from Vancouver to return to Hong Kong and embark on an acting career years ago, she is still very thankful to Fairchild TV for providing her with the opportunity. Whenever Bernice returns home to visit her family, she always finds time to meet with old friends at Fairchild and update her fans on her life. In recent years, Bernice has expanded her career into China, not only learning to speak fluent Mandarin, but also turning her hobby into a profession. In 2008, Bernice obtained her wine tasting certification, officially becoming a professional wine taster. She has her own vineyard in Bordeaux, France, producing her own brand of wine earning great compliments amongst other wineries and wine brewers. In 2012 Bernice was the recipient of the Gold Award at the International Women’s Wine Competition, and the Copper Award at the Decanter Asian Wine Awards. Kind-hearted Bernice often donates valuable wines to raise money for charity. Her own product was once auctioned for three hundred thousand RMB in a charity event for blind children.

Hong Kong vertran performing arts producer Tom Chiu


Hong Kong vertran performing arts producer Tom Chiu recently arrived in Vancouver to take part in the judging panel of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2014. Tom has been in the broadcasting business for over 30 years. Throughout his career, Tom has worked with dozens of Chinese and international stars in hundreds of concerts, earning much repsect in the industry. During an interview in Leisure Talk, aside from discussing his experience in performing arts, Tom has also shared anecdotes from his relationship with close friend Anita Mui.

China's Basketball Anchorwoman Betty Zhou


Referred to affectionately as "China's Prettiest Bilingual Basketball Anchorwoman and Interpreter" by basketball fans, Betty Zhou was in Vancouver and interviewed in both Leisure Talk and City Chat where she shared her past experience to let Canadian audiences have a more thorough understanding of herself. Betty graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Performing Arts and went to Singapore to pursue her career while polishing her English. Later on, Betty expanded from being an actress to becoming a basketball host and anchor, stepping on a completely new horizon in her career path. Betty encourages young people not to shy away from new challenges. She also believes that they should take advantage of their youth to learn more and enrich their lives.

Renowned female soprano Jessica Yan


Renowned female soprano Jessica Yan has always been a kind and warm-hearted person who takes time and care in participating in local charity events. In the midst of her preparation for an upcoming charity concert in November, Jessica was interviewed in Leisure Talk to share her thoughts. Jessica graduated from the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music and furthered her study in Romania and New York under the guidance of female soprano Ileana Cotrubas and Professor Marshall Williamson of Julliard. Throughout her career, she has participated in many performances in Canada and across Asia. Jessica revealed that the upcoming concert is her first time working with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra when Jessica will be singing in English, Chinese, Italian, and Latin, performing classic songs in hopes of raising money for children suffering from cancer.

Theater actor Dexter Young


Television and theater actor Dexter Young and his wife just visited Vancouver for vacation and to spend time with family. During the trip, Dexter was interviewed in Leisure Talk. Always interested in acting, Dexter funded and produced his own stage play in the past summer, brining a lively comedy full of positive energy to audiences, with all proceeds going towards charity. During the play’s run in Hong Kong, Dexter’s mother renowned artiste Connie Chan and his wife supported Dexter by attending every show. Connie even took part in acting one of the play’s characters on the final day. Dexter hopes to be able to perform in Vancouver in the near future and share his insight in theater acting to other parts of the world.

Leanne Li


For the past 10 years, 2004 Miss Chinese Vancouver and 2005 Miss Chinese International Leanne Li has had a successful career in Hong Kong full of wonderful accomplishments. Early in September, Leanne travelled across the United States for a number of events. After completing her activities, Leanne returned to Vancouver for vacation and to visit her family. During that time, Leanne made a trip to Fairchild TV for an interview on Leisure Talk where she shared her recent endeavors and future career plans with Vancouver audiences. Program host William Ho also asked Leanne about her thoughts on her recent popular role in TVB drama Black Heart White Soul. Leanne humbly expressed that she owes thanks to her company for providing her with the opportunity to act in such a great drama. But at the same time, she also wishes to expand her horizons and gain more experience in acting comedic roles in the future. Leanne appealed to her fans show support for her role in the upcoming drama Come On, Cousin. Apart from acting, Leanne will be shooting a travelogue with her boyfriend Wong Cho Lam. Leanne, Cho Lam will invite couples in the entertainment business to travel to places around the world and experience a romantic, honeymoon style vacation as well as sharing relationship building tips.

Gigi Mak


Previous Fairchild Radio DJ Gigi Mak has just returned to Vancouver to visit her family. During her stay, she came up to the station for an interview on Leisure Talk and at the same time, had a warm reunion with program host Mary. Gigi comes from a music family. Her father, Mak YatMing is an experienced recording and concert sound engineer, while her younger sister is promising younger generation singing artiste Keeva Mak. Influenced by her father since a young age, Gigi has grown up with a deep interest in music, broadcasting, and music production. Gigi joined Fairchild Radio in 2003, specialized in the areas of commercial production and program hosting, beginning her journey towards her dream. In 2008 Gigi retuned to Hong Kong and was hired by Metro Radio, taking on broadcasting and creative production work. Gigi expressed that she feels very fortunate to be able to pursue a career that she loves, and she hopes to bring happiness to the listeners through her voice and music.

Louie Castro and Rowena Cortes


After years of absence from performing together, Louis Castro and Rowena Cortes were once again partnering up for a concert in Vancouver. In the midst of their preparations, they visited Fairchild TV for an interview in ‘Leisure Talk’ to discuss advances in their career and future plans. Louie is famous for his role as ‘Little Ha’ in the segment of ‘Little Ha and Daddy’ in ‘Enjoy Yourself Tonight’. Louie joined hands with Lo Hoi Pang as father and son, bringing much joy and laughter to audiences in Hong Kong. Louie’s talented partner Rowena has had many amazing achievements in her career as well. Rowena won her first singing competition at the young age of 5. Debuting at 14, Rowena has since won numerous new singer awards and album awards, receiving the attention of many fans. During their Vancouver concert, the pair sang many hit songs from the past giving audiences a night to remember.

Lawrence Ng, Edwin Siu, and Fred Cheng


TVB Fans Party 2014 performers, the three handsome idols Lawrence Ng, Edwin Siu, and Fred Cheng, aside from showing their charismatic performance on stage and interacting with fans, had also been interviewed in Leisure Talk to reveal their recent endeavors. During the interview Lawrence shared his personal health and beauty tips with the audience and also stated that he will be taking on the role as a correctional officer in the upcoming drama The Battle of Tomorrow. The ups and downs of Edwin Siu’s were reflected in his portrayal of the character Law Wai Shun in the hit drama Brother’s Keeper. Edwin expressed that he wishes to challenge himself further by depicting even a wider range of characters on TV. Lastly, humble Vancouverite Fred is still managing his rise to stardom in such a short period of time through The Voice of the Stars. He also extended his infinite gratitude towards his mentor and plans to hold a solo concert in Canada in the future.

Beauty Pageant Expert Deborah Moore


Shortly after returning from her trip to Europe, Deborah Moore was interviewed by Leisure Talk, not to share her expertise in gourmet cuisine, but instead to talk about her experience in beauty pageants. Deborah expressed that participating in a pageant completely changed her life. Not only did she improve her inner beauty, but she was also able to broaden her horizons and gain valuable life experiences. In addition, having been a judge for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant for several years, Deborah also shared her own judging criteria for selecting Miss Chinese Vancouver. She encouraged young women to challenge themselves and join in at a pageant to create unforgettable memories for themselves.

MC Jin


Witty and humorous MC Jin is talented in music and dance. Recently, MC Jin made a trip to Vancouver as the guest performer for Sunshine Nation. During the interview in Leisure Talk, his funny and friendly personality was fully expressed when he chatted with program host Mary on a variety of topics. MC Jin also showed off his eloquent rapping skills by demonstrating a freestyle rap for TV viewers, bringing a lot of excitements to the studio. Please tune in to Leisure Talk for more on this interesting interview!

Betty Lai


Although it has been a while since Betty Lai appeared on screen, the actress paid a visit to Fairchild TV and accepted an interview on Leisure Talk when she made a short trip to Vancouver. During the interview, Betty spoke about her experiences in acting since her debut in the 70’s and her life after leaving the industry. With a great passion in singing and dancing since she was young, Betty first debuted as a singer in 1973, appearing as one of the main acts on the show Enjoy Yourself Tonight. Since then, Betty Lai has participated in a number of television dramas, recorded many albums with her older sister Sylvia Lai, and even played a role in film productions. Over the years, Betty gradually left the entertainment industry behind, but occasionally, she still holds performances all around the world. During the interview she expressed that she thoroughly enjoys her current lifestyle, but sometimes misses her glorious days on stage.

Fire of Desire


Three very creative theatre troops gathered in Vancouver for the opening of a theatre festival taking place this August. The two main actors of ‘Fire of Desire’ Perry Chiu and Lee Yun Ki, along with the director, Clifton Ko, caught up with program host of Leisure Talk to share their many years of experience in theatre. Perry expressed that in the play, not only would she have a very passionate performance, but it would also be the first time that her pole dancing being featured. In addition, Perry revealed that her partner, Lee Yun Ki would also be putting on a sexy performance as well. ‘Fire of Desire’ director, Clifton Ko, wished that the production would be a meeting of Chinese and Western cultures. The day of the interview happened to be the following day of program host Eileen Fong’s birthday. To celebrate, the production crew surprised Eileen with a cake when the three guests offered their warm congratulations.

Cantonese opera singer Mark Wan


Cantonese opera singer Marc Wan recently visited Vancouver for a performance and was interviewed in Leisure Talk. From a young age, Mark learned the art of Cantonese opera from renowned Cantonese opera master Wang Yue Sheng. Later on, he joined Law Kar-Ying and Lee BaoYing at a Cantonese opera group at the art institution. During his career, Mark has worked with a number of influential artistes including Wong Chiu Kwan, Susanna Cheng, and Gao Li, participating in over 100 operas. Mark once performed for 29 consecutive days, totaling in 59 performances, setting a record in Cantonese Opera. Recently, Mark has also been taking part in acting for television dramas as well. Although he is very busy, Mark expressed that he enjoys his work and is content with the life that he is currently leading.

Thelma Leung Charity Concert


Thelma Leung has just visited Fairchild TV for interviews in both Leisure Talk and City Chat to promote her upcoming charity concert. Thelma has been passionate about music since she was young and in the 70’s began her musical journey when she was hired as the main singer in many well-known nightclubs. Later on she was discovered by record producer KK Wong, and officially became a singer when her debut album was released. After immigrating to Vancouver, Thelma has not stopped her work in the music realm, often making appearances in various musical events and acting as a judge for New Talent Singing Awards. Thelma has always been active in charity works. She hopes that through the upcoming charity concert she will be able to help even more people in need. Thelma also revealed that for her concert, she and special guest Brenda Lo have prepared some unique performance together. Be sure not to miss out on this wonderful event!

Ada Choi shares her testimony


A faithful Christian, Ada Choi recently visited Vancouver to share her testimony of her past 10 years experience on family, children and career under the guidance of the Lord. Working in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, Ada is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. She held two sessions in both dialects attracting over 1000 people to the event. Ada was interviewed afterwards by “What’s On”, revealing some insights of her future plans.

Star Chef Christian Yang


Culinary ‘magician’ and celebrity chef Christian Yang was invited by Fairchild TV to be the instructor and judge for Chef Corner Jr. Vancouver. In the midst of his busy schedule, Christian squeezed time to be interviewed by Leisure Talk. Christian is a renowned celebrity chef in Hong Kong. In 2011, he participated in the first Asian Food Channel Celebrity Chef Competition and made it into the top 5. Since then, Christian has expanded his talent beyond the kitchen to appear onscreen as a host of multiple culinary programs, including participating as a judge and mentor for Hong Kong hit television program Chef Corner Jr. Christian, who prefers a free-style of cooking, is just as free and easygoing outside the kitchen as in, chatting with program host Mary and filling the studio with a cheerful mood throughout the interview.

Wan Fei Yin and Chen Lin Yu’s Passion for the Arts


Renowned Cantonese Opera artistes, Wan Fei Yin and Chan Lin Yu visited Fairchild TV for an interview in Leisure Talk. The two shared their recent endeavors and past happy and tough moments on stage. Wai Fei Yin’s mother had inspired her to develop a passion for Cantonese Opera from a young age. She began learning opera in the 60’s taking lessons from celebrated musician Wong Yue Sheng and greatly improved her knowledge in the art, hence, earning respect from many of her juniors. Chan Lin Yu began learning pipa at the age of 14. In 1977, under the recommendation of her school, she enrolled in the Guang Dong Music Academy, becoming one of the Academy’s most praised pipa player, performer and teacher. The two artistes’ contributions to Cantonese opera is truly to be commended.

Pamela Peck and Paul Tse


Active in both governmental and entertainment activities, Pamela Peck and Paul Tse are prominent figures in both the political and celebrity worlds. The two travelled to Vancouver lately for a holiday and was interviewed at Leisure Talk to reveal their recent endeavors. As an experienced lawyer and a member of the legislative council, Paul certainly discussed current political issues in Hong Kong during the interview, while Pamela shared tips on keeping fit and slimming down. Ladies who are interested in useful beauty tricks be sure not to miss out on this upcoming broadcast of Leisure Talk!

Tam Bing Man


Tam Bing Man began voice dubbing in the 60’s. When he joined TVB in the 70’s, he continued voice dubbing and started acting onscreen. As one of the main stars in TVB’s long lasting variety show, ‘Enjoy Yourself Tonight’, Tam caught audience’s hearts with his funny and cheerful personality. The talented Mr. Tam also made a success story in the music business with his all time favorite ‘First Dream-like Loving experience’. Earlier this year, TVB presented Mr. Tam with an award to commemorate his lifetime achievements and celebrate his many contributions in the voice dubbing industry. Tam recently travelled to North American for a series or performances and was interviewed by Fairchild TV. He is still very healthy at age 80 and revealed in the interview that he currently has no plans for retirement.

Star Chef Denice Wai


Originally from Canada, Hong Kong star chef Denice Wai recently returned to Vancouver and was interviewed in Leisure Talk. Denice was educated by her father, also a chef, on the area of culinary arts at a young age. She has since developed a strong passion for cooking. Being trained in Italy and England, Denice has appeared as a host in many culinary programs in Hong Kong and published a number of cookbooks. Denice will participate in Deborah Moore’s new cooking show ‘Summer Cooking’ as a guest host and spend a happy and delicious summer with viewers in Canada.

Singer-Songwriter Adason Lo


Singer-songwriter Adason Lo was invited by SQ18 to Vancouver as the guest performer of the event. In spite of his busy schedule, Adason made the time to visit Fairchild TV for an interview on Leisure Talk with host, Mary Lo. During the interview he emphasized the firm belief in his own music, hence will not easily conform to industry norm and compose songs that follow the popular trends. Sometimes his music may come off as quite alternative. Adason also thanked his record company for giving him freedom in song writing as he is able to try a variety of genres and always surprise his fans with fresh music. The staff at Fairchild prepared a birthday surprise for Mary as it was just a few days before her big day. Adason also sang a birthday song to celebrate, leaving Mary with an exciting and unforgettable memory.

Theater actress Bonnie Lam


Talented Hong Kong theatre actress Bonnie Lam graduated from the Theatre department of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Throughout her acting career, she has taken on many different roles, showing a multifaceted herself in coaching, acting and singing. As a four-time recipient of Best Actress and four-time recipient of Best Supporting Actress of the Hong Kong Drama Awards, Bonnie is one of the actresses to win the most awards in the Hong Kong theatre field. Recently, Bonnie visited Vancouver to perform in a drama and was interviewed by Leisure Talk where she shared her experiences in the acting industry.

Cantonese Opera Singers Visit Vancouver


Cantonese opera performers Chan Wan Hung, Ou Kai Ming, Li Jun Sheng, and Cui Yu Mei from Guang Zhou Cantonese Opera Academy were invited for an interview at Leisure Talk to share their many years in the Cantonese opera field. Although they had just arrived in Vancouver and had yet to adjust to the time difference, due to their tight promotional schedule and preparation for their performance, they still appeared at the show with energy and enthusiasm. Each of them have very different performing styles, their voices ranging from powerful, deep baritones to sweet, pleasant sopranos. Each of the performers have extensive experience in the art, and have brought two wonderful and exciting performances to fans in Vancouver.

Annabelle Louie Charity Concert


Renowned artiste and singing coach Annabelle Louie reversed her role in Leisure Talk and appeared as a guest this time to promote her upcoming charity concert. Loving and kind Annabelle expressed that all proceeds of the concert will be donated towards helping the children in China suffering from AIDS. Although this is not the first time for her to work with guest performer, former lead singer of the band Tai Chi, Albert Lui, Vancouver audiences are in for a unforgettable night filled with mesmerizing music!

Actor Eddy Ko Guests on Leisure Talk


Veteran actor Eddy Ko has made frequent trips between Hong Kong and Canada for work and for leisure. He recently returned to Vancouver partially for work and partially for time with his family. When Eddy was interviewed in “Leisure Talk”, he mentioned that his last visit to the Fairchild studio was three years ago. This time, he brought along his 20-year-old acoustic guitar for a special performance. His romantic song was a big contrast from his usual tough appearance, yet the warm melody did fill the entire studio with a lovely atmosphere.

Special Guest Performer of Super 10: William Hu


Special Guest Performer of Super 10 Golden Voice Challenge was interviewed in Leisure Talk to review his 30 years of experience in the industry. William entered the Hong Kong entertainment industry at the age of 15 when participating in the first Hong Kong New Talent Singing Awards. Since his debut, William has had a lot of opportunities to take part in all aspects of the entertainment industry including singing, hosting, and even acting in films and television series. When William was 30 years old, he left Hong Kong to start a new life in England until 2007 when he returned to care for his aging parents. Since then not only has William released a new album, but he has also participated in a new TVB drama as Officer Geomancer. William, who seems to never age, shared his love for cooking in the program with his longtime friend Annabelle, exchanging culinary and skin care tips as well.

Taiwanese Producer Fan KeQin


Taiwanese creative guru Fan KeQin has worked in commercial production for over 15 years. Not only was Fan the producer of the Taiwan Pavilion’s theme song for the Shanghai World Expo, he also holds the record as the highest paid executive director in Taiwan. Fan was recently interviewed in City Chat when he revealed that the purpose of his visit to Vancouver was to participate at a charity bicycle marathon. It will begin in Vancouver, passing through Seattle and Portland, and finally finishing in Los Angeles, travelling a total of 2000 kilometers. Although Fan has depended on his wheelchair for mobility since a young age, he is determined to complete the task and will document the entire process as an appreciation of the endless possibilities that life can offer.

Opera Master Toa Wong


Cantonese opera master Toa Wong just celebrated his 100th birthday late last year. He recently made a visit to Fairchild TV for an interview in Leisure Talk with William Ho, in which he shared his 80 years experience in performing arts. Master Wong has rich knowledge and skill in the art of Cantonese opera. Throughout the years he has fully supported and nurtured many of his juniors, earning respect from others throughout the industry. In 2012 master Wong was awarded as Honorary Citizenship of Vancouver to celebrate the countless contributions that he has made to both Cantonese opera and to the community.

Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Singers


A group of renowned Cantonese Opera singers recently travelled to Vancouver to perform at a concert. Of the talented singers that came, Leung Siu Ming, Wong Chiu Kwan, and Chan Wing Yee visited Fairchild TV as guests in Leisure Talk with host William Ho. Popular actor from China Leung Siu Ming was trained in Cantonese Opera from a young age and has worked with countless other famous Cantonese Opera performers in the industry. Wong Chiu Kwan studied under opera singer Tan San San. In the 90’s Wong worked with a number of successful Cantonese Opera Troupes until last year when Wong and Leung partnered up to form the Siu Kwan Ying Opera Troupe. Chan Wing Yee has had a deep interest in Cantonese Opera from a young age and spent many years learning from famous opera singers in the industry earning rich experiences from performing in all parts of the world. In their interviews, the three each expressed their desire to spread Cantonese Opera culture to the world, hoping that more people will be inspired by the traditional art. On the day of Chan Wing Yee’s interview Fairchild staff members brought out a cake to surprise William as his birthday was approaching. Chan joined in to sing the birthday song for William, filling the whole studio with cheers and celebration.

Ms. Lee Bick Sum


Well known in the broadcasting industry, Ms. Lee Bick Sum was once a Host, Producer, and Assistant Director at the Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company for a number of years. She was invited to Vancouver to host two sessions during the International Women’s Day, sharing her beliefs on women’s role and responsibilities in our society. She took valuable time from her day to participate in an interview for Leisure Talk, hosted by Eileen Fong, discussing about current news and thoughts. What will it be like when the two come together?

Hong Kong Actor Alan Kwan


Although many people may not recognize his name, avid television fans will recognize his face as someone who often appears on screen. After graduating from the TVB acting class in 1971, Alan later joined ATV and has since played many different characters and appeared in over a hundred television dramas for the past 30 years. Alan previously visited Fairchild TV to guest on Leisure Talk. During the interview, Alan shared his experiences from his many years of acting and revealed his future plans after leaving ATV. For more details on Alan’s interview please tune in for Leisure Talk!

Tang Guo Qiang and Zhang Tielin


A number of Chinese artistes arrived in Vancouver earlier this month for a performance at the Year of the Horse Spring Festival Gala. A press conference was held for them to meet with the media in Vancouver. During the press conference, Tang Guo Qiang, who became famous for his role as Zhuge Liang in the film ‘Three Kingdoms’, and Zhang Tielin, for his roles as emperor in various television dramas, were interviewed by Talentvision host Carmen. They expressed that despite the long tiring flight, they would still work their best to conjure up an exciting and interesting show in Vancouver, hoping to bring to the audience an unforgettable evening.

Soler Explores Vancouver


Members of the group Soler, twin brothers Dino and Julio recently visited Vancouver during the Chinese New Year for work and for a vacation. While it is older brother Julio’s first time visiting, this year will be younger brother Dino’s second consecutive Chinese New Year in Vancouver. Dino acted as a tour guide for his older brother, bringing Julio sightseeing around the Vancouver area. Julio was amazed by the bright blue skies and beautiful natural scenery. The two brothers were interviewed by FTV hosts to share their recent projects and future plans, expressing their wish to create even more wonderful music in the coming year.

International Star Chef Martin Yan


Internationally renowned star chef and cooking show host Martin Yan was invited to an event in Richmond during the Chinese New Year to promote Chinese delicacies culture. He showed off his meticulous knife work and cutting techniques wowing the audience with his amazing culinary skills at the event. During his trip, Martin was interviewed by both City Chat host Carmen and What’s On host Vicky. Martin wishes that his expertise can help to elevate culinary culture and Chinese cuisine to an international level.

Johnny Ip’s 40 Years of Glory


Johnny Ip recently visited Vancouver to hold an anniversary concert in celebration of his 42 years in the music industry. Together with his local fans, he shared a wonderful evening of popular songs from throughout his career. During his stay in Vancouver, he was interviewed by Leisure Talk host William Ho, shared his experiences and all the precious memories in the industry and at the same time revealed his plans for the new year and his hopes for the future.

Folk Song Prince Albert Au collaborates in performance with Brenda Lo


Prince of folk songs, Albert Au, recently visited Vancouver for his two concerts with Brenda. In spite of his tight schedule, he especially made time for an interview on Leisure Talk with host Eileen Fong. During the interview, Albert expressed his excitement for this time’s visit to Vancouver. Apart from sharing his music with lovers of folk music, more importantly, he was able to catch up with his old friend, Brenda Lo, and spend quality time performing with her on stage. Albert and Brenda have been friends since childhood. Although both are DJ’s, they worked for different radio stations and seldom had the chance to perform together. It was their first official time on stage together, hence has brought lots of excitement to fans.

Lin Geng Xian and Gong Zhong Hui


The 5th annual Chinese New Year Gala was held in Vancouver earlier this month with artistes and entertainers from around the world making appearances. Among these talented guests, 2010 winner of the Global Chinese Golden Disk Award, Lin Geng Xian and dance star Gong Zhong Hui visited Fairchild TV in the midst of their tight schedule for an interview in City Chat with host, Carmen, to share their experience during this trip and the projects they recently work on.

Tats Lau


Talented Hong Kong singer, songwriter, and actor Tats Lau visited Vancouver for a vacation with his wife earlier this November. It has been a year and a half since Tats appeared as a special guest coach for the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2012. This time, Tats has once again come to Fairchild Television for an interview on Leisure Talk. Tats, who has always been a strong supporter of charities, revealed during the interview that this trip was not only for holiday, but also to volunteer for the Chi Heng Foundation Canada in hopes that his songs and laughter will help the children in China suffering from AIDS.

Renowned GuangZhou Cantonese Opera


Recently, renowned GuangZhou Cantonese opera performer He HuaZhan and ‘Golden Voice’ singer Jian YanPing traveled to Vancouver from Toronto to be interviewed by Leisure Talk host William Ho to promote their Cantonese opera performance in Vancouver. During the interview, not only did they reminisce on their debut and journey in the Cantonese opera industry, but also promoted Cantonese opera culture in hopes of educating and familiarizing the city of Vancouver with this traditional Chinese performing art.

Elvina Kong


Elvina Kong is very talented not only in acting, but in singing, comedy, and hosting shows as well. Be it comedic jokes, or serious acting performances, Elvina always puts her best effort into her work. Her incredible ability in impersonating different celebrities is hugely popular among audiences, and thus she is often invited to attend many charity events, private parties, and concerts. Currently Elvina is shooting a TVB drama, where she is portraying one of the female leads. In her most recent visit to Vancouver, she took the time to accept an interview for Leisure Talk with program host Mary Lo. In the interview Elvina shared her experiences in having a fresh start in life and reveals her plans for the future.

Joe Junior


Joe Junior has been a renowned singing artiste in the Hong Kong entertainment industry for 46 years. Yet, he never ceases to amaze audiences with his beautiful vocals. Anyone who has watched a live performance from this incredible singer of the 60’s will be moved by the emotions that he expresses in his songs. When Joe Junior took on the role of Dr. Dylan in the television drama When Heaven Burns, his famous phrase “This City is Dying! U know?” caught the attention of many young audiences everywhere, leading him to instant popularity. Recently, Joe Junior made a special trip to Vancouver in order to perform for the Chi Heng Foundation charity gala. During his trip, he visited Fairchild TV for an interview on Leisure Talk with program host Annabelle Louie. The two talented singers had a wonderful time during the interview, reminiscing the golden ages of music and the ups and downs of the music industry.

Allan Lau


Every year the New Talent Singing Awards not only leads to the discovery of many local artistes, but it also provides a stage for many aspiring music talents to test their abilities and express their music dreams. Former New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition music director, Allan Lau is a perfect example. Having returned to Hong Kong to pursue a music career in 2004, Allan has been working in the Hong Kong music industry for almost ten years, collaborating with a number of renowned artists such as Alan Tam, Jackie Chan. Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong, Jan Lamb, and many more. Allan has become one of the most in-demand pianists in the industry today. Apart from being a skilled pianist, Allan is also gifted in composing music. In the past, Allan has scored many well-known movies such as Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse’s The New Shaolin Temple, and Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac. Recently, Allan visited Vancouver as a member ofthe music production team for Liza Wang and Adam Cheng’s concert. Allan especially took the time to appear in Leisure Talk hosted by his good friend William Ho. In the interview, along with Duck Lau and female artist Gloria, Allan shared his experiences in producing music for concerts and other special performances.

Renowned Chinese Author Pai Hsien-yung


Renowned Chinese author Pai Hsien-yung arrived in Vancouver last month to hold a lecture and book signing for his book Father and the Republic. Pai Hsien-yung was born during the time of the Japanese war, and his father was a general of the Chinese Nationalist Party. He studied English literature at the National University of Taiwan, and has since then written many well-known works. During his visit to Vancouver, Pai Hsien-yung made the time to visit Fairchild Television for interviews on both Leisure Talk and City Chat. In his interview he shared details on his relationship with his father, General Bai Chongxi. He also revealed that he plans to always continue writing, and will be releasing a second part of his book, Father and the Republic, next year.

Alice Lau


Renowned Hong Kong artiste Alice Lau arrived in Vancouver earlier this week to hold a charity concert at the River Rock Show Theater. Although this is not her first time visiting, this is Alice’s first time holding a solo concert in Vancouver. The night of the concert, not only did Alice sing a number of her own specially selected songs, she also performed a number of songs by other famous Hong Kong singers. That night Alice also invited her mother to be the special guest of the show. Alice and her mother will be appearing on Leisure Talk to share their recent and future plans.

Taiwanese Artists North American Tour


Recently a number of famous Taiwanese artists kicked off their North American tour with a concert in Vancouver. Among these artists, 5 of them accepted an interview with the host of City Chat, Carmen, including Taiwanese singer-songwriter and producer, Kevin Lin, the first singer to sing pop songs at the Taipei National Theater and Concert Hall, Christine Hsu, Prince of Musicals, Berson Wang, and renowned singer of the 1980’s and 1990’s SuLai, and Shelly. In the interview they talked about their recent endeavors and revealed that in their concerts they will be bringing audiences back to reminisce the past with a series of famous songs from the past.

Teresa Carpio


Queen of the Hong Kong music industry, Teresa Carpio, was born into a family with a strong musical background. Her natural singing talent allowed her to become a musical sensation in the 1970’s. In the past decades, she has gathered much musical experience and has used this experience to coach and teach many renowned Hong Kong artists in the music industry today. This time she has come to Vancouver to hold a charity concert and has even brought her daughter, T.V. Carpio, a musical and television actress in America, to Fairchild TV for an interview with Annabelle Louie and Gary to share her recent plans and her experience in coaching music.