Vancouver TAIWANfest Guided Culinary Tour

Fairchild TV and Talentvision have been media partners of TAIWANfest for more than one and half decade. Last year, our program hosts together with FTV viewers tasted the many delicious products offered by the street food booths at a guided culinary tour. Due to the popularity and well-received responses from last year, we are proud to organize the tour again at the TAIWANfest in Vancouver this year.

The 2016 TAIWANfest will open up a series of discussions on Asian cultures, the first stop being Hong Kong! The guided tour will provide a one-stop shop for everyone to experience Hong Kong and Taiwan’s food and culture. Aside from program hosts including Taiwanese host of City Chat, Carmen Shao and Leisure Talk host William Ho, Miss Chinese Vancouver Karen Gu and Project Boyz Power Angus Yam Twill also participate at the event for the first time. The itinerary will include a Friendship Picnic and a peep at the IPACC Cooking Competition. Want to become a member of this exclusive tour? Fill in the game entry form below for the chance to win a ticket!

Vancouver TAIWANfest Guided Food Tour

Date: Saturday September 3rd
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Place: Vancouver City Center

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Deadline: Friday August 26th 2016

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