Vancouver International Film Festival 2017

The most anticipated 36th Vancouver International Film Festival will be held from September 28 to October 13, 2017. This year, Fairchild Media Group will present the Dragons & Tigers Series in the Gateway Stream, taking you on a journey into the compelling cinematic worlds envisioned by some of East Asia's most adventurous artistes. The Gateway Stream features 15 different movies from Asian, including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, and Canada.

Fairchild Television and Fairchild Radio AM1470 are proud sponsors of “Paradox”

Paradox is the third installment of the SPL film series, following the 2005 film, SPL: Sha Po Lang and 2015's SPL II: A Time for Consequences. This action-packed extravaganza is filled with real kung-fu scenes, and revolves around a critical father-daughter relationship. The antagonist in SPL second installment, Louis Koo plays a vengeful cop and a loving father rampaging through Thailand in search of his missing daughter. With the help of action choreographer Sammo Hung, Louis is transformed into a tough kung-fu fighter, and is predicted as a nominee for the best actor in the upcoming award presentation. The collaboration between Louis Koo and the winner of Hong Kong Film Best Actor Award Gordon Lam who conversed in the Thai language for the first time on screen will be something that must not be missed.

Talentvision and Fairchild Radio FM961 are proud sponsors of “King of Peking”

“King of Peking” is directed by Sam Voutas, an Australian director, who studied and grew up in Beijing. The movie takes place in 1990s, at the height of the DVD boom, as a Beijing projectionist holes up in a theatre basement and bonds with his young son by bootlegging and redubbing blockbusters. This remarkable movie is packed with a retro Beijing flavor, and you will not notice it is directed by an Australian director.

Vancouver International Film Festival 2017

Date: September 28th to October 13th

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