Legendary songs are always the ones that we grew up listening to and enjoy reminiscing about. To celebrate Fairchild Television’s silver anniversary, popular program hosts and music professionals Brenda Lo, Richard Yuen, Duck Lau, Mary Lo, Carmen Shao, and William Ho selected 100 Cantonese, Mandarin, and English classics released before the millennium for you to vote.

Voting Result

Mandarin Song Cantonese Song English Song
吻別 (張學友)
不了情 (顧媚)
甜蜜蜜 (鄧麗君)
橄欖樹 (齊豫)
夢醒時分 (陳淑樺)
何日君再來 (周璇)
酒矸倘賣無 (蘇芮)
往事只能回味 (尤雅)
月亮代表我的心 (陳芬蘭)
上海灘 (葉麗儀)
一生何求 (陳百強)
千千闕歌 (陳慧嫻)
似水流年 (梅艷芳)
風繼續吹 (張國榮)
海闊天空 (Beyond)
愛的根源 (譚詠麟)
獅子山下 (羅文)
舊夢不須記 (雷安娜)
一起走過的日子 (劉德華)
每天愛你多一些 (張學友)
Careless Whisper (Wham ft. George Michael)
My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion)
Only You (The Platters)
Unchained Melody (Todd Duncan)
Yesterday (Beatles)

The winners list

Congratulations to the following winners. We will contact you later to redeem your prize.

  1. David C Hui xxx-xxx-2000
  2. Connie Lam xxx-xxx-3318
  3. Solvia Ng xxx-xxx-7348
  4. Gillian Chan xxx-xxx-0412
  5. Betty Cheung xxx-xxx-4611
  6. Thomas Chung Lim Ngan xxx-xxx-0685
  7. Rosanna Tsang xxx-xxx-8418
  8. Clara Choi xxx-xxx-8458
  9. Shirley Liang xxx-xxx-3862
  10. Jenny Ngo xxx-xxx-8915
  11. Shirley Mak xxx-xxx-6313
  12. Stephen Yick xxx-xxx-1608
  13. Chao-ming Shen xxx-xxx-2520
  14. Michael Chan xxx-xxx-8126
  15. Ricky Ha xxx-xxx-0882

Total prize value over $1,200