On September 26th, Fairchild Television and Fairchild Radio will be hosting the annual Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day!

Whopping $418,464!!!

On September 26th, starting at the early hours of 7 am, Fairchild Radio DJ's hosted the Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day live at the SickKids Hospital.
Behind closed doors, miracles truly do happen at SickKids Hospital. Staff and patients alike would Iike to thank everyone for their generosity and support as they continue the battle to make sure every child is healthy.
This year's amount of donations surpassed last year, totalling in at a whopping $418,464.
Thank you to everyone for their support and donations!

What goes on behind the doors at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is nothing short of miraculous: world-class medical staff doing ground-breaking medical research, and achieving extraordinary medical breakthroughs, all in hopes that they can save a kid’s life.

However, these medical researchers are also facing a serious challenge. After six long decades, the SickKids building requires critical improvements so that doctors and patients can continue to provide (and receive) world-class care.

To support the reconstruction of facilities at SickKids, the Chinese community is encouraged to actively participate in fundraising activities, such as the Community Rally. Your contribution will ensure that Toronto’s SickKids Hospital will continue to be able to open their doors and help countless children have a happier and healthier future.

For this fundraising event, SickKids Hospital has made teddy bears to thank their supporters. There are six types, each of which represents a child with deep ties to the hospital. These teddy bears are SickKids’ way of thanking you for not only supporting the reconstruction of facilities but also for supporting these brave and strong children in their battles.

For more details, please make sure you stay tuned on September 26th as Fairchild Television and Fairchild Radio host the Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day!

To donate, please visit: www.sickkidsfairchild.com.


SickKids Hospital has helped changed the lives of many children and their families.


Date Story Fairchild TV 2HD Fairchild TV
Sep 9 Monday Sean
6-year-old Sean overcame pain that no other 6-year-old should experience.
8:20pm EST/ 5:20pm PST 8:10am
Sep 16 Monday 12:50pm EST/ 9:50am PST 11:50am
Sep 22 Sunday 11:50am EST/ 8:50am PST
10:20pm EST/ 7:20pm PST
2:50pm (First Run)
6:20pm (Second Run)
Sep 10 Tuesday Charlotte & Ella
At birth, Charlotte & Ella already had numerous challenges that they needed to overcome.
9:50am EST/ 6:50am PST 8:10am
Sep 17 Tuesday 4:50pm EST/ 1:50pm PST 11:50am
Sep 23 Monday 1:50pm EST/ 10:50am PST
9:20pm EST/ 6:20pm PST
8:10am (First Run)
6:10pm (Second Run)
Sep 11 Wednesday Cassidy
Organ donation saved her life after she went into end-stage renal failure.
1:50pm EST/ 10:50am PST 8:10am
Sep 18 Wednesday 5:50pm EST/ 2:50pm PST 11:50am
Sep 24 Tuesday 9:50am EST/ 6:50am PST
8:20pm EST/ 5:20pm PST
11:50am (First Run)
6:10pm (Second Run)
Sep 12 Thursday Geoffrey
At the mere age of 10, Geoffrey had to face his biggest obstacle yet: leukemia.
9:20pm EST/ 6:20pm PST 8:10am
Sep 19 Thursday 9:50am EST/ 6:50am PST 12:55pm
Sep 25 Wednesday 12:50pm EST/ 9:50am PST
8:20pm EST/ 5:20pm PST
11:50am (First Run)
9:50pm (Second Run)
Fairchild SickKids telethon
Sep 26 Thursday
Sean 9:50am EST/ 6:50am PST
1:50pm EST/ 10:50am PST
Charlotte & Ella   8:10am
Cassidy 4:50pm EST/ 1:50pm PST  
Geoffrey   12:55pm