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Alice in Heart-to-Heart Kitchen

2018 TVB's Most Popular Female Drama Character recipient, Alice Chan has a very hectic, round-the-clock filming schedule. Recently, she took the opportunity to fly thousands of miles to Vancouver to take a short break, meet her old friends and prepare delicious dishes for them in Alice's new cooking program, Alice In Heart-To-Heart Kitchen. Alice will use the freshest and nutritious local produce in her Asian and western fusion recipes featuring various popular poultry products such as free range chicken, quail, silkie chicken etc. She will also invite old friends such as Anita Lee and singer Dino to be her guests, sharing good food and good time chatting about healthy diets and fond memories of the past.

In the program, special guest Vinci Wong will also visit farmers' markets with Alice and embarks with her on a search for Vancouver's renowned local specialties such as honey while Alice will explore hand crafted beers that are good compliments to her creative and delectable poultry recipes.

Alice, a beauty queen and an expert cook, will sure bring you a great cooking program that you will enjoy and be able to learn from her how to prepare a meal complete with nutritious soup and main dishes.

Recipe Download

  • Beer Braised Duck

  • Coconut Silkie Chicken Soup

  • Baked Honey Yogurt Quail

  • Hainanese Chicken with Rice