The Magazine 26-Japan Trip Highlight:

Promo 14 Jan 2022 9:50pm & 15 Jan 6pm
Promo 22 Jan 2022 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST)
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It has been two years since the outbreak of COVID-19. Lots of travellers are desperately looking forward to travelling safely again. Travelling is always the ultimate way to learn and experience foreign cultures. However, the pandemic has inevitably disrupted and postponed our travel plans. In view of this, the news department of Fairchild TV has edited the “Magazine 26 Japanese Special”. Let’s enjoy the highlights of their previous journey to Japan and experience the uniqueness of Japanese culture!

Nebuta Festival
The Tohoku region of Japan comprises of 6 prefectures in the northern part of Honshu and they are: Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi and Fukushima. Aomori Prefecture’s annual Nebuta Festival is designated as one of Japan’s intangible cultural heritage. There are many parables explaining the origin of this summer festival. One of which has relevance to the Chinese Valentine’s day of the 7th day of July in the lunar calendar. They use resources like paper, bamboo, and candles to create hugh lanterns featuring characters in folklores, including those from the Sanguo or the Three Kingdoms and Shuihu, the Story of the 108 outlaws. Another myth said that Nebuta started where some farmers grew exhausted and tired from the blaring summer so they wanted to send the sleepy monster away through a summer festival and to pray for a good harvest season.

Morioka Sanka Dance
In Iwate Prefecture, there is an annual summer festival called Morioka Sanka Dance. This festival welcomes everyone to join in to celebrate through dancing. People can choose whether to watch and enjoy the show or participate in the parade. The singing, Taiko drums, and the caressing flute rhythms attracted people around to dance along. In addition, each year 5 girls are chosen from a talent competition to be “Miss Sanka” who became goodwill ambassadors of the festival. These girls are in charge of teaching participants the dance movements while leading the entire parade. This festival has also broken a world record of the most people playing Taiko in a parade.

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* Photos were taken before pandemic.