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We often encounter minor household problems in our daily lives, which can create many inconveniences to ourselves and others. If these problems are not fixed right away, they may lead to even bigger problems later on. Whenever something breaks around your house, you might be tempted to contact a professional to fix it, which can get costly in the long run. At most times, these minor problems can actually be taken care of by you, and we are here to help! Fairchild Television is launching a new household programme “Handyman @ Work”, and has invited Wong Sir (Canede Wong) as the host.

The renowned radio program host, Canede Wong (Wong Sir), was an instructor in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University specializing in home maintenance, electronics and carpentry. He is also a big fan of LED lights and has a whole collection of all sorts of LED products at home. Wong Sir not only loves to learn, search, and read about new technologies, but is also known as the handyman who “knows-it-all”.

In this new programme, Wong Sir will partner up with young hosts to share home maintenance knowledge and practical tips, as well as DIY tips that you can try around your house. With these knowledge and tips, viewers can easily deal with all sorts of minor household problems. If you are planning out your home maintenance, before you take any action, Wong Sir will provide you with general information on how to find a professional company, how the maintenance process goes, and future maintenance knowledge.

If you would like Wong Sir to address any of your house maintenance inquiries, then please send us your questions.

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