Tsawwassen Mills Selfie Contest

From new clothes we have recently purchased, new makeup we have tried, new restaurants we have visited to workout photos taken at gym, we take selfies to record all these precious moments in our lives and share them on social media sites with others. Nonetheless, have you ever thought about you may won valuable prizes by taking selfies? Tsawwassen Mills now invites you to snap a selfie at the mall with the theme of shopping is fun, then post it on your Instagram or upload it on this website. You may post on both sites to double your chance of winning the contest. The winning selfies will be selected by professional judges. The champion will receive a Tsawwassen Mills $500 gift card and the first and second runners-up will each win a $250 gift card. Each participant will automatically be entered into the lucky draw to win a $50 gift card and a total of 10 winners will be drawn at random. Take out your phone and snap a selfie at Tsawwassen Mills now!
Entry deadline: May 11 (Friday)

How to enter the contest on Instagram:

  1. Follow Tsawwassen Mills’ Instagram: TsawwassenMills
  2. Post your selfie on Instagram, tag it with #tmillsFTVselfie, and add the location, Tsawwassen Mills
  3. Make your selfie public

By posting your photo to instagram and tagging #tmillsFTVselfie, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions on Tsawwassen Mills Selfie Contest listed below.

How to enter the contest on FTV Website:

Fill in the form and upload your selfie here.

Tsawwassen Mills Selfie Contest Terms and Conditions:

  1. Fairchild TV and Tsawwassen Mills may use and disclose your submitted photos and personal information for the purposes of promotion.
  2. Fairchild TV and Tsawwassen Mill do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any internet access, online system, server, and provider or otherwise which may result in any photos being lost or not properly registered, submitted or posted.
  3. If an error or miscommunication occurs from submission of contact information causing Fairchild TV and Tsawwassen Mill to be unable to contact or identify the participant’s identity, the user’s participation in the game will be nullified.
  4. All participants must come in person and provide valid Identity Card number to claim prizes.
  5. If any information provided by prize winners is inaccurate or insufficient, or if Fairchild TV and Tsawwassen Mill cannot contact the prize winners or verify the winner’s identity within a specified period, such prize winners will be deemed disqualified without notice.
  6. Fairchild TV and Tsawwassen Mill reserve all rights for any final decision, including changing the terms and conditions of the event, prizes, and other arrangements at any time without prior notice.
  7. For general contest rules and regulations.
  8. Participant must read and agree to the general contest rules and regulations, and the above contest terms and conditions before participating.