Vancouver International Film Festival 2019

Movie fanatics’ much anticipated event, The 38th Vancouver International Film Festival, will be in full gear from the end of September for 16 days. Throughout the festival, 300 films from 70 different countries making a grand total of 458 movies will be screened. Presented by Fairchild Media Group, the Dragons and Tigers Series provides a great platform for the public to appreciate different genres of Asian movies.

Fairchild TV and Fairchild Radio AM1470 jointly present: Still Human
Still Human won multiple awards at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Actor, Best New Performer, and Best New Director. To complete the whole package, this movie was directed by the celebrated renowned Fruit Chan. Moved by such a fantastic script, the main character, Anthony Wong, decided to take on the lead role for free. The Hong Kong box office reached near the $20,000,000 mark. A huge hit was born!

Still Human narrated Cheong-Wing, played by Anthony Wong, a paralyzed man that got injured from construction work resulting in immobility. His misfortune continued as his wife and son abandoned him and fled the country, turning his life into shambles. A Filipino girl Evelyn, played by Crisel Consunji, had to leave her failed marriage, give up an acceptance offer from a school and her photography dream in search of a better financial life. She left her hometown and ended up at Cheong-Wing’s home as a domestic helper. It was the definition of dreams versus reality. However, most engaging was the by turns playful, antagonistic, and affectionate dynamics between two people who inspired each other to overcome social disadvantages and live life to the fullest. Evelyn encouraged Cheong-Wing with this quote, “You can’t choose not to sit in a wheelchair, but you can choose how to sit in a wheelchair.” It gave him faith and motivation to live on. In return, Cheong-Wing helped Evelyn chase her photography dream and proved her worthy in Hong Kong’s hierarchal society. They are both still human and living in the best way possible.

Talentvision Promotes: The Shadow Play
The Shadow Play has been screened at the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival and box office records hit $64.95 million yuen in China, making it the director, Lou Ye’s, personal best. The Shadow Play involved various elements such as vigilance, action, suspense, and love. The story started with a young officer Yang Jiadong (played by Boran Jing), reporting for duty in a coastal town when Tang Yijie (played by Songwen Zhang) fell from a roof and dies.  The officer soon found out that Tang Yijie’s case was related to a 2006 missing person’s case; a girl called Ah Yun (played by Michelle Chen) had vanished. Jiadong opened the investigation but ended up being suspended from duty and becoming a killing target. He tried to flee Hong Kong but thankfully he ran into the victim’s daughter, Xiao Nuo (played by Sichun Ma), who persuaded him to find the truth together.

The Vancouver International Film Festival 2019
Date: September 26th – October 11th, 2019

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