Fairchild TV FAQ

  • 1. How can I listen to the Secondary Audio Programming?
    1. If you are a Shaw Cable user:
      You can access the second audio channel using your digital cable box remote control. Instructions are as follows:
      1. Press the ‘Menu’ button
      2. Select ‘House’ located on the left side of the screen and press ‘OK’
      3. Select ‘Set up’ located on the bottom right of the screen and press ‘OK’
      4. Select the third option on the left of the screen titled ‘Audio Set Up’ and press ‘OK’
      5. To immediately listen to the Second Audio Programming, select the first option titled ‘Channel Default’ and use the arrow keys on the remote control to change the setting to ‘Francaise’
      To return the Audio Channel to the 1st Channel settings, follow the steps listed above and set the ‘Channel Default’ language to ‘English’.
    2. If you are a Satellite Television user:
      1. Shaw Direct: Our apologies, the satellite system only provides one audio channel (Cantonese), the second audio channel is not available
      2. Bell TV: The Channel 716 (FAIRM) is specially catered for broadcasting programs using the second audio channel. Fairchild Television’s programming is Cantonese based, and most programs only offer one audio channel. However, Hong Kong television dramas broadcasted Monday to Friday at 8:05pm – 9:00pm are set to broadcast under the second audio channel. Mandarin speaking users can enjoy programming during this time with Mandarin dubbing.
    3. If you are a Rogers Cable user:
      You can access the second audio channel using your digital cable box remote control. Instructions are as follows:
      Box Model: Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD
      1. Press “Setting” on your remote control.
      2. Find sub menu “Choose Language”, press once.
      3. you should see two selection options “English” or “DVS English”.
      4. By selecting “English”, you would hear program audio in main language (Cantonese).
      5. By selecting “DVS English”, you would hear program audio in second language (Mandarin).

      Box Model: Nextbox 4642 HD
      1. Press “Setting” on your remote control.
      2. Find sub menu “Audio”, press once.
      3. Find sub menu “Described Video”, press once.
      4. You should see two selection options: “Disabled” and “Enabled”.
      5. By selecting “Disabled”, you would hear program audio in main language (Cantonese).
      6. By selecting “Enabled”, you would hear program audio in second language (Mandarin).

      Ignite TV:
      Instructions are as follows:
      1. Press the "Settings" button on your Rogers Remote.
      2. Scroll to Audio and press "OK/Select".
      3. Scroll to Audio Language and press "OK/Select".
      4. Use the "Right" or "Left" arrow key to select one of the following options: English, French, Spanish.
      5. Press the "Exit" key on your remote to confirm the changes.

      Ignite TV – Box Model: AX061AEI
      1. On the arrow pad of the remote, click “ok”. On the tv, the “pause” button should be highlighted.
      2. Using the arrow keys, highlight “SAP”.
      3. Press “Ok”.
      4. Choose audio options:
        English - Cantonese
        Spanish - Mandarin

      5. Highlight desired language, then press “Ok”.
      6. Press “Exit” to return to program.
      Please note: If the SAP icon is dimmed or not shown, SAP is not available.
  • 2. Sometimes TV programs broadcasted through Fairchild TV are edited or shortened from the original versions broadcasted in Hong Kong. Other times, a program that is supposed to last for 30 minutes is cut down to 10 minutes? Please do not cut or edit the programs!
  • Apart from satellite news and other special programming that are directly recorded through the satellite system, all other programs are recorded by program providers. It is under the program provider’s responsibility to check all program contents to ensure that they meet all of the overseas broadcasting standards and requirements before broadcasting in Canada. Fairchild Television is, by law, under no rights to cut or edit the programs on our own accord.

    For example, if Fairchild Television purchases a certain Hong Kong artiste’s special anniversary program from the program provider, it is the program provider’s responsibility to make sure that every part of the program has the necessary copyrights and licenses to be broadcasted overseas. In some cases, programs contain content that have rights to be broadcasted in Hong Kong, but not overseas. Therefore, the program provider will edit the contents before sending the program out to overseas buyers. Fairchild Television broadcasts the entirety of programs acquired from program providers and is in no way responsible for any content that has been cut or edited.

  • 3. I love watching television dramas. But during the holidays, I am away for vacations and cannot watch some of the episodes. Can you post the weekly synopsis in a television guide or on your website?
  • Under normal circumstances, the television drama provider will provide us with a synopsis of each episode for promotions purposes and to be posted in our television guide. However, in special cases, the drama provider will inform us that synopsis is not available, making it impossible for Fairchild to publish or post it on our television guide or online. Fairchild TV’s PLEM magazine has a set column for publishing drama synopsis guides. We try our best to publish weekly episode recaps for drama synopsis broadcasted Monday to Friday of that week. Since the size of the column in the magazine varies from issue to issue, Fairchild TV also posts the synopsis online to ensure that viewers can access it at anytime.

  • 4. I am a fan of music programs. But why does Fairchild cut out some of the parts of artiste’s mini concerts on Jade Solid Gold? Also why particular parts of a show are edited entirely on some occasions?
  • Sometimes, when the program provider sells the program to Fairchild TV, they are unable to obtain copyrights and licenses for certain artistes’ songs from either the music label or the management company. Therefore, the program provider will first cut and edit the program to free it of any non-copyrighted material before sending it out to us. The same reason applies to the show ‘The Scoop”. Hence, sometimes programs seem shorter than they are supposed to be. Besides, Fairchild TV will occasionally edit a program in order to fulfill the broadcasting restrictions on violence, sexual content, racism, and discrimination set by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission). Any other content outside of these restrictions is fully broadcasted during the allotted airtime.

  • 5. Why can’t Fairchild TV broadcast non-drama programs earlier?
  • Fairchild TV always strives to select the most popular variety shows from Asia to bring to viewers in Canada. Beginning in July of 2007, Fairchild TV has brought viewers a brand new selection of music programs and entertainment news programs. We hope that through these specially selected programs, viewers in Canada can feel more closely connected to, and keep up to date with the most recent popular culture in Hong Kong.

  • 6. Why is the information (such as program air date or program name) published in the program guide in PLEM Magazine different from the information broadcasted in promotional clips?
  • The program information on PLEM magazine is published one month before the broadcast date. But Fairchild TV does not receive the program tapes or files for broadcast until one to two days before the planned broadcast. Therefore, sometimes information such as program duration, program content, and name of the program cannot be confirmed until one to two days before broadcast, causing occasional discrepancies between published and broadcasted information. In addition, if we discover that the program duration is longer than the allotted airtime, we will often postpone or cancel the program that follows in order to accommodate the entire program. Similarly, if we discover that program providers have cut the program short due to broadcasting restrictions, we will broadcast other special programs to fill the airtime. Please refer to the notice broadcasted before the program for accurate, up-to-date information on any program changes.

  • 7. How can I post my community news of Fairchild TV’s Community News Bulletin?
  • Currently Fairchild TV posts weekly news bulletins for Vancouver, Toronto and Alberta. These bulletins are updated every Sunday. Please provide your event name, date, time, a brief summary, and contact telephone to your relative province’s station office three weeks (15 work days) prior to the event date. The news publishing process is as follows:

    Monday: submission deadline
    Tuesday: gathering and editing bulletin information
    Wednesday: record audio
    Thursday: send clip to Eastern Canadian headquarters
    Sunday: broadcast new community bulletin

    If your event falls on a Saturday or Sunday, please send in your submission request by the Monday minimum 3 weeks prior to the event. Contact information is as follows:

    Vancouver: 604-295-1300, community@fairchildtv.com
    Alberta: 403-571-3183, community@fairchildtv.com
    Toronto: 905-882-7120, communitybulletin.tor@fairchildtv.com

    As there are many community events each week, please submit your bulletin early to avoid any delays.

  • 8. I live in Eastern Canada in Nova Scotia. But I can only receive Fairchild TV signals from Western Canada. Because of the time difference, the programs I want to watch are broadcasted at inconvenient times. Is there any solution to my problem?
  • Fairchild TV broadcasts the same programs across Canada. To find a channel that matches your time zone, viewers can contact their local satellite provider or cable service provider to subscribe to Chinese programming. Currently Fairchild TV offers its services through two satellite providers: Shaw Direct and Bell TV. Bell TV provides services for both Eastern and Western Canada (channels 851 & 852) and Star Choice offers its services to viewers in Western Canada. As for cable television providers, Western Canada including British Columbia and Alberta are serviced by Shaw Cables. Eastern Canada, including Ontario, is serviced by Rogers Cable and other cable providers such as Videotron. Through collaboration with different satellite and cable service providers, Fairchild television is able to reach all provinces across Canada. If you are currently receiving programming from the wrong time zone, please contact your service provider who will help you find a solution.

  • 9. Ever since Fairchild TV implemented the V-chip system, parents have been able to put parenting controls to keep children from coming across explicit content. Can you explain how this system works?
  • The V-chip system is divided into seven levels that are categorized according to the broadcast content rating system set by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission). These levels are: ‘E’ (exempt from parental locks), ‘C’ (suitable for children), ‘C8+’ (for children aged 8 and up), ‘G’ (suitable for all family), ‘PG’ (parental guidance is advised), ‘14+’ (suitable for audiences aged 14 and up), and ‘18+’ (not suitable for audiences under the age of 18). All television sets manufactured in the latter half of the year 1999 come with the V-chip system. Since the American broadcasting system operates on a different rating scale, television sets manufactured in the United States employ a different V-chip setting. However, the ratings are similar to that of Canada. Ratings for television sets manufactured in the United States have a rating scale that is named differently, but possess the equivalent meaning to that of Canada. Since all television sets operate differently, please refer to your television manual for further information on the V-chip system.