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Home Chef Canada

9/1 onwards, Every Tuesday: 10:05pm-10:35pm

Home Chef Canada Discovers the Most Skillful Home Chefs
With no restrictions on age and cuisine, Home Chef Canada has inspired many hidden chefs across the nation to join this competitive culinary contest. Quite a huge age difference was found among contestants and it was no surprise that a 6-year-old little chef becomes the youngest among all. Though coming from various cultural and career backgrounds and many with no professional training, everyone has developed his/her own unique culinary tricks. Formed by “Hong Kong Food God” Hugo Leung, and renowned Canadian chefs, Kim Thai and Alex Mok, the judge panel will determine the winners of TruNatural Most Creative Award and Home Chef Canada Champion, based on the contestant's cooking procedures, creativity, and presentation on the video clip. All selected dishes will be featured in the upcoming cooking show, Home Chef Canada! TV viewers can vote for My Favourite Home Chef Canada Award after all four episodes have aired. All entries will be eligible for a draw to win vouchers for delectable food items!

Cooking Masters and Celebrities offer Cooking Lessons
In addition to the announcement of the shortlisted entries in Home Chef Canada, program host Mandy also invites Chef Kim Thai and Chef Alex to showcase their superb culinary skills. Celebrity home chef/Hong Kong actor Lokyi Lai and Hong Kong actress Crystal Fung along with Vancouver foodie William Ho and Snapshots KOL Suiki Zhang will also share their exceptional home style dishes! Home Chef Canada is not only a TV show but also a cooking academy that offers free lessons and introduces simple recipes to you! Check it out weekly for a chance to take home Mid-Autumn Festival delights and get ready to celebrate with family and friends!

Stay tuned to FTV 1 every Tuesday at 6:30pm and 10:05pm for our new TV show, Home Chef Canada!

Timeline Magazine

FTV - Wednesday 6:45pm & 10:20pm
FTV2HD - Thursday (Van) 4:55am; (Tor) 7:55am

Timeline Magazine is a program that helps Chinese audience ease into the Canadian culture through delivering news that intertwines with our daily lives in a fascinating and informative manner. Information may include politics, information technology, movies, entertainment, and astrology. Behind a long living and high quality program stands a team of professional and knowledgeable crew. Timeline magazine has been bringing audience a premium and enriching TV experience.

Mandarin Profile

FTV - Thursday 6:45pm & 10:20pm
FTV2HD - Friday (Van) 4:55am; (Tor) 7:55am

Mandarin Profile is a Mandarin program that shares amazing stories and heartfelt journeys of immigrants becoming successful entrepreneurs. The program reflects the joy and hardship immigrants go through when transitioning in a new environment. The program showcases stories of how they overcome the culture barrier to accomplish their dreams.

Entertainment Circle

FTV - Friday 6:45pm & 10:20pm
FTV2HD - Monday (Van) 4:55am; (Tor) 7:55am

What's On

FTV - Sunday 7:40pm

What’s On is a program that brings you the hottest and trendiest news from the East and West Coasts, as well as exclusive interviews of local and international celebrities.