Local Productions  FTV

Sunday Sneak Preview

FTV Sunday 8:10pm

Leisure Talk

FTV - Monday-Friday 6:20pm
FTV2HD - Monday-Friday (Van) 4:30am; (Tor) 7:30am

Leisure Talk, a television program produced by the combined efforts of Fairchild Television Vancouver, Fairchild Television Toronto and a brilliant cast of local program hosts, who are passionate in sharing original and fascinating contents. Each episode features a special guest to discuss various trends and topics. This captivating program will surely capture your attention.

Timeline Magazine

FTV - Wednesday 10:00pm
FTV2HD - Saturday (Van) 4:00pm; (Tor) 7:00pm

Timeline Magazine is a program that helps Chinese audience ease into the Canadian culture through delivering news that intertwines with our daily lives in a fascinating and informative manner. Information may include politics, information technology, movies, entertainment, and astrology. Behind a long living and high quality program stands a team of professional and knowledgeable crew. Timeline magazine has been bringing audience a premium and enriching TV experience.

Mandarin Profile

FTV - Saturday 6:00pm

Mandarin Profile is a Mandarin program that shares amazing stories and heartfelt journeys of immigrants becoming successful entrepreneurs. The program reflects the joy and hardship immigrants go through when transitioning in a new environment. The program showcases stories of how they overcome the culture barrier to accomplish their dreams.

What's On

FTV - Sunday 7:40pm

What’s On is a program that brings you the hottest and trendiest news from the East and West Coasts, as well as exclusive interviews of local and international celebrities.