Variety Show  

Liza's On Line (Sr.3)

Saturdays 8:30pm

Big City Shop

Monday to Friday 5:15pm

Homegrown Flavours (Sr.5)

Saturdays 7:40pm

Aged Not Old

Saturdays 8:55pm

Vital Lifeline

Thursdays 11:00pm

Behind The Chef

Sundays 10:35pm

Entertainment News

Monday to Friday 5:55pm

Young And Restless

Monday to Friday 2:15pm

Good Cheap Eats (Sr.8)

Sundays 6:30pm

Kids, Think Big

Monday to Friday 4:00pm, and Sunday 10:15am

Own Sweet Home

Friday 2:20pm

Dolce Vita

Fridays 11:00pm

House Of Lad

Every Sunday 12:25pm