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Producing an hour long news program requires the collaboration among many different parties. Every day the news departments from both the West and East coast offices work closely to bring to TV viewers across Canada the latest and most significant news stories around the world. Apart from international news and news from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, the two teams also feature local news in their individual regions to connect audiences closely with their communities.

With multiple digital editing studios and a control room equipped with advanced technology, our news team strives to deliver the latest news as quickly as possible to your home.

After relocating to the production studio in Aberdeen Centre, our Western Canadian office has been operating in an open, beautiful, and modern setting with a mesmerizing backdrop of Richmond city. In the past, mall visitors could peek into the live broadcast through the transparent walls from the hallways of the third floor of Aberdeen Centre. Our newsroom has since been updated with a virtual set, providing versatility and a better viewing experience for our audience.