Master Chef 2018 II

Master Chef, an all new cooking programme, is celebrity chef Denice Wai’s fourth cooking show series. Along with food blogger Bosco Mo, she strolls down the streets, chats with neighbors on tips and tricks for grocery shopping, and even cooks for them on site!

Denice’s passion for cooking was cultivated when she was a little girl as she assisted her Asian cuisine chef father in the kitchen. Not only is Denice an excellent chef, but also a self-professed food lover, who has travelled around the world on food adventures to explore different cuisines and cooking techniques. She then integrated the best from the East and the West, and created her own one-of-a-kind cooking style. To Denice, there are three requirements in making a great dish: ingredients with colors that complement each other, exquisite food presentation, and excellent ingredients pairing. But most importantly, one has to enjoy every dish with joy.

In addition to sharing grocery shopping tips, Denice also demonstrates simple yet delicious dishes at supermarkets and senior homes using fresh ingredients. Whether you are a chef or kitchen newbie, you will definitely learn a lot of wonderful skills from the show. Make sure to stay tuned for this extraordinary cooking programme!

Master Chef 2018 Episode 18

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