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Hong Kong and Taiwan are cities that are very familiar to us, but did you know that there are many new and exciting hot spots and attractions in the past 2 years for everyone to enjoy? Fairchild Television was pleased to be invited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Taiwan Tourism Bureau to embark on a filming tour to discover the latest trends and hot spots of these 2 amazing destinations. Sharing with the viewers this unique experience is program host Suiki Zhang, who will explore the different facets of Hong Kong and Taiwan, to visit not only the modern metropolitan side but the most quintessential neighborhoods to discover the heritage, food, arts, and hidden treasures. Behold as Suiki takes viewers on a stroll down the streets of Hong Kong Southern District, the home of many art galleries and artists, to visit the dazzling fusion of quirky artistic landmarks in the city. The commencement of the South Island Line in 2016 made it extra convenient for art lovers to explore the artistic side of Hong Kong. Suiki will also visit Anping, one of the lesser known attraction sites in Taiwan, to enjoy the picturesque and breathtaking scenery on a boat around the beautiful bay. As the famous saying goes “hunger breeds discontentment”, Suiki will indulge the viewers on a tasteful journey through the “foodie heavens” of Hong Kong and Taiwan, in search of the most popular and traditional gourmets, as well as introducing Hong Kong’s latest cocktail trend and authentic Taiwanese night market street food. We invite you to discover Hong Kong & Taiwan in ONE trip. It will be an unforgettable vacation!

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