Vancouver Host

甄嘉亮    Gary Yan

Profession:University student

Personal motto:Hardworking may not make you successful, but unsuccessful people are definitely not hardworking enough.

Interests:Singing, exercising, shopping, playing video game

Childhood dream(s):To grow up

How did you enter the industry:New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver 2008

Favorite singer(s):Leo Ku, JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun, Faye Wong

Favorite food:Hong Kong café food, Taiwanese food, snacks

The most perfect day:Leave all the worries behind, and just enjoy my time at the beach and sunshine.

Most memorable experience ever:When everyone from the audience is cheering for me

First performing/hosting experience:Elementary school speech contest

The most important person or thing to you:Family, friends, and my loved ones

Most desirable traveling destiny(country):All counties in Europe

What Fairchild program(s) have you participated at:Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2008, New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver 2008

What Fairchild program(s) do you participate at now:What's On