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Vancouver Program Host

Chris Yuen

袁號殷    Chris Yuen


ProfessionRadio DJ, copywriter, assistant producer

Personal mottoDivide and Conquer, Stay Gold

InterestsBasketball, ukulele, pop music, photography & filming, animation, books

Childhood dream(s)Explore the undersea with marine animals

How did you enter the industryDJ Training Course

Favorite singer(s)Ekin Cheng, Leo Ku, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz

Favorite book(s)Supernatural Exploration, Mysterious Phenomenon of The World

Favorite foodBread

The most perfect dayEveryone is healthy and safe

Most memorable experience everTook a 4-month spiritual class

First jobKaroke Bar staff

First performing/hosting experienceIn a dance & cultural exchange festival in 2004

The most important person or thing to youFamily, friends, and a lot more

Most desirable traveling destiny(country)Japan

What Fairchild program(s) have you participated atUnforgettable Classics Singing Contest, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2020