Toronto Host

王君朗    Richard Wang

Profession:Real Estate sales representative

Personal motto:When in doubt laugh it out

Interests:Singing, hanging out, playing sports, work-out

Childhood dream(s):Become wealthy

How did you enter the industry:New Talent Singing Award 2014

Favorite singer(s):Eason Chan

Favorite book(s):Ten thousand mysteries

Favorite food:Mango, sour and spicy food

The most perfect day:Spend time with loved ones

Most memorable experience ever:New Talent Singing Award 2014

First job:School assistant

First performing/hosting experience:High school violin competition

The most important person or thing to you:Family and friend

What Fairchild program(s) have you participated at:New Talent Singing Award 2014, TVB Fairchild Fans Party 2014, 2016, 2017

What Fairchild program(s) do you participate at now:What's On