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Vancouver Program Host

Deborah Moore

狄寶娜摩亞    Deborah Moore

Nickname“Oh Lucy!”

ProfessionRadio and Television Presenter

Personal mottoTo do as I please – life’s too short!

InterestsTravelling, reading, dancing, listening to music, collecting things.

Childhood dream(s)From when I was a little girl, I always wanted to be in show business. So, I am definitely living and doing my dream!

How did you enter the industryI entered the Miss Hong Kong and won The Miss Young HK title1981. I eventually became 2nd runner up and represented HK in the Miss International and won Miss Friendship. After that, TVB offered me a contract.

Favorite singer(s)Too many to mention, it all depends on my mood. But, I do gravitate towards Choirs and amazing gifted young singers. I also like ambient or new age music.

Favorite book(s)Anything by Daniel Silva.

Favorite foodMood based again – depends who I am with and what I’m doing. But, I do like things to be simple, I don’t like pretentious food. I definitely think the location, the presentation and the company I’m with determines how good the meal was.

The most perfect daySleeping in till almost lunch time, waking up having breakfast in bed followed by a swim in a pool or a beautiful beach, going for walks and seeing all kinds of wildlife and wild plants in their natural habitat. Spending time in a good book store with a w

Most memorable experience everMeeting Mother Teresa! It was overwhelming!

First jobBaby sitter! And then, I was a Translator in the summer. Hilarious! I don’t know how to convert numbers from Chinese to English, and made lots of mistakes but I still got paid for making everyone laugh!

First performing/hosting experiencePerforming for my mom and dad when I was a little girl. I would make them sit down in chairs and close the curtains to the balcony. I would ask someone to open the curtains and perform a song or dance or recite a poem.

The most important person or thing to youMy loved ones. What would be the meaning of it all without them?

Most desirable traveling destiny(country)Too numerous to mention. London, England is great. So much to do in the city for days or weeks without even leaving the city. Venice, Italy is beautiful but touristy. I would still go again. Any country is fine as long as I can do it at my pace and not so

What Fairchild program(s) have you participated atHosting various TV shows and charity shows and Emceeing the first ever Miss Chinese Vancouver with Lawrence Cheng Darn Sui, Modern Deborah, Missy Missy, Leisure Talk