Toronto Host

孫晉    William Sun


Profession:Television Program Host

Personal motto:One should not complain if one does not succeed due to luck or opportunity. God will reward those who work hard; do not give up and always equip yourself with knowledge and skills.

Interests:Travelling, ping pong, basketball

Childhood dream(s):Become a film and television actor

How did you enter the industry:Graduated from Shenzen University, majoring in broadcasting; has worked for mainstream TV stations in Beijing and Toronto as a news anchor, financial host, sports host, journalist, photographer, etc.

Favorite singer(s):Zhao Lei, Zheng Jun

Favorite book(s):The Old Man and the Sea

Favorite food:Seafood, steak

The most perfect day:My birthday!

Most memorable experience ever:Participated in the Shenzhen University Host Competition in 2009 and won a bronze medal.

First job:News Anchor

First performing/hosting experience:Poetry Recitation Competition at Shen Zhen University

The most important person or thing to you:Family and friends

Most desirable traveling destiny(country):Greece

What Fairchild program(s) have you participated at:Students Can Sing Semi-Finals

What Fairchild program(s) do you participate at now:Mandarin Profile