Vancouver Host

譚鄭瑛玲    Bernice Taam

Profession:Cooking instructor

Personal motto:Finish today's work today

Interests:Cooking, arts & craft, driving

Childhood dream(s):Forgot

How did you enter the industry:Radio program host

Favorite singer(s):Annabelle Louie, Priscilla Chan, Sally Yeh

Favorite book(s):Literary fiction, cooking magazines, arts & craft books

Favorite food:Desserts, fruits, abalone, ginseng, shark fins, sea cucumber

The most perfect day:Every day is a perfect day

Most memorable experience ever:Going through customs when immigrating to Canada

First job:Cooking instructor

First performing/hosting experience:Cooking competition

The most important person or thing to you:Family and friends

Most desirable traveling destiny(country): Egypt, Israel