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Market research provides valuable information for marketers to discover consumer habits, identify business opportunities, understand their competitors, and formulate marketing strategies to increase their service qualities. Market research also allows advertisers to compare the effectiveness of various media in reaching their target audience.

According to the "Ipsos Reid 2007 Canadian Chinese Media Monitor", a syndicated research study conducted by the market research company Ipsos Reid, Fairchild Television is by far the number one medium to reach Chinese Canadians in Canada, reaching 300% and 299% more Chinese audience than multicultural television stations in the Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver area respectively.

Talentvision, the channel that serves primarily the Mandarin speaking community, also reaches the largest number of Mandarin speaking Chinese Canadians in the Vancouver and Toronto area, reaching 5.2 times more Mandarin speaking Chinese than the multicultural channel in Vancouver and 114% more than the most read Chinese newspaper in Toronto.

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Source 1: Ipsos Reid 2007 Canadian Chinese Media Monitor Vancouver
Source 2: Ipsos Reid 2007 Canadian Chinese Media Monitor Toronto