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Provocateur    Trailer

  • May 1

  • 25

  • Mon.to Fri 9:00 PM

  • Gallen Lo, Fred Cheng, Ali Lee, Jacqueline Wong, Cheung Wing Hong, Jack Wu, Lai Wai Ling, Roxanne Tong

Introduction Chinese

Following deaths of his first and second wife, cosmetic mogul CHEUK KWAN-LAM (Gallen Lo), who is left alone living with his step-daughter CHEUK MAN-LEI (Jacqueline Wong), tries to turn over a new leaf. As fate would have it, he encounters a resourceful young man called POON SIU-KIT (Fred Cheng), through whom he sees a younger version of himself, so he cannot help developing a kindly feeling for him. His secretary CHAN HEI-MAN (Ali Lee) also has a very high regard for SIU-KIT after he joins the company as Marketing Manager, thinking he is going to lead the company to success. HEI-MAN has been drowning her sorrows at work ever since her husband HONG YAT-FUNG (Raymond Cho) disappeared years ago. Gradually, KWAN-LAM and everything about the company becomes her sole purpose in life. On the surface, SIU-KIT tries to curry favor with KWAN-LAM and gain HEI-MAN's trust. However, he conspires with a team of talented people on the sly to steal trade secrets from large corporations for money. They include a corporate spy LING CHUN (Cheung Wing Hong), socialite CHOW PUI-YUE (Roxanne Tong), IT genius TO CHI-YAN (Lai Wai Ling) and the "King of Disguise" LAM SHUN-FAI (Jack Wu). SIU-KIT has planned for years, seeking the best opportunity to take destructive revenge. Thus begins a tug of war between the two with a seemingly father-son like relationship......