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Law dis-Order   

  • October 13

  • 28'

  • Fri 9:00 PM

  • Alex Fong, Liu Kai Chi, Ali Lee, Mandy Wong, Raymond Cho, Florence Kwok, Matthew Ho, Chung King Fai,


As the founder of the leading Chinese law firm, CHEUK KAI-YIU (Lau Dan) has been re-elected as chairman of the committee for many terms. Though he promised managing partner LAU KING-CHANG (Liu Kai Chi) that he would step down, he deliberately brings in a materialistic lawyer called CHEUNG KEUNG (Alex Fong) to counterbalance KING-CHANG's obsession with power. For years, KING-CHANG has built up significant influence in the company and his associates include YAM WAI-LEUNG (Raymond Cho) and FONG NING (Mandy Wong). Thinking he could easily handle his opponent CHEUNG KEUNG's allies namely LEE SIU-WAH (Florence Kwok) and CHOW LIK-HANG (Matthew Ho), a traffic accident catches him off guard. Taking advantage of the situation, CHEUNG KEUNG gets himself a lucrative offer from KAI-YIU to become a senior partner, and even re-encounters lawyer CHEUK YI-CHUN (Ali Lee) in the process. YI-CHUN, who has a special position in the company, initially looks down on CHEUNG KEUNG but later grows fond of him. The two form a peer mentoring relationship, forcing KING-CHANG, the power-obsessed "time bomb", to finally fess up. With the descent into infighting of the whole firm, a toothless tiger that has managed to stay under the radar for years is seeking revenge......