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The Exorcist’s Meter    Trailer

  • October 30

  • 20

  • Mon-Fri (VAN) 5:30pm, 9:30pm (TOR) 8:30pm, 12:30am

  • Kenneth Ma,Mandy Wong,Hubert Wu ,Moon Lau ,Hugo Wong ,Ram Chiang ,Susan Tse ,Willie Wai


Night shift taxi driver MA KWAI (Kenneth Ma) who lost his parents during childhood has had multiple narrow escapes, which shapes his attitude towards life, seeking not meritorious achievements but only avoiding blame. However, the name of CHONG TSZ-YEUK (Mandy Wong) has left lingering feelings in his mind and heart. Each day, he drives this female doctor to and from work on time, cherishing the moments they share, without realizing that he is meant to be her guardian. It all starts on a midnight. When MA KWAI is urinating on a highway, he accidentally breaks the spell placed on the hundred-year-old Genie, SHEK KAM-DONG (Hubert Wu), and has had many inconceivable experiences ever since. He not only sees things that others around him don’t see, but also receives superpowers. Having learned this, internet radio show host PUI PUI-NA (Moon Lau) starts her relentless pursuit of this. Though MA KWAI initially feels very annoyed, he later teams up with KAM-DONG to hunt down demons for money. Unfortunately, his supernatural powers and abilities bring bad luck to those around him. After a horrific traffic accident causes TSZ-YEUK’s soul to leave her body, MA KWAI, KAM-DONG and PUI-NA join forces to probe into the matter. To their surprise, it’s not just any accident, but a plot carefully orchestrated by a police officer named KWOK CHIN-MING (Hugo Wong)……