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Brother’s Keeper II   

  • August 18th

  • 39

  • Fri 8:05 PM

  • Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Grace Chan, Mat Yeung, Hugo Ng, Louis Yuen, Jade Leung, Tsui Wing


Overcoming adversity, LAW WAI-SHUN (Edwin Siu) and YIU MAN-YING (Kristal Tin) successfully develop the business of Lo Son Kei and make it famous in both Hong Kong and Macau. However, their success upsets a junket promoter-turned-land developer, KO TIN-TSAU (Hugo Ng), who keeps suppressing them. WAI-SHUN is even betrayed by his close confidant TSU CHI-LIK (Mat Yeung). Feeling overwhelmed by this chaotic world, WAI-SHUN goes to Okinawa for a getaway, during which he not only falls for a mysterious girl called KO YEE-NA (Grace Chan), but also gets entangled in an unsolved homicide that happened twenty years ago! On the other hand, MAN-YING's husband LUNG FEI (Louis Yuen) treats her as a stranger after suffering a severe brain injury in an aviation accident...... Facing all these unexpected impacts, plus the sudden return of KIU TIN-SENG (Ruco Chan), who was away in search of his old flame CHEUK CHING (Linda Chung), how are WAI-SHUN and MAN-YING going to cope with them?