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  • May 11, 2022

  • 25 episodes

  • Monday to Friday 8:05pm

  • Kenneth Ma Eliza Sam Sheung Tin Ngor Mimi Kung Hugo Ng Lee Kwok Lun Cheung Wing Hong YoYo Chen James Ng Che Yuen Yuen Wong Man Yi Momo Wu


Full-time mother Hong Nga-yau (Eliza Sam) and her husband Yau Tsoi-shan (Kenneth Ma) have a two-year-old daughter called Yau Yat-tung. The family are under constant pressure as they and Nga-yau’s parents Hong Lok (Lee Kwok Lun) and Fong Chor-kiu (Mimi Kung) are living under the same roof. Tsoi-shan covertly plots to break free from Chor-kiu’s control. But his parents Yau Tai-long (Hugo Ng) and Kam Mei-foon (Sheung Tin Ngor) keep making trouble, causing Tsoi-shan to be always in the wrong. There is constant conflict between Nga-yau and Tsoi-shan as the couple cannot agree on how to split parenting duties. Nga-yau even insists on going to work outside her home. Meanwhile, stress and strife between “the four elders” is not melting away. Also, Tsoi-shan’s younger brother Yau Tsoi-fung (James Ng) and his wife Cheung Pik-chi (Wong Man Yi), and Ngai-yau’s elder cousin sister Ip Fan (YoYo Chen) and her husband Kwan Chi-chung (Cheung Wing Hong) are faced with contradictions and hurdles with regards to raising children. In the process, children are invariably proved to be the key for parents to seize opportunities for life-long learning and maturation.