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The Exorcist's 2nd Meter    Trailer

  • June 23, 2021

  • 25

  • Mon-Fri 9:00pm

  • Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Hubert Wu, Moon Lau, Gloria Tang, Zoie Tam, C Kwan, Ram Chiang, Susan Tse, Lam Hoi Yan


Taxi driver Ma Kwai (Kenneth Ma) goes down the road to exorcism as he is destined to perpetuate the legacy of genie Shek Kam-dong. He is also reunited with the mature soul of his buddy Mok Wai-ho (Hubert Wu). He even encounters Sze Lo-sze and his younger sister Sze Loi-sze (Gloria Tang), who are both exorcists. However, some demonic curse has caused Ma Kwai to keep thinking of a doctor by the name of Chong Tsz-yeuk (Mandy Wong). Tsz-yeuk then hooks up with genie Wind Lion god (C Kwan), eventually reviving certain memory of limbo in her subconscious. Pui Pui-na (Moon Lau) has died because of Ma Kwai. She then transforms into a phantom to keep him company. But Pui-na just cannot leave everything behind as she is too sentimental about the mortal realm. A child abuse case triggers off the comeback of demonic power. Wai-ho has actually been controlled by mysterious demonic power. Ma Kwai is shocked to learn the underlying truth. He is forced to face the painful dilemma of friendship or exorcism!