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Ratman To The Rescue   

  • April 15, 2021

  • 20

  • Monday to Friday 8:05pm

  • Sammy, Priscilla Wong, Kaman Kong, Zoie Tam, ngelina Lo, KK Cheung, Daniel Chau, Henry Lo, Helen Ma, Yu Yang


Gossip magazine journalist Tong Leung-sing (Sammy) has unfortunately lost his left ear in a traffic accident. He gains mystical rat power after undergoing transplant surgery. Leung-sing keeps creating fake news just to benefit himself. He clashes with righteous policewoman Sung Hoi-yan (Priscilla Wong), causing both of them to lose their jobs. With the support of her uncle Ming Kwan-ngai (KK Cheung), Hoi-yan becomes a private investigator. Leung-sing is forced to help Hoi-yan with her investigation activities as Hoi-yan catches him using his mystical power to peep at goddess Ming Cheuk-kei (Zoie Tam). Gold digger Tong Mei-fun (Kamen Kong) is cruelly harassed as rich clan heir Tsui Tsun-wai (Daniel Chau) and she become foes. Mei-fun forgives Tsun-wai and offers to help him as Tsun-wai gets into a difficult situation. Leung-sing becomes increasingly arrogant as he uses to his mystical power to solve cases. Meanwhile, Hoi-yan shockingly finds out Kwan-ngai’s real character. Leung-sing faces the danger of exhausting his mystical power and becoming a rat as he helps Hoi-yan.