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Two Steps From Heaven    Trailer

  • November 28

  • 35'

  • Fri 8:05 PM

  • Bosco Wong Edwin Siu Priscilla Wong Louis Cheung Alice Chan Katy Kung Luk Wing Moon Lau


CHUN SING-HOI (Bosco Wong), FUNG CHIK-YIN (Edwin Siu) and YAU TIN-HANG (Louis Cheung), the well-known PR trio, often socialize with the upper class, experiencing the glitz and glamour. As fate would have it, CHIK-YIN re-encounters his ex KOO SHING-SHEUNG (Priscilla Wong) and her younger brother KOO SHING-HEI (Luk Wing), who turn out to be the children of a land mogul named KOO FOK-SENG (Pat Poon). The company helmed by SHING-SHEUNG's paternal half sister KOO SHING-FUN (Alice Chan) has gone from strength to strength, playing a decisive role in town. With SHING-SHEUNG pulling a few strings to open up the door to prosperity, the three do whatever they can to make their way to the top. However, the higher they climb, the more they lose. Eventually, they forsake everything including their families, loved ones, friends and dignity......