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Another Era    Trailer

  • September 10

  • 36

  • Mon-Fri (VAN) 5:30pm, 9:30pm (TOR) 8:30pm, 12:30am

  • Kwok Chun On, Chow Lai Ki, Niki, Frankie Lam, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Benjamin Yuen, Chau Pak Ho, Gloria Tang, Roxanne Tong, Pat Poon


In 2008, as the tsunami of financial chaos engulfed the world, ambitious entrepreneur HO TIN-SANG (Kwok Chun On) saw the opportunity seeking to take over the richest man in Hong Kong, FONG CHUNG-YAM’s (Wu Fung) business empire, but was interfered by another business magnate CHEUK KAI-TONG (Pat Poon). Bearing animosity towards him, TIN-SANG has been seeking revenge since then. Ten years later, the now wealthiest Cheuk family is overshadowed by misfortune. The sudden death of KAI-TONG’s son comes as a crushing blow to KAI-TONG, who lapses into a coma after a heart attack. To keep their business going, his inexperienced younger daughter CHEUK DING-YIU (Chow Lai Ki, Niki), with the help of a private equity placement agent, KO CHIT (Frankie Lam), faces off with TIN-SANG. With KAI-TONG regaining consciousness, TIN-SANG’s wife CHEUNG MING-HEI (Tavia Yeung), CHUNG-YAM’s grandson FONG CHAK-YU (Benjamin Yuen) and aspiring young entrepreneur CHING HOI (Chau Pak Ho) also get involved in the ever-escalating power struggle. The enmity among them will soon intensify towards a full-blown rivalry……