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Riches And Stitches   

  • November 15, 2020

  • 30 episodes

  • FTV1 Sunday 3:00pm

  • Moses Chan Kwong Wa Anne Heung Gigi Lai Melissa Ng Marco Ngai Michael Tong


Siu Chun Hang (Moses Chan) has had a special affection for Cheongsam. He makes his first cheongsam for his dream girl Po Chui Lung (Anne Heung), formerly a princess of the Qing Dynasty. He makes alterations to Lung's cheongsam, resulting in a design that is simple but elegant. Since then, he has become well known for his skills as a tailor and a designer. But life is full of ups and downs. Who would have guessed that his success is just the beginning of his downfall?

Lung works for triad member Wing Ho Tung (Kwong Wa), owner of a nightclub. Lung suggests Hang designs clothes for Lang Heung Ling (Melissa Ng), a top dancer from Tung's nightclub, so that he can further develop his career. Though famous for his cheongsam, things do not really go well for Hang. And because of what is brother Cheung (Michael Tong) has done, Hang gets into serious trouble.

There seems to be no hope for Hang. But then there comes an angel - Hoi Tong (Gigi Lai), a singer and Cheung's ex-girlfriend, sticks by him and does her best to help him through his darkest moments. Meanwhile, Lung and Tung also make a great effort to him build up his confidence......