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The Runner   

  • May 20, 2022

  • 25 episodes

  • Mon-Fri 9:00pm

  • Joel Chan Elaine Yiu Max Cheung Tiffany Lau Joey Law YoYo Chen Jack Wu Candice Chiu Ram Chiang KK Cheung


Web media editor Ho Ka-yan (Elaine Yiu) encounters track and field coach Yuen Nik (Joel Chan) as she is assigned the task of approaching the Windchasers Club and digging up scandalous dirt. Because of some past regrettable incident, Yuen Nik avoids socializing with other people. But he is getting closer and closer to Ka-yan as he repeatedly mingles with her. Kwok Bui-yee (Tiffany Lau), daughter of tycoon Kwok Wong-po (Ram Chiang), eagerly joins Windchasers as she has some ulterior motive. However, Wong-po and Yuen Nik keep agitating each other as Wong-po becomes Windchasers' sponsor. Yuen Nik's buddy Lai Shun-fan (Max Cheung) asks Yuen Nik to look after his young son Mak Yu-sun. The duo gradually develop an amicable mentor-disciple relationship. And Shun-fan and Ka-yan actually had some emotional issues. Shun-fan then becomes self-destructive due to some serious illness. Yuen Nik is determined to make him pick himself up. Meanwhile, Yuen Nik takes a good look at himself as he wants to again set foot on the runway.