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Wonder Women   

  • Jan 6, 2021

  • 25

  • Mon-Fri 9:00pm

  • Miriam Yeung Pakho Chau Raymond Wong Alice Chan Tony Hung Rebecca Zhu Jonathan Wong Andrew Yuen Maggie Yu Lily Leung Cheung Kwok Keung Lai Yin Shan Hui Shiu Hung Melvin Wong Nora Miao


LAM FEI (Miriam Yeung) is a beautiful, trendy yet cheerful “Wonder Women” housewife. She and her husband, an architect SHEUNG KIM-HUNG (Raymond Wong) and a smart and active son SHEUNG KAI-KAI are living a happy life. LAM FEI has two buddies, a career woman, MAN FUNG-WAH (Alice Chan) and a pretty and wealthy wife MA SEE-LUI (Rebecca Zhu). Each of this trio has her own ideas about romance and encounter different up and down of love. KIM-HUNG develops his career. He takes a shelter in mainland and abandon his family after having an affair. LAM FEI suffers a hugh blow and she has to bring up her son by herself so she sublets her flat. A tall, handsome and rich guy, YUNG HO-TIN (Pakho Chau) becomes her tenant. They often tease each other and end up in hilarious situations. By chance, LAM FEI changes from a housewife to a celebrity chef, HO-TIN becomes her angel in helping LAM FEI to build up a culinary career.
A heartless man causes a woman to feel hopeless. Another affectionate man makes her feel optimistic again. This moment, KIM-HUNG returns to seek reunion. HO-TIN is also proactive and the triangle relationship is remain in a deadlock!