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The Offliners   

  • December 31, 2020

  • 20

  • Monday to Friday 8:05pm

  • Owen Cheung Katy Kung Moon Lau Jason Chan Jacqueline Wong Brian Tse Karl Ting Bowie Wu Joseph Lee Rosanne Lui Suet Nay


In Hong Kong, investing in finance, real estate and commerce are down-to-earth activities, but rich heiress WONG CHI-FEI (Katy Kung) prefers getting her head in the clouds, cofounding a start-up technology company with her best friend HUI CHING-WAI (Jason Chan). A network hacking incident allows CHI-FEI to have a chance to know how capable IT genius DING SHUN-HEI (Owen Cheung) is, so she invites him to join the company. SHUN-HEI is a geek and oblivious of his surroundings. He gets help from a nurse named CHEUNG LOI (Moon Lau) and overcomes his communication barriers. Gradually, he grows fond of her. Despite initial disagreements, CHI-FEI and SHUN-HEI become more cooperative and are even complementary to each other. Inadvertently, CHI-FEI develops feelings for SHUN-HEI…… Originally, CHI-FEI believes that technology is making the world a better place, however, her father WONG SAU-KEN (Joseph Lee), younger brother WONG CHI-LUNG (Marcus Lo) and SHUN-HEI’s younger sister DING SHUN-YAN (Jacqueline Wong) are respectively engulfed in internet controversies!