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Nothing Special Force    Trailer

  • September 24th

  • 20

  • Sun (VAN) 3:00pm, 8:10pm(TOR) 6:00pm, 11:10pm

  • Ben Wong Mandy Wong Jacqueline Wong C Kwan Joseph Lee Geoffrey Wong Amy Fan Arnold Kwok


TING CHI-MO (Ben Wong), a rising star in the police force, changes his attitude towards life due to a genetic disease that runs in his family, and starts leading a slower-paced life to enjoy every moment. He gains recognition from Chief Inspector LAM WAI -SAU (Geoffrey Wong) and is transferred to the Miscellaneous Enquiries Sub-unit to straighten things up, supervising a group of no ordinary cops. They include a slacker and former undercover cop, CHE YIK-SUN (C Kwan), an over-enthusiastic conspiracy theorist and rookie, KUK TSZ-CHING (Jacqueline Wong), muscular and caring LEE CHUN-KEI (Arnold Kwok) nicknamed “The Fighter Jet”, and hot-headed LUNG LAI-SA (Mandy Wong) who is single but pregnant. Anything that is non-criminal or cannot be classified falls within their jurisdiction. Despite CHI-MO’s objection, LAI-SA insists on dealing with death reports, investigating each cause of death. Though they initially hold seemingly contradictory views, they gradually forge a friendship through mutual trust. LAI-SA even encourages CHI-MO to overcome the fears of living in the shadow of illness. However, CHI-MO still can’t get over his ex-girlfriend TSUI WING-SZE (Joyce Tang), which leaves him no other choice but to remain silent. Out of the blue, a failed operation led by YIK-SUN puts LAI-SA in danger, so CHI-MO tries his best to look for LAI-SA depending solely on his intermittent memory……