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Come Home Love : Dinner At 8   

  • June 26

  • 200 episodes

  • Monday to Friday 10:30pm

  • Shiu Lai King Law Chun Ngok Ma Tsun Ying Sin Tsui Ching Wayne Lai Teresa Mo Chan Kwok Bong Chung King Fai Florence Kwok Angela Tong William Hu Mark Ma


With the TV station that KOO HIU-SUN (Wayne Lai) works for in turmoil, the management appoints WAN FEI-FEI (Florence Kwok) the general manager to carry out a reform. The women's lifestyle show produced by HIU-SUN is the first to be affected and they run into problems on launch day for the new show. Quick-witted HIU-SUN immediately tells LAM SIU-SIU (Teresa Mo), his secretary who is just transferred from the accounts department, to replace the absent celebrity chef and host the show. SIU-SIU demonstrates her eloquence and incredible culinary skills to make the show go viral, so HIU-SUN pressures SIU-SIU to continue to host the show. However, SIU-SIU makes a counter-proposal that not only will her best friend/hair stylist, CHIU LAI-HUNG (Angela Tong), get to keep her job, but SIU-SIU herself also gets to work fixed hours in exchange for her taking up the new assignment. She needs fixed hours because she has to serve dinner for her younger uncle, LAM YEE-MAK (Chan Kwok Bong), and her paternal half-brother, LAM WO (Ricco Ng), on time each day. Ever since her job transfer, SIU-SIU has to have more than one ace up her sleeve so as to deal with her overly demanding boss, HIU-SUN. As for HIU-SUN who has reached a career bottleneck, he is always on his guard against his Assistant Producer YAN YAN (Veronica Shiu) for fear of her being an office snitch for FEI-FEI. Unexpectedly, YAN YAN and SIU-SIU hit it off right away, on top of which they even intervene in the relationship between HIU-SUN and his father KOO LIK-HANG (Chung King Fai), making a huge impact beyond their wildest dreams......