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Vivien Louie Nominated to Participate in the "Kakehashi (Bridge) Project"


Vivien Louie, Promotion and Special Projects Manager at FTV, was honored to be nominated by the Consul-General of Japan in Vancouver to participate in the Asian Canadian Leadership Program under the exchange program "Kakehashi (Bridge) Project", organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Vivien, along with 4 professional elites including 2 Chinese-Canadians from Montreal and Ottawa, two Korean-Canadians from Toronto and Calgary, traveled to Tokyo and Osaka for 8 days to meet with politicians, experience Japanese culture, visit historical landmarks and attend information sessions on the current cutting-edge innovations in Japan. Vivien also had the opportunity to present to Japanese political leaders and international enterprises on how Fairchild Media Group serves as a bridge between Chinese-Canadian community and the mainstream society in Canada.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan attached great importance to the Kakehashi Project as the team was greeted by Mayor of Sakai City, Osami Takeyama, in person.

Grew up in Vancouver and graduated from St. George's School, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kiyoto Tsuji, reminisced on his teenage life in Vancouver when he met with the team members. Co-incidentally, some Japanese business senior executives had previously worked at the Canadian communications and energy sectors as well.

In addition to a guided tour at the social and political infrastructure, the team also explored the recently opened "new Tsukiji" market in Toyosu and was updated on the preparations for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Just last summer, the futuristic creature, Miraitowa was unveiled as the official mascot for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, representing the prominent and advanced aspect of the new technologies in Japan. The trip could not have completed without visiting the humanoid robot ASIMO.


Japan was confronted by an onslaught of natural disasters this year, including several earthquakes and typhoons, causing severe damages on roads and buildings, especially in Osaka which was hit by both disasters. Nevertheless, the government has paid a tremendous effort in successfully dealing with the aftermath. Tourist attractions like the famous cultural heritage Osaka Castle have been reopened for tourism.

Through this program, team members were able to appreciate how Japanese traditional values mingle well with modern ideology. Japanese culture thus transcends the passage of time. Likewise, Fairchild Television has demonstrated to fellow citizens across the nation and friends from a different continent the critical role of overseas Chinese media in exploring new horizons while preserving our own heritage.

MCVP benefiting Surgical and Eye-care Patients


Fairchild Television has named VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala Dinner this year. Today, the 10 gorgeous finalists attended the MCVP 2018 Gala Dinner press conference held by the Foundation at Aberdeen Centre.


The contestants first appealed to the audiences for their attention to raise fund for a surgical navigation system that helps to reduce surgical time and speed up patient recovery from surgery as well as to create a safe, accessible and welcoming waiting space at the Eye Care Centre for elderly eye-care patients. The 10 warmhearted finalists also took this opportunity to express gratitude to their “Guardian Angels” for the unconditional love and continuous support.

#1. May Li  #2. Alice Lin
#3. Maggie Lee  #4. Angela Wei
#5. Nicole Chu  #6. Sarah Xu
#7. Rachel He  #8. Lily Jin
#9. Larina Zhou  #10. Ryea Jin

As a token of appreciation, President and CEO of VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, Ms. Barbara Grantham presented to the President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan a Thank You plaque and wished everybody a successful event on December 6. Since it was the contestants’ first official public appearance, the venue was full of crowds and filled with flashes and shutter noises as fans were capturing snapshots of the 10 stunning ladies. Through the remarkable performance by the contestants at the Final, MCVP 2018 Gala Dinner will definitely exceed its fundraising goal.

Leisure Talk: Star Corner


November 9th (Friday): Denis Ng

MCVP 2018 Press Conference


Organized by Fairchild Television, the prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 Final will take place on Thursday December 6. With beauty, courage and confidence, the contestants will conquer the stage with a shining and remarkable performance at the Final. They will engage the audience, stroll down memory lane and embrace the dazzling future together. After undergoing a wide spectrum of intensive training instructed by a team of professionals, the 10 gorgeous young ladies made their first official grand entrance at the press conference stage.

For over 20 years, Q&A has been notorious for its unpredictability and deemed the toughest segment in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. During the press conference, the two MCs, 2nd runner-up of last year’s Pageant Tingting Niu and B Chiu, first chatted with Fred Liu on how to help the contestants stay relaxed in the Q&A session.

As an experienced pageant MC, Fred shared that the secret is to spend more time studying the girls’ profiles to inspire their thoughts. Fred and B Chiu will be partnering with the versatile Hong Kong artiste Jack Wu as the MCs for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018, leading the 10 stunning girls through the final stage of the competition. Following the footsteps of last year’s special guest performer Crazy Runner Founder Joel Chan, team member Jack will grace the Pageant stage this time. Debuted as a singer, Jack has also participated in many dramas and variety shows. He recently takes up the challenge of hosting Cantopop at 50 and showcases his amazing vocals and natural, witty hosting skill. Jack’s first public appearance in Vancouver this early December must bring lots of excitement to local fans.


Shortly after the MC’s conversation, the 10 finalists took turns to introduce themselves at the press conference. The petite #1 May Li is a vivacious and persistent girl who puts her daily life into videos clips and shares on her vlogs while striving for good grades at school. The generous and thoughtful #2 Alice Lin is a popular host of a live streaming video platform in Taiwan. After participating in her friend’s music video as the female lead, Alice had determined to pursue her dreams in the entertainment business.


Piano teacher #3 Maggie Lee has been diligently cultivating students’ piano skills and their interest in music for 7 years. Soft and gentle, she also has a contrasting personality with an enthusiasm to undertake new challenges. The youngest finalist #4 Angela Wei enjoys performing inside and outside of schools as well as volunteering for charities that provide pediatric palliative care to children and families.


As a marvelous Chinese classical dance dancer, #5 Nicole Chu’s most memorable experience was to represent Canada at the International Youth Dance Festival in Macau. Food-lover #6 Sarah Xu started playing flute since childhood and was a member of the school ensemble. Her warm smile always brings happiness to everyone around her.


Endowed with beauty and wisdom, #7 Rachel He obtained two Master of Laws degrees at Beijing Normal University and the University of Montreal, hoping to advocate women’s right through legal policy. The elegant #8 Lily Jin is fond of tasting Chinese Kung Fu Tea and experiencing the profound Chinese tea culture.


The optimistic and adorable #9 Larina Zhou is passionate about dancing, especially for the excitement and speed that come along with Tango. #10 Ryea Jin aspires to a career in the movie industry and to achieve that, she has completed courses in performing arts. Her cyr wheel dance made a great impression at the audition.


To manifest the theme “Classics ∞ Abound”, highlights of the mesmerizing evening include a phenomenal East meets West performance delivered by renowned Chinese Canadian soprano Jessica Yan Macintosh and young dexterous musician Herbert Kwan. Aside from the wonderful collaboration, Fairchild TV is pleased to invite the charming Lokyi Lai as the performing guest of the Pageant. Since his appearance as the special guest for the very first Super 10 in 2011, Lokyi has been part of a number of FTV projects and definitely become one of Canadian viewers’ favorites. Local fans are also witnessing Lokyi’s acting journey from assuming insignificant characters to taking up more major roles in TVB dramas. His witty and smart persona John Ma from Come Home Love gradually earned him great recognition. In addition to the close-tie between Loyki and Fairchild TV, he has a strong connection with champions of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant too as he was the male lead in Linda Chung’s (2003) World for Two music video. He also provided advice to his good friend Linda when she was picking her daughter’s Chinese name. In 2016, Lokyi sat at the judge panel of Miss Chinese International Pageant when Miss Chinese Vancouver Jennifer Coosemans (2015) captured the prestigious title.


In December, Loyki will be meeting up with Linda and Jennifer again as the two ladies will attend the Pageant as judges. They will be joined by other judges, member of the band Soler Dino Acconci, Managing Director of Asian-Canadian Special Events Association Charlie Wu and Dr. Titus Wong to select the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and the recipients of Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Most Charming Award, Anna Sit Miss Photogenic, Dairn Shane Outstanding Intelligence Award, Doctor Face Experience Best Complexion Award, Airland My Dream Girl Award, Beauty Court Sparkling New Star Award, and Luk Fook Jewellery Luminous Beauty Award.

As a continuation of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant legacy, Fairchild TV is donating the Pageant production to a different charity organization each year as its entertainment for a fund-raising gala. This year, Fairchild TV has named VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of the annual MCVP Gala Dinner to raise fund for a surgical navigation system which helps to reduce surgical time and speed up patient recovery from surgery.

The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 Final will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Thursday December 6th and aired on Fairchild TV, Talentvision, and their homepages at 7:55pm. To find out more and keep updated with the Pageant happenings, tune in to the MCVP segment of What’s On and visit MCVP Facebook page and Instagram.

Fourth Chapter of the Pageant Journey: How to Sculpt a Slender Figure?


For over 20 years, Q&A has been considered to be the toughest segment in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant as the contestants need to answer unpredictable questions conducted by the MCs graciously in flattering bikinis. To enhance their healthy and beautiful body, the finalists attended fitness sessions and worked out using different gym equipments instructed by professional trainers.


A seminar from a swimwear expert was also invited to show them how to select the best swimsuits to accentuate their charming and gorgeous figures according to different body types.


MCVP 2018 Pageant Journey: First challenge


After a month of training, the contestants applied what they had learned to the photo and TV promo shoots. The 10 girls arrived early in the morning for make-up and hair-styling, getting ready to take on their first challenge with confidence. In harmony with Fairchild TV’s Silver Anniversary, the finalists were accessorized with glamorous silver rings, necklace, and bracelets and several stylish outfits to express their contrasting personalities, bright and adorable vs. elegant and cool, in front of the camera. 


In the second part of the shooting, the gorgeous ladies put on classic black and white outfits, grooving with the music and radiating their charisma under the lens. To embrace this year’s theme ”Classics ∞ Abound”, the”∞” hand sign was adopted as part of the end pose to represent the infinite potential of every young individual.


The 10 finalists will make their first media appearance on November 1 when all promotions will be launched. To capture every moment of this precious journey, make sure to follow MCVP Facebook and Instagram (MCVPCanada).

Third chapter of the MCVP Journey: Stage Training


Glamorous appearance and charming stage presence are key elements to excel in the Pageant. Throughout their busy schedule, the 10 finalists understand wholeheartedly what the Chinese idiom “Three minute glory on stage is made possible by ten years of hard work off stage” mean. In additional to modeling classes coached by professional instructor to liberate their self-confidence on stage and in front of the camera, the girls are also attending stage training session at least three times per week guided by Stage Director Didi to polish stage movements and dances. Let’s look forward to their remarkable transformation at the Final on December 6th!


Second chapter of the MCVP Journey: Equipped with Beauty Knowledge


In addition to a fabulous makeover with a variety of trendy outfits, the 10 contestants attended lectures to learn more about skin structure, skincare routines for every season as well as the latest information on skincare technology and products.


IIn the midst of their hectic training schedule, the finalists also managed to enjoy some relaxing and delightful moments when receiving luxury manicure treatments. To keep updated with other news on Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018, do follow our social media closely!


MCVP 2018 Pageant Journey: Beauty Secrets


Radiant complexion and confident smile are crucial elements contributing to a great first impression. Coached by skincare expert, the 10 finalists learned how to stay the best through skincare and makeup seminars. They were also fortunate to receive dental care tips and teeth whitening services from dental professionals. Confident, elegant, radiant, they are all ready for the rest of their jouney.


What a “Glamorous Classics Night”!


The Fairchild Silver Anniversary celebration continued with the much anticipated Glamorous Classics Night on September 28th. In addition to sumptuous dining, the event stage was graced by the ever popular and charismatic Hong Kong artiste William Hu, who strolled down the memory lane with guests and relived the good old days with songs that are oldies but goodies. Since William’s return to the Hong Kong entertainment industry in 2012, he had continuously worked with Fairchild Television on a few projects, including as the MC and special performer at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant. He had also served as both judge and special performing guest at the Super 10 Golden Voice Contest. Revisiting Vancouver to celebrate Fairchild TV’s 25th birthday made his trip especially meaningful.

MC of the show, William Ho, unveiled the exciting night with a small game, giving away Fairchild TV Silver Jubilee souvenirs to lucky guests, generating an immediate uplifting atmosphere at the venue. Shortly after, it’s show time! First to perform was champion of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, Esme Shi, as she brought forth a legendary classic, Sweet As Honey.

Next up was Miss Chinese Vancouver Shayna danced beautifully to Chilly, a romantic yet sorrowful piece of music performed by guzheng player Ada Li.


The cheerful party feel was escalated by Brenda Lo, who has witnessed the growth of Fairchild Television, as she performed A Thousand Suns, Wind and Clouds, and an English medley. The lyrics "Hello my friend, how are you today?" gave Fairchild TV staff goose bumps as the past memories flashed before their eyes. Her heart-warming lead-in was followed by the appearance of her good friend as well as the charming special guest performer William Hu.

William was thrilled to meet with all the Vancouver fans and specially brought the most exciting portion of his solo concert to the evening. While singing the Chinese oldies medley, William invited passionate fans onto the stage to dance with him.

Audiences were lucky to witness the unprecedented collaboration of William and Brenda as they performed a wonderful rendition of Happy Times, originally from the legendary group “6 Pair and a Half”.

In the midst of the performance, William and Brenda received many red envelopes from audiences as an encouragement but the benevolent William donated all to the beneficiary of this year’s Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala Dinner, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.


With the song “Friends”, the marvellous William recalled the precious memories working with Fairchild TV and at the same time expressed gratitude for his fans’ continuous support, and finished off with an acapella version of Love You More Everyday as the encore number, drawing the evening to a perfect end.

Lastly, President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan presented William with a beautiful photo collage and Brenda with a flower bouquet as tokens of appreciation.

In addition to exciting entertainment, many guests took home Fairchild TV Silver Jubilee souvenirs, and among all, a lucky one has become the sole winner of Two Round-trip Economy Class Air Tickets to any one of Air Canada’s global destinations! Glamorous Classics Night will be broadcasted on October 14th at 9:55pm on Fairchild Television, and on October 21th at 8:55pm (PST) on FTV2HD. Please stay tuned.

MCVP - Close encounter with Anthony Lun and William Hu


In preparation for the first photo and promo shooting, the 10 finalists frequented Fairchild Television lately for meetings and fittings. In the midst of their busy schedules, the girls were lucky to encounter Anthony Lun, the guest of What’s On and City Chat, and William Hu, the special guest performer of the upcoming Glamorous Classics Night. William, the MC of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2014 and Anthony, the special performing guest of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2006, flashed back on their performances in the dazzling evening and encouraged contestants to work hard to present their best at the Final.

Special Guest William Hu Press Conference


2018 marks the Silver Anniversary of Fairchild Television. While reminiscing the past, Fairchild Television also endeavors to “Make the Future Memorable” by producing a series of exciting events including “25 Unforgettable Classics Voting”, “Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest”, and the upcoming “Glamorous Classics Night”. Fairchild TV is pleased to have the presence of the charismatic Hong Kong artiste, William Hu, as the evening’s special guest, performing together with his good friend Brenda Lo for the very first time in Canada.


Starring as the handsome and optimistic Ciu Wai in sitcom Come Home Love has made William a household name in Hong Kong. He always considers visiting Vancouver as a home-coming too meeting with friends at Fairchild Television again. Despite his back injury, William was not deterred and kept his promise to bring forth an amazing performance to his fans all the way from Hong Kong. Today, William Hu finally stood side by side on stage with another William, the press conference and evening MC William Ho, and shared the precious times and warm memories with his fans at the solo concert earlier this year. William also talked about his experience of filming Smart Elderly, a programme produced by Radio Television Hong Kong in Netherlands and some behind the scene stories of his new movie. Farewell Ladies Market.

In the upcoming “Glamorous Classics Night”, William has guaranteed the most exciting portion of his successful concert be brought to Vancouver. Moreover, the unprecedented collaboration of William Hu and Brenda Lo will definitely be the highlight of the show as everyone could already tell from their hilarious conversation at the press conference.

Wrapping up, President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan presented William with a beautiful photo collage as a souvenir to compliment his continuous support and wish him success at the show. The photo collage was made up of PLEM magazine cover featuring William and all Fairchild TV events he had participated in, including being the MC and special guest performer of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as special guest performer of Super 10.

The entire press conference was live-streamed on Fairchild TV Facebook. Shortly after today’s press conference, William will guest on Anita's Talk Show on Fairchild Radio tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm. “Glamorous Classics Night” will be held on September 28th (Friday) at 7pm.

MCVP 2018 First chapter of MCVP Journey: Stunning Transformation


MCVP professional team has been working hard to help contestants to manifest their hidden potentials. After professional consultation, the contestants embraced a completely new look with a unique hairstyle while Image Director Betty meticulously studied the girls’ body features to design distinctive styles to bring out their charming personalities. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated new image of the MCV ’18!


MCVP 2018 Contestants ready to embark onto the Pageant Journey!


A series of auditioning challenges after, ten gorgeous Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant finalists have been chosen. Under the witness of a notary public, they signed contracts with Fairchild and officially launched their three month pageant journey with a full schedule of professional training ahead! Good luck to you all girls!!!


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 Audition


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Cheryl Ng, Ruby Ng, and Tingting Niu’s inspiring recruitment promos, together with their useful tips and encouragements shared on social media have triggered tremendous responses from many young ladies to audition for this year’s Pageant.


Coping with the theme, “Classics ∞ Abound”, contestants looked back to many classic talent performances delivered by our former Miss Chinese Vancouver participants, and brought forth some exceptional yet nostalgic talents, including playing pipa, guitar, Chinese dance, Kpop dance, and freestyle dance.


The performances not only showcased the contestants’ unique charisma but also impressed the judge panel formed by Fairchild TV host William Ho, Talentvision host Carmen Shao, Fairchild TV’s Sales and Marketing Controller Helen Lee, and Senior Producer Francis Ho.

After much deliberation, 10 finalists were selected to go through a series of professional trainings in preparation for the Pageant Final. If you long for more sneak peeks of the audition, make sure to follow MCVP official website and social media platforms.

Linda and Gloria Leave a Mark on MCVP History


Another Era - Starts September 10 on FTV2HD
Monday to Friday 5:30 pm, 9:30pm(PST)  | Monday to Friday 8:30pm, 12:30am(EST)

Congratulations to new mom Linda Chung! Two years after her daughter Kelly was born, Linda recently gave birth to a baby boy. The upcoming drama, Another Era, would probably be the full-time mum Linda’s last drama in the foreseeable future.

Filmed in Vancouver and starring the adorable Linda, Another Era will definitely lure the hearts of many Canadian audiences. Moreover, it features another talented Vancouverite Gloria Tang, who also captured both the titles of Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International just like Linda. Gloria will team up with Benjamin Yuen and Pakho Chau to form the “Another Era Trio”. The collaboration of two Miss Chinese Vancouver’s who were crowded in different generations will sure leave a mark in the history of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant.

Tingting Niu Attends S.U.C.C.E.S.S Charity Golf Tournament


Representing truth, kindness, and beauty, the winners of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant have always put their best efforts into giving back to the community and spreading positivity. Tingting Niu, the 2nd Runner Up of last year's Pageant, just attended the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Golf Tournament on behalf of Fairchild TV as a special guest for the opening ceremony and tee off. Tingting made a short speech at the press conference, raising awareness for people in need through her participation. Tingting has also solicited sponsors to support this meaningful event, showcasing her warm-heartedness. By swinging her golf club, Tingting successfully teed off the tournament and hoped the donation would jump rocket high just like the golf ball.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala Dinner 2018 Press Conference


Every year, Fairchild TV donates the production of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant to a different charity organization as its entertainment for a fund-raising gala. Pursuant to the All Star Charity Gala held in 2015, Fairchild Television is pleased to announce the second collaboration with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation by naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of the annual MCVP Gala Dinner this year. VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation has recently held a press conference, hosted by Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Cheryl Ng along with Leisure Talk host William Ho, to reveal Gala details.

President and CEO of VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, Ms. Barbara Grantham, expressed sincere appreciation and gratitude to Fairchild TV for our generous donation, hoping to raise fund through the Pageant for a surgical navigation system which helps to reduce surgical time and speed up patient recovery from surgery.

As a patient at Vancouver General Hospital a few years ago, William shared his experience and praised the medical staffs for their unconditional care.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala Dinner 2018 will take place on December 6th (Thursday) at Vancouver Convention Centre. Let's join hands to make a difference! For more information, please email to kittycheung@vghfoundation.ca or call 604-875-8233.

2018 Taiwan Fest


Fairchild TV and Talentvision always invite TV viewers to join the annual Taiwan Fest tour with a group of popular TV personalities during the Labor Day long weekend. This year, Taiwanese host of City Chat, Carmen Shao, Leisure Talk host William Ho, and the winners of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017, Cheryl Ng and Ruby Ng, accompanied the lucky audiences to explore the connection between the island nations of Philippines and Taiwan at “Fête with the Philippines”.

Guided by a representative from the Festival, tour members met Mario Subeldia, a renowned Filipino artist residing in Taiwan who produced artworks in different forms – from sand painting and drawing to handmade clothing and fashion design. Through Mario’s works, not only was the story of a migrant artist unveiled, but also the beauty of art which was created in Taiwan yet originated from the Philippines was discovered.


Speaking of cultural exchange, music is definitely one of the most significant elements. Cheryl and Carmen received a ukulele lesson from Ginalina, the 2015 JUNO Awards nominee, leading the others to sing along on the street as well.

On Sunday, Foodie William Ho and celebrity Chef Denice Wai were invited to be the judges for the International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational Canada (IPACC) Cooking Competition, witnessing a heated competition among chefs from Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea for the champion through innovative fusion dishes.

MCVP: A Perfect Starting Point to Realize Your Dream.
Dr. Charmaine Ma’s Dream Has Come True


Many people dream of becoming a doctor when they are young, however, only a few of them persist until they succeed. Recently, Dr. Charmaine Ma was invited to appear on Leisure Talk to share topics about home care and healthcare. Once a Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant finalist, Dr. Ma had the opportunity to explore works at different social welfare organizations and understand the needs of patients, further reinforcing her determination of becoming a member of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). 10 years after, she is now a licensed physician and one step closer to her dream. No matter what your next goal is, Dr. Ma can certainly be your role model. Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant – start dreaming and it starts from here!

Fairchild TV Japanese Buffet Summer Party


Every year, Fairchild TV and Talentvision arrange different activities for employees to nurture work relationship and boost up morale at the workplace. Barbeques are always a favorite summer pastime; however, all outdoor barbecues were banned due to extreme fire hazards this summer. As a result, Fairchild TV decided to host a Japanese buffet summer party for the very first time. It was a moment to be treasured as over one hundred staffs and artistes took a break and gathered together to enjoy a great time with one another.


Cheryl Ng, Ruby Ng, and Tingting Niu: Reminiscing On the Past and Looking Forward


The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant is not only about beauty. In fact, the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver also symbolizes kindness and positive energy, just as the winners of last year’s Pageant, Cheryl Ng, Ruby Ng, and Tingting Niu, who strive to give back to the community in every way possible right after the final. They recently took a moment to reminisce on their one year experience as Miss Chinese Vancouver and share their future plans in Leisure Talk and City Chat. Ruby revealed that she successfully fulfilled her grandma’s wish as she captured the title of second runner-up. Tingting was deeply touched by her unique experience visiting the AIDS-impacted orphans in mainland China. Lastly, Cheryl plans to put more effort on helping small animals and advocating animal rights in the future. Are there any wishes you want to achieve through the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant?

Behind-the-scenes sneak peek of MCVP 2018 Recruitment Promo


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017, Cheryl Ng, Ruby Ng, and Tingting Niu had a lot of fun when shooting the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 Recruitment promo as they shared their inspiring experience at the Pageant journey.

Cheryl was glad to discover her true self in the midst of the competition. Over the past year she has actively participated in different community services, working towards becoming an animal rights advocate in the near future.

The energetic and athletic Ruby joined the Pageant because of the promise she made to the grandma. After the training, she has now been transformed into a more independent and confident woman who has a good grasp of styling.

The Interdisciplinary Performance and Visual Arts Major Tingting filmed and edited the recruitment promo herself, encouraging all Vancouver beauties to showcase their potentials through the Pageant. Application deadline is September 14th (Friday) at 5pm. Click here to apply online. Don’t miss this opportunity to open up a new chapter in your life!

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018
Kick Start Press Conference


For nearly a quarter of a century after its inception, the legacy of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant continues. To celebrate Fairchild Television’s Silver Anniversary and commemorate another milestone Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant will be attaining next year at its 25th Anniversary, the recruitment was officially launched today at the “Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 Kick Start Press Conference” along with the theme “Classics ∞ Abound”.

The press conference was unfolded by a magical silver ring stunt. The different combinations of rings represented the infinite potential of every young lady, just like Tingting Niu, the 2nd Runner-Up of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017. Tingting is not only a versatile performer, whose dancing and singing skills are on a professional level, but she is also extremely eloquent. On this very significant occasion, she joined hands with Chris Yuen as the MC’s.

In harmony with the theme “Classics ∞ Abound”, the special guests of the press conference were invited to share some classic memories at the Pageant. Ms. Deborah Moore revealed that with her limited proficiency of the Chinese language, it was definitely a nerve-racking experience being appointed as the MC of the very first Pageant. Deborah even slightly joked that it was as challenging as competing at Miss Hong Kong Pageant.


Next up was former veteran chaperone, Ms. Kelly Chan, who had witnessed the birth of numerous Miss Chinese Vancouver’s for over 10 years. Among all the unforgettable memories, Kelly recalled vividly that Eliza Sam at that time was lack of confidence with lots of worries on expressing herself in Chinese at the Q&A session. Nonetheless, Kelly was pleasantly surprised by this intelligent lady when later onstage she saw Eliza communicating in French with the MC who happened to be a fluent French speaker as well!


Over the past 2 decades, the prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has seen many outstanding ladies with phenomenal success at both Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Pageants, including Crystal Pan, Bernice Liu, Shirley Zhou, Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Cici Chen, Eliza Sam, Cindy Zhong, Gloria Tang, and Jennifer Coosemans. The Pageant has also served as a platform for the young finalists to overcome their anxieties and further their pageant ventures. Returning to Hong Kong as an overseas contestant at Miss Hong Kong Pageant two years after Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, Ms. Kayi Cheung made history by becoming the first Miss Chinese Vancouver to capture the title of Miss Hong Kong. During the press conference, Kayi remembered the massive criticisms following the announcement of her championship and stated that family and friends’ supports were exceedingly important in helping her to conquer the negative energy.


Along with Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Cheryl Ng, Kayi urged all talented young ladies to act fast and step onto the journey of fame.


1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner Up, Ruby Ng and Tingting Niu, expressed thanks to Fairchild Television for providing a high level of professional trainings and felt blessed by how much their horizons have been broadened through community services and events the past year.

The entire press conference was live-streamed on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to watch it through MCVP Facebook (mcvpcanada). Moreover, please stay tuned to the official website www.fairchildtv.com and other MCVP social media platforms where Cheryl, Ruby and Ting Ting will be sharing their extraordinary pageant experiences and interview tips soon.

The winners of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 and the special guests of the press conference encouraged all aspiring young beauties to take the initiative and audition for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018. To wrap up the press conference, President of Fairchild Media Group and the MCVP Chairperson, Mr. Joe Chan, was invited onto the stage to officiate the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 campaign. Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 Final will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on December 6th (Thursday). Application deadline is September 14th (Friday), 5pm.

Cheryl Ng, Ruby Ng, and Tingting Niu : Let’s welcome the challenge!


Almost one year after joining the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, winners Cheryl Ng, Ruby Ng, and Tingting Niu recently teamed up for a Popular Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine photo shoot in Chinatown for the launch of this year’s Pageant. Paralleled to Vancouver Chinatown, a fascinating area filled with historic treasures while currently embracing new elements, the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant attempts to showcase a harmonious blend of the traditional and contemporary.


Enjoying the PLEM magazines featuring former Miss Chinese Vancouver’s, the 3 gorgeous ladies put on stylish outfits and roamed the streets of Chinatown, demonstrating a perfect mix of classic and modernity.


Cheryl : Let’s get ready for MCVP 2018!


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Cheryl Ng appeals to potential talents to join this year’s Pageant in the upcoming recruitment promo. Coping with Fairchild Television’s Silver Anniversary theme, the producer employed black, white, red, orange, and silver to showcase 2 contrasting personalities of Cheryl : energetic and youthful vs. elegant and cool.


As the shooting coincidently fell on Cheryl’s birthday, Fairchild team members prepared a little surprise celebration for the birthday girl who happens to be of the same age as the Company!

Unforgettable Performance at SUCCESS Walk with the Dragon


For over two decades, Fairchild Media Group is an ardent contributor to the annual SUCCESS Walk with the Dragon in support of the Asian communities in Greater Vancouver. Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 1st Runner up, Ruby Ng, and 2nd Runner Up Tingting Niu also showed up to support this charity event. Moreover, Tingting joined hands with Brian Chiu from Fairchild Radio as the MC’s. Since this year coincides with the 25th anniversary of the inception of Fairchild Television, the winners of one of FTV`s silver jubilee celebration events, Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, offered a rousing show at the Walk.

Introduced by the MCs, Champion of the Unforgettable Singing Contest Esme Shi led the program with her lyrical rendition of I Am a Little Bird. This was followed by Esaine Mo, winner of the Online Popularity Award, in a duet performance of Endless Love with Conrad Chiu.


Olivia Ou delivered an emotional performance of The Fine Line of Love and Pain. Last by not least, Daisy Ho and Maggie Li brought the program to a crescendo with their whimsical and lively version of Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini to the delight of the audience.


Farewell Dinner with Asako Okai, the Consul General of Japan in Vancouver


This year celebrates the 90th Anniversary of Japan-Canada Diplomatic Relations. Japan and British Columbia have long enjoyed a history of favourable partnership. Recently, presiding Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver, Ms. Asako Okai, was appointed as Assistant Administrator and Director of the Crisis Response Unit, United Nations Development Programme. Ms. Okai will be leaving Vancouver to assume her new appointment in August. A few days ago, Consul General Okai hosted an exclusive by invitation only dinner for Chinese journalists and media personalities in Vancouver to thank them for their support during her tenure in Canada. The affair was one of the highlights in the Vancouver social calendar. William Ho, host of Fairchild Television’s Leisure Talk, was one of the guests present at the dinner. We would like to congratulate Ms. Okai on her appointment and wish her the best in her new role.

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest


Nostalgia never sounded sweeter than at Fairchild Television’s Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, successfully held at River Rock Show Theatre on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.The genesis of the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest came as a special celebratory event to honor the milestone of the 25th anniversary of Fairchild Television, one of Canada’s leading Asian entertainment providers. Since the announcement of the contest back in May 2018, the event has garnered the support and enthusiasm of the general public. It has flourished into a celebration of songs from a bygone era that have remained an integral part of today’s music scene and in the hearts of millions of fans. The eight finalists of the contest, ranging in age from 20 to 70, dressed to the nines and gave their all to a standing room only audience, vying to be the Champion of the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest.

In a prelude performance, the multi-talented B.O.Z., Hip Hop Champion of New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2002, rebooted several classic and familiar tunes giving them a new interpretation, including a rap version of “Chase” and an emotionally charged version of the anthem “Ocean Wide Boundless Sky”. The eight finalists along with B.O.Z. and his pal, local musician, Jason Chau, performed the rebooted editions that will certainly become new classics for the future.

Suiki Zhang and Chris Yuen took helm as MCs for the contest and introduced the celebrity judging panel, which comprised of Ms. Pancy Lau, renowned singer and singing coach known for her sweet and melodious voice; Mr. Yu Chung Ming, celebrated producer from Taiwan; Mr. Richard Yuen, notable music composer and producer; and venerable music composer/ lyricist/ arranger/ producer/ singer-songwriter and Music Consultant of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, Mr. Duck Lau.

Individual solo performances kicked off the first part of the contest. #1 Alan Yu is a student who enjoys meeting new challenges. Although he is the youngest of the finalists, his performance gave a new spin to the beloved romantic ballad “Love is Like a Tide”. #2 Esme Shi wants to bring happiness to everyone through her singing. Her song of choice was “Is It True” which captivated the attention of the audience.


As the oldest of the finalists, #3 Daisy Ho has an abundant amount of energy and passion for singing and for life. Daisy performed the theme song from the Bond film “From Russia with Love” with extra fervor. During the day, #4 Conrad Chui is a certified financial planner who enjoys singing in his spare time as a way to relax and reenergize. Conrad performed the ultimate love song, “Sometimes When We Touch” which surely touched the hearts of the audience.


A recent university graduate, #5 Olivia Ou had her debut public performing experience at the 1st UBC Cantonese Singing Contest. Olivia performed the emotional “The Fine Line of Love and Pain”. #6 Eva Yang parlays her love of music by working as a receptionist at a music school. Eva’s performance of “Waiting Till the Flowers Have Wilted” conveyed the loneliness and longing for love.


#7 Maggie Li, forever a romantic, wants to share the songs she loves with others. Maggie performed one of her favorite songs, “Knowingly” with poignant effect. A former contestant of the 2013 Super 10 Singing Contest, #8 Esaine Mo danced and sang her way to “I Want”. Her slinky and seductive performance was the perfect ending for the solo portion of the contest.


After the rounds of performance by the finalists, Super Q, the youngest group contenders in the Top 25 Round of the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, performed the immortal Mandarin tune Give Me a Kiss in a playful and lively children’s fashion show that incorporated dancing and catwalk. Their energetic performance won and melted the hearts of everyone in the audience.

Founded in 1993, Fairchild Television takes pride in its annual productions of variety shows such as Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageants and New Talent Singing Awards. In the process, Fairchild Television has jump started the careers of many local Vancouverites who have gone on to become celebrities and artists in Hong Kong. A video clip of some of these celebrities was shown at the contest congratulating Fairchild Television on its successes and longevity, including Jade Kwan, Scarlett Wong, Phil Lam and Edward Chui. In order to better serve the increasing number of Chinese immigrants, Fairchild Television also consistently strives towards bringing viewers locally produced investigative reports and news and current affairs programs. In a separate video, the audience was treated to a walk down memory lane with footages featuring familiar faces of Fairchild Television personalities. Following the solo performances, the finalists were paired up into four groups. They were joined on stage by John Lam and Dionne Phillips, former New Talent Singing Contest Awards Vancouver Audition Champions 2006 and 2008 respectively.

#4 Conrad Chui and #8 Esaine Mo performed “Endless Love” with two polar opposite interpretations. Esaine chose to be alluring while Conrad delivered with a cool jazzy spirit. #1 Alan Yu and #5 Olivia Ou performed “Never Liked Being Alone”, a song that was coincidentally written the same year when they were born.

#2 Esme Shi and #6 Eva Yang performed “I Am a Little Bird” showcasing their wide range singing prowess. #3 Daisy Ho and #7 Maggie Li performed the whimsical “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” to the delight of the audience.

The special performing guest of the evening has close ties with the growth and achievements of Fairchild Television, hosting programs such as Cantonese Opera Delight and Leisure Talk for over 20 years. Whether serving as judge or special guest performer for the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition or as stage instructor for the Super 10 Singing Contest, renowned singer and singing coach, Annabelle Louie’s presence is synonymous with perfection. Under the accompaniment of piano and flute, Annabelle opened with the delicate Inaudible Words and followed by an electrifying performance of the medley I Need a Hero and Farewell Kiss. Her rendition of Rain of Affection was sentimental and touching. Annabelle’s performance would not be complete without her signature tune Old Dreams Should Be Forgotten, which was voted as one of the 25 unforgettable classics in a voting organized by Fairchild Television. The familiar melody was re-arranged by Richard Yuen and accompanied by three young talented local musicians with Chinese and Western musical instruments. The enthralled audience all had one thing in mind; old dreams should be forgotten but a good song should be remembered always!


After the judges’ deliberation, the much anticipated moment finally arrived with announcement of the four award winners:
Champion: #2 Esme Shi

Most Promising New Talent Award and Yu Fei Yu Best Vocal Award: #6 Eva Yang

Online Popularity Award: #8 Esaine Mo

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest will be broadcasted on Fairchild Television on Sunday, July 8, 2018, at 9pm and on Fairchild Television 2 HD on Sunday, July 15, 2018, at 3pm and 8:10pm (PST). Please tune in to relive the excitement.

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Final Rehearsal


At last, the much anticipated final round of the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest will take place tomorrow. The eight finalists will soon set foot on stage to showcase their singing talent. A few days earlier the contestants participated in a final rehearsal that offered a preview of what is to come.


Under the tutelage of stage director Didi’s professional guidance and strenuous training, in a little over a month’s time, the contestants became more adapt to performing on stage and gained confidence and experience that they did not previously possess. This amazing transformation astonished everyone present.


At the final, in addition to performing songs personally selected by each contender, the eight finalists will also collaborate on stage with B.O.Z., Hip Hop Champion of New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2002; and Dionne Phillips and John Lam, former New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition Champion 2006 and 2008 respectively.


The Final Competition will be held at the River Rock Show Theatre on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at 8pm, to determine who will take home the championship title!

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Finalists on Leisure Talk and City Chat


With only a week to go until the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Final, in these final few days, the eight finalists are diligently perfecting their singing prowess in order to capture the heart of the contest’s judging panel to win the championship title. The finalists shared their love of music and anecdotes of the competition with William Ho, host of Leisure Talk, and Carmen Shao, host of City Chat. To watch more of the contest’s behind the scenes stories and their journeys from audition to semi-final, please tune to the airing of Talentvision’s City Chat on Thursday, June 14, 2018, at 9:25pm (Pacific Standard Time) and Fairchild Television’s Leisure Talk on Friday, June 15, 2018, at 6:20pm (Pacific Standard Time).

Miss Chinese Vancouver – Role Model for Giving Back to the Community!


2017 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant’s Sparkling New Star Award winner and dancing phenom, Shayna Ding, was invited by the Canadian Liver Foundation to participate in its Stroll for Liver Fundraising Event, a family friendly, community-based walk/run event dedicated to raising funds for liver research and education. Shayna led the excited participants in a pre-walk warm-up exercise before the start of the event.

At the walk, Shayna met with a group of LIVERight Little Heroes. These enthusiastic youngsters demonstrated the spirit of children helping children by raising funds that will go to help children of the same age that are afflicted with liver diseases. Shayna lauded the Little Heroes for their noble actions and offered them words of encouragement.

The event raised more than $20,000 to help patients with liver diseases. It is hoped that the money raised will increase public’s awareness of liver diseases, improve the prevention of liver diseases, and the fight against liver diseases.

Canadian Cancer Society 2018 Gift of Hope Gala Press Conference


Renowned program host of Fairchild Television’s Leisure Talk, William Ho, posted a cryptic message on Facebook a month ago implying that he will soon have important news to share. Just as everyone fretted the news might pertain to his retirement plans, the message turned out to be the harbinger of a festive announcement.

Since 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of William’s foray into the entertainment industry, as a small gesture of appreciation to his fans and friends for their support and encouragement throughout the years, at a press conference with Delon Lew presiding as emcee, William announced that he will be holding a 40th anniversary concert to celebrate his milestone.

Always an altruistic person, William has been an avid supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society for over a decade.Given that 2018 also marks the 80th anniversary of the organization, it was no surprise that William decided to collaborate with the Canadian Cancer Society and use his concert to fundraise for their 2018 Gift of Hope Gala. Proceeds from William’s concert will go to research for cancers that commonly afflict people of Asian descent, including nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest – The first step towards success


Although the eight finalists of the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest can carry some amazing tunes, the ultimate key to winning the grand prize is picking the right song to sing. In order to aid the contestants in this difficult choice, Fairchild TV invited famous Hong Kong musician, Duck Lau, to be the Music Consultant for the competition and help the contestants analyze and pick out the song best suited for each of them. The contestants had the chance to perform their song choice for Duck who Duck meticulously pointed out each of their strengths and taught the contestants how to bring out their best voices while performing.


Who will be the one to select the right song and win the judges’ hearts? Find out during the Final on June 20th at the River Rock Show Theatre!

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Press Conference


In celebration of our Silver anniversary, Fairchild Television invited all singing enthusiasts to join the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest with their own version of an all time favorite while reminiscing the glorious past. After two rounds of elimination, 8 talents have finally made it to the top. Under the guidance of our great team of professional instructors, the finalists were transformed into dazzling new stars to grace the stage in their first public appearance at the press conference. To share this exciting moment with music lovers over the world, Fairchild TV live-streamed  the entire press conference on Facebook.

To demonstrate their amazing singing skills, the 8 finalists were put to the test in a special segment, which required them to start singing when the lamp in front of them was switched on, and stop when it was off, under the lead of emcees Steven Yang and Chris Yuen.

The finalists were split into three groups. First up was group 1, each member having a unique voice, #3 Daisy Ho mesmerizing and hypnotic, #7 Maggie Li sweet and angelic and #8 Esaine Mo sensual and appealing. The trio delivered a compelling rendition of the classic song “Fly Me to the Moon” with overflowing emotions.


Next up was group 2, which consisted #1 Alan Yu and #4 Conrad Chui. Their rich, powerful, and charming voices recreated the classic song “Wind Continues to Blow” in perfect harmony and captivated the audiences' attention.


Last but not least was group 3, composed of #2 Esme Shi with an emotional and passionate voice, #5 Olivia Ou, soft and melodious, and #6 Eva Yang with a wide vocal range, earning thunderous applause from the audience as they sang the jazzy version of “Can’t Stop Loving You”.


The 8 finalists are of the best, and will compete for Championship at the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Final on June 20th. They will perform some classic numbers to show off their amazing singing talents while winning the hearts of the judges. Their fate lies in the hands of our professional judge panel, including Ms. Pancy Lau, renowned singing coach known for her sweet and melodious voice, Mr. Yu Chung Ming, celebrated producer from Taiwan, Mr. Richard Yuen, notable music composer and producer, and experienced music composer/ lyricist/ arranger/ producer/ singer-songwriter and Music Consultant of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, Mr. Duck Lau.

Aside from UCSC Champion, the finalists will also compete for the “Yu Fei Yu Best Vocal Award”, “Most Promising New Talent Award” and “Online Popularity Award” voted by the public. To show your support, please cast your vote and make your favorite finalist the most liked candidate! Voting will end on June 18th at 5pm PST.

After several rounds of fierce competition among the finalist, Fairchild TV is honored to invite the charismatic Annabelle Louie as the special guest performer. Known for her impeccable singing talent, Annabelle has released countless hit songs, including the well-known “Old Dreams Should Be Forgotten”, which of course is among “My 25 Unforgettable Classics”, a voting previously organized by Fairchild Television. The close-tie between Annabelle and Fairchild TV dates back to over 20 year ago from hosting Cantonese Opera Delight to Leisure Talk. Annabelle had also been the judge and special guest performer for the New Talent Singing Awards, as well as the stage instructor for Super 10.

As a veteran artiste and singing coach, not only did Annabelle cheer and support for the finalists at the press conference, but also provide useful tips on how to excel. At the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Final, audience will be able to experience some of the most treasured moments between Annabelle and Fairchild TV. In celebration of Fairchild TV’s 25th anniversary, Annabelle will put on a magnificent show by incorporating novel elements to her legendary hit songs. The completely new interpretation of her classics is something that must not be missed!


Be sure to stay tuned for Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest updates on our official website and all social media platforms to get first hand information!

Top 8 Finalists Official Photo shoot and TV Promo Filming


The 8 Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest finalists are working hard towards creating a fabulous show which is just less than a month away. Recently, they have completed their first official photo shoot and TV promo filming. With the professional and detailed styling from image director Betty, regardless of their age range, all contestants were able to show off their true selves and unique personalities.


They also participated in an interview for What’s On to share their excitement joining the contest. The promos will be revealed to the public on May 29th. Please also tune in for the finalists’ What’s On interviews every Sunday at 7:40pm.


Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Top-8 Contract Signing


Having confronted one another at the semi-final, successful candidates advanced to the next level, and officially signed contracts to become the top-8 finalists of the Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest.


Immediately after, the finalists met up with the Production Team, as well as Image Director Betty, to prepare themselves for the upcoming photo and promotional video shooting.


The age of the finalists ranges from 23 to 71 years old, and with an age gap of 40 years, Betty is put to the challenge to style them. To know what images the finalists will carry, be sure to stay tuned to Fairchild Television and Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest websites on May 29th!


Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Semi-Final


As Fairchild TV’s Silver Anniversary celebrations continue, the semi-final of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest was held at Aberdeen Centre shortly after My 25 Unforgettable Classics Voting Game. 25 contestants of different ages and nationalities who excelled at the audition were onstage to present their unique renditions of Cantonese, Mandarin, and English classics released before the millennium.

Fairchild TV was honored to invite experienced music composer/ lyricist/ arranger/ producer/ singer-songwriter and Music Consultant of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, Duck Lau, Hong Kong renowned music producer for film, television, radio, video games and live concerts and Music Director of the past New Talent Singing Awards, Allan Lau, and program host of Talentvision and music program host of Fairchild Radio, Carmen Shao, to be the judges of the semi-final. On the show day, music lovers and fans of the contestants gathered at Aberdeen centre to cheer for the magnificent 25. The contestants first appeared on stage one after another to pay tribute to My 25 Unforgettable Classics and then introduced themselves under the music of the unveiled classics.

First up to perform was the youth group. Among all the contestants, the youngest was a little girl group only aged 4. They sang a mother’s day special version of the oldie Give Me A Kiss, giving away lovely flying kisses to audiences on site. All alone in front of the large crowd, an exceptionally confident 10 year old delivered on stage an incredible rendition of My Heart Will Go On with her rich and powerful vocal.


Cantopop has been key to nourishing superstars for many years and among those were the extremely talented Four Heavenly Kings. A contestant in the Four Heavenly Kings group heated up the atmosphere with the fast pace song Born to Be Wild. A singing duo followed up with an affectionate duet of You’re the Most Precious, building sweet chemistry on stage.


Elderly contestants mellow with age enjoyed the old English classics. Elvis Presley’s classic, Don’t Be Cruel and its Chinese version, was brought back to life by a 71 year old contestant dressed like the legendary King of Rock and Roll in the English song group. Another mature contestant belted out Kiss of Fire, captivating the audience with her appealing voice.


Cantopop reached its peak in the 80s and 90s and countless well-known movie theme songs were produced during its blooming period. The Cantonese song group brought forth the theme songs of He's a Woman, She's a Man and Feel 100% II, In My Lifetime and Tacit Moment, taking the crowd back to the nostalgic scenes.


Last but not least, a male Caucasian contestant in the Mandarin song group exemplified music as a universal language by singing Teresa Teng’s masterpiece, The Moon Represents My Heart, followed by a young gentleman from the same group singing Gone Too Far by Jeff Chang that touched everyone’s soul.


To build up the momentum, 4 chairs were placed on stage to reveal 4 contestants who scored the highest as the competition progressed. The judges found it a great challenge to pick the finalist as they were amazed by the stunning singing performances throughout the contest. Before announcing the results, Shayna Ding, winner of Sparkling New Star Award at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017, performed an elegant Chinese flower dance and Little Sunshine Avery and Alexis presented a sweet song Walk With You to ease the nervous contestants and their supporters.

After a long discussion, 8 finalists were selected. They will go through a series of professional trainings in preparation for the Final on June 20th. Tune in to Fairchild TV to find out who will capture the championship!

Sneak Preview II of Unforgettable Classic Singing Contest Semi-final


As the semi-final of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest is just around the corner, the 25 contestants are putting extra effort in their training and preparation in hopes of presenting the best of themselves on the day of the competition.


To highlight the image and stage presence of individual contestants, Image Director Betty helped them choose the right outfits to match the styles of their songs while Stage Director Didi provided rips for them to showcase their unique charisma when performing.


The semi-final of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest will take place at Aberdeen Centre on May 12th at 2pm. Be sure to stay tuned and witness who will go straight to the Final. Audiences will also be travelling back in time when the voting results of My 25 Unforgettable Classics are being revealed by the contestants onstage.

Linda Chung Appealed to the Public for Their Support to BC Children’s Hospital


Born and raised in Vancouver, Linda Chung recently filmed a video for BC Children’s Hospital Miracle Weekend, introducing the new Teck Acute Care Centre and at the same time appealing to the public for their awareness and support for the Hospital. Pregnant with a second child, Linda’s dedication has made the MCVP mission of giving back to the community especially meaningful.

Sneak Preview I of Unforgettable Classic Singing Contest Semi-final


After much deliberation, the judges have selected 25 contestants for Unforgettable Classic Singing Contest to compete at the semi-final taking place at Aberdeen Centre on May 12th at 2pm.


While paying a tribute to classics, the contestants will need to create their own unique renditions. They were guided by music consultant Duck Lau to pick the right songs that can highlight their strengths.


Apart from exiting competing segments at the semi-final, the audiences will also be travelling back in time when the voting result of My 25 Unforgettable Classics is being revealed by the contestants onstage.

Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest Audition


The much anticipated event in celebration of FTV’s Silver Anniversary, Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest, solicited many passionate music lovers of all ages and nationalities to the audition held last week.


The judges were completely blown away by a 92 year old elderly’s powerful vocal in a Cantonese opera song and the cute version of Give Me A Kiss performed by members of a little girl group only aged 4.


A male Caucasian contestant exemplified music as a universal language by singing Teresa Teng’s masterpiece, The Moon Represents My Heart. Elvis Presley’s classic was brought back to life by a contestant who also dressed like this legendary singer.


The judges, including Duck Lau, William Ho, Mandy Chan, and Ginny Huang found it a great challenge to pick the semi-finalists as they were dazzled by the amazing singing performances throughout the day. After much consideration, 25 contestants, which range in age from 4 to 71, were chosen to compete in the semi-final on May 12th. 。

Benjamin Yuen, Eliza Sam, Mat Yeung, and Rebecca Zhu
Enjoyed an Amazing Evening at Fans Party


To commemorate the Silver Anniversary of Fairchild TV, Fans Party invited four prominent stars Benjamin Yuen, Eliza Sam, Mat Yeung, and Rebecca Zhu to grace the celebration stage this year. The artistes and their fans spent a wonderful evening of entertainment together last night. Along with the beautiful melodies of their drama theme songs, the fans’ favorites each made an entrance from the audience section, handing out souvenirs on their way to the stage. Vancouver-raised Eliza not only received support from her families and friends, but also her beloved husband, Josh. Coping with the theme of Fairchild TV 25th Anniversary, MCs Mary Lo and Mandy Chan first chatted with the four artistes about their unforgettable experience at age 25. Eliza was being moved as she was standing on the same stage when she captured the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver.


A party is not complete without fun and engaging games. The MCs invited lucky fans onto the stage to play games with their beloved idols. The first game consisted of three stages where they were required to rearrange the order of paper cups, categorize multi-colored candies, and finish off with hula hooping. Benjamin tried to apply his extraordinary wits while solving the problems, triggering a series of laughter among the audience. Rebecca worked hard to shine at the last stage as the hula hoop was spinning effortlessly around her body.


Mat demonstrated his inexhaustible agility in the table-tennis game. Last but not least, Eliza excelled in the last round when tough drama questions were asked. After a series of fun games, the four artistes walked into the audience to give out more presents, causing a stir amongst fans.


Another highlight of the night was the singing performance by the four stunning stars. First to perform was the elegant Rebecca as she brought forth two love songs, Say I Love You and Love is Simple, with her captivating voices, leading the audience to clap and sing along.


Mat Yeung was known for mimicking Nicholas Tse in the show Screen Play, and this time he specially selected Nicholas’s No Need to Change Deliberately, followed by Strong to express his enthusiasm of receiving his first acting award.


As her first performance in Vancouver after the wedding, the happily married Eliza presented Everyone Has a Dream and Sweet Honey, melting the hearts of the audience.


The charismatic Benjamin took the crowd back to Line Walker: The Prelude through its theme song Skynet and finished off his premier performance with a romantic song Love is you.


In the midst of the wonderful time together, the four artistes were invited to join the cake-cutting ceremony with President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan to celebrate Fairchild TV’s 25th anniversary and look forward to more high quality TV productions from FTV in the years to come.

More lucky fans were selected later that evening to be gifted with souvenirs, concluding the Fans Party on a happy note. The Fans Party will be broadcasted on April 22nd at 9:00pm on Fairchild Television, and on April 29th at 3:30pm and 8:10pm (PST) on FTV2HD.

TVB Fairchild Fans Party Press Conference
and Autograph Session


TVB Fairchild Fans Party is bringing the hottest stars to Vancouver this year including the charming Benjamin Yuen and Mat Yeung, along with the gorgeous Eliza Sam and Rebecca Zhu. Shortly after their fans meeting in Toronto yesterday, the four artistes flew to Vancouver today to attend the press conference taking place at Aberdeen Centre. Hundreds of fans had lined up at the mall since the early morning, hoping to occupy a good spot to have a glimpse of their beloved idols. To share this exciting moment with the world, Fairchild Television live-streamed the entire press conference on Facebook.

Aberdeen Centre was overwhelmed with screams and applause as the four artistes made their grand entrance to the venue. They first proceeded to autographing on the giant backdrop, and then revealing their recent endeavours to MC Mary.


First to chat with Mary was Rebecca Zhu whose great effort eventually paid off as she captured Best Supporting Actress for her role Fong Wai-ling in A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch while her singing and pipa performance in The Forgotten Valley received critical acclaimed. Portrayed as a pole dancer in an upcoming drama Tung-yan’s Time, Rebecca shared the difficulty she faced when learning the dance with the audience. She was also excited for her first public event in Canada and looked forward to joining this fun-filled Fans Party.

The winner of this year’s Most Improved Male Artiste, Mat Yeung, returned to Vancouver with confidence and charm. Nearly 20 years after Mat’s debut in the entertainment business, recognition was finally earned along with his first acting award. He thanked fans’ support and promised even more devotion on playing every character well. As one of the fastest rising top actors in TVB, Mat has been cast as the male lead in an upcoming crime drama Fist Fight. To make the fight scenes seem more realistic, Mat worked hard to film all the almost impossible action scenes himself when shooting in Philippines. This year, Mat will perform with his travel buddy Benjamin Yuen at Fans Party, bringing nonstop laughter and amusement to the Canadian fans.

Born and raised in Vancouver, sweetheart Eliza Sam is definitely one of local fans’ favourites. Her marriage in 2016 did not deter her from actively taking part in various dramas. She expressed that the character as an elementary school Chinese teacher in a new hit drama Apple-colada was a real challenge for her since she needed to memorize a long list of Chinese idioms. Eliza also presented the most complicated Chinese idioms in the drama on stage which earned her rounds of applause. The successful and happily married Eliza felt blessed and wished to share her luck with Canadian audiences though Fans Party.

The handsome Benjamin Yuen’s mesmerizing stage presence captured the hearts of many female fans on site. After years of staying on the sidelines, Benjamin has recently made a breakthrough in his career and experienced a surge in popularity through his supporting roles in A Fist Within Four Walls and Line Walker: The Prelude. When asked about the drama Threesome, which is currently airing on FTV2HD, Benjamin expressed that he had some special yet challenging experiences during filming as he needed to go on diet and play a female’s role.

After the sharing session, the four stars selected a few lucky fans to be the recipients of the last highly coveted tickets to Fans Party.


President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan presented the artistes with a souvenir and wished them success at the show.


Lastly, the artistes personally autographed on their pictures for each fan, concluding the star-studded press conference with a great anticipation to the long awaited performance the following day.


Canadian Cancer Society Telethon Successfully Concluded


The Canadian Cancer Society Telethon produced by Fairchild TV has successfully concluded. Thanks to everyone’s generous support, the event raised over $130,000 to enhance cancer treatment and research technologies. MCs from the evening Ricky Cheung and Joyce Chen interviewed professionals from different sectors to promote cancer prevention while cancer survivors and families were invited to share their touching recovery stories to viewers. To let audiences learn the importance of good eating habit, nutritionist Jojo prepared a simple demonstration of healthy dishes. MC Suiki Zhang was also stationed at the telethon call center all evening and witnessed non-stop contributions from many charitable citizens at home. Not only has your support helped to make this year’s campaign a huge success, but it has also brought hope to numerous cancer patients and their families.


Cheryl Ng Volunteered at UGM


Fairchild Television always takes pride in volunteering at community events to help those in needs. This Easter, Union Gospel Mission received support from well-known NBA star Jeremy Lin. Miss Chinese Vancouver Cheryl Ng was also honored to be invited to join the volunteer team, serving Easter meals at UGM to Vancouver downtown Eastside residents with the celebrated NBA player. Cheryl and Jeremy spread warmth and care as they brought trays of delicious meals and hot coffee to the dining tables for guests to enjoy. Cheryl was grateful to have the opportunity to reach out to the less fortunate during Easter, a holiday that symbolizes resurrection, and wished to set a good example for young people.


Fairchild TV Celebrated William Ho’s Birthday


After resuming work from his vacation, William Ho was pleasantly surprised by the staff members at Fairchild TV and his good friend Deborah Moore who prepared a little birthday celebration for him at the studio. He thanked everyone for the thoughtfulness and took photos together to save the memories from this special occasion.


Tinging Niu Looked Back on Her Visit in China


Earlier this year, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 second runner-up Tingting Niu visited the orphans suffering from AIDS in mainland China along with Chi Heng Foundation Canada to understand their poor living conditions and daily needs.

After the trip, Tingting shared her memorable experience at the Chi Heng Canada Vancouver Veggie Dinner and at same time appealed to other guests for their attention, love and care to those underprivileged children.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Volunteered at the Daffodil Sale


In the midst of the blooming spring, Miss Chinese Vancouver champion Cheryl Ng and 2nd runner up Tingting Niu participated at the daffodil sale organized by the Canadian Cancer Society to raise funds for charity and bring attention to the fight against cancer. The two warm-hearted beauties received positive response from many generous citizens as they worked hard to appeal for donations. On top of the daffodil sale initiative, the annual Canadian Cancer Society Telethon will be aired on April 7th at 8:30pm on Fairchild Television. We encourage everyone to show your support to help cancer patients overcome their illnesses.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Visited Senior Home


Members of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 recently paid a visit to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Austin Harris Residence to bring Chinese New Year greetings and perform for the senior clients there.

First a demonstration of some simple aerobic exercise led by Tiffany Wu and Miss Chinese Vancouver Second Runner-up Tingting Niu helped to boost up the spirit throughout the entire room.

Champion Cheryl Ng then performed a chair dance that hyped up the atmosphere.

Followed by a marvelous kung fu show presented by First Runner-up Ruby Ng

Next up, the talented Tingting returned to the stage to play guitar and sing her self-composed song with a sweet voice.

To conclude the warm visit, the four ladies handed out Fai Chun and mandarin oranges as souvenirs to the elderly residents and wished them a happy and healthy New Year.

Cheryl Ng brought Chinese New Year greetings at 2018 Lunar Fest


Dressed in the auspicious colour red, Miss Chinese Vancouver Cheryl Ng attended the LunarFest as a special guest at its opening ceremony and brought Chinese New Year greetings to the community.


Dogs have always been called man's best friends. In the year of the Dog, LunarFest appealed to all Vancouverites to celebrate with their “best friends”. Animal-lover and dog owner Cheryl expressed her excitement of joining this multicultural event and also shared how her family celebrated Lunar New Year with other guests from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, and Slovakia. Lastly, Cheryl wished everyone good fortune in the Year of the Dog and reminded all to stay warm during the chilly season.

Fairchild Television Held a New Year Ceremony


On the 4th day of Chinese New Year, the management team of Fairchild Group led Fairchild Television staff in a traditional ceremony to welcome the New Year and anticipate even higher quality TV programming for the Chinese community in the coming year.

Each staff member took turns to pray for a prosperous business year and used red balloons to symbolize firecrackers not only to kick start the new working year but also the 25th anniversary celebration of Fairchild Television.

Fairchild Television Celebrated New Year with Lion Dance


Fairchild Television welcomed the Year of the Dog with a marvelous lion dance on the first day of the New Year. A lively lion greeted Fairchild staff at the front door and performed ‘choi cheng’, meaning ‘plucking the greens’, a traditional ceremony which brought much festive ambience to Aberdeen Centre.


The celebration continued as the lions proceeded to dance at every corner in the company to bring fortune to all employees and prosperity to Fairchild TV.


CNY Aberdeen Countdown Show 2018


Another year of celebration! Fairchild TV held its annual Chinese New Year countdown show at Aberdeen Centre to welcome the Year of Dog. Thousands of Vancouver residents and visitors gathered at the mall as MC’s Mary Lo, Mandy Chan, and B Chiu wished everyone a happy early Chinese New year, followed by a marvelous lion dance to kick off the evening show.

The festivity would not be completed without wondrous performances. Cheered by lots of fans on site, 6 finalists of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 and winners of Project Boyz Power put together an amazing dancing and singing show, which earned them a round of thunderous applause. Adding on to the festive spirits, Chinese metaphysics master, Anna Mak, revealed the zodiac fortunes of the Year of the Dog.

Asides from the entertaining performances, B Chiu and his partner Steven Yang also checked out the Lunar Year Eve's Market and gave away red pockets. Some lucky audiences were invited onto the stage to play a series of fun-filled games with the beautiful MCVP ladies and Project Boyz gentlemen to win great prizes. The first and classic“Collector Game” requested for a collection of items from the audience, who would take a picture with the items and send it to Fairchild Television Facebook page, and the second game required great memory. The audiences were entirely immersed in the prize games throughout the night.

As the evening continued on, the most anticipated countdown time finally arrived. The God of Fortune joined all performers and dignitaries on stage as everyone counted down together to welcome the beginning of the Year of Dog. Lastly, the God of Fortune went around and handed out lucky red pockets, wishing everyone a happy new year.

Fairchild Group Chinese New Year Annual Dinner


The annual Fairchild Group Chinese New Year Dinner gathered hundreds of employees to welcome the New Year. Chairman and CEO of Fairchild Group Mr. Thomas Fung started off the celebration by leading the senior management team in a toast to all staff and wished for a prosperous New Year.

Marking the 25th anniversary of Fairchild Television, we had prepared a series of uplifting performances to bring to other members of the Fairchild family. Warming up the ambience was a square dance show put together by staffs from different departments and stage director Didi.

Next up, the rock band “Beyond FTV” formed by a group of talented colleagues who played and sang “Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies”, earned a round of applause. Among the band members were President and Vice President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan and Mr. George Lee who surprised everyone with their musical skills.

Apart from joining a live band performance, Mr. Joe Chan and Mr. George Lee also stepped onto the stage again as MCs to reminisce the unforgettable moments in the history of FTV with all the employees, including the remarkable record set by the legendary Miss Chinese Vancouver’s. Joining in the celebration was this year’s MCVP second runner-up Tingting Niu partnering with Project Boyz Power 2017 champion Jacky Wen in the melodic ballads “Dimples” and “The God of Wealth is here” to wish everyone the best of luck in the Year of Dog.

Then, we had Steven Yang, Jessica Dai, Nina Chai, Gary Yan, and Aaron To, hosts from the longest running magazine program of Fairchild TV What’s On, to perform the TV theme songs of Come Home Love and Virtues of Harmony.

In the finale, the audiences were greatly delighted by an English rendition of a classic Chinese New Year number from Missy Missy hosts Deborah Moore, Mandy Chan, Joyce Chen, Suiki Zhang, and Manica Ng who filled the venue with festive spirit and endless joy.

The celebration would not be completed without amazing prizes. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fairchild TV, every employee received New Year gifts such as luxury make-up products, kitchen appliances, trending apparels and more. Another highlight of the evening was the most anticipated lucky red envelop draw hosted by Mr. Thomas Fung. With the huge variety of prizes and the excitement from the draw, nonstop laughter and cheers were lingering throughout the entire evening.

Fairchild TV and Talentvision Giving Away Lanterns in the Garden 2018 Tickets


Lanterns in the Garden 2018 Lanterns in the Garden 2018 will take place from February 16th to March 4th at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden. During the event, the entire garden will not only be decorated with traditional dazzling Chinese lanterns, but also feature a spacious yard with a rich array of Asian delicacies, family-friendly activities, and entertaining stage performances where everyone can enjoy an authentic Lantern Festival.


Fairchild TV and Talentvision will be giving away tickets to Lanterns in the Garden 2018. For a chance to win, please email your answer along with your name and phone number to game@fairchildtv.com.

Question: Where is Lanterns in the Garden 2018 being held?

Will Cheryl follow Linda’s path as the next Miss Chinese International?


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Cheryl Ng will represent Vancouver in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2018 held in Hong Kong to compete against delegates from all over the world on February 3. Cheryl already garnered media attention and popularity as many have found resemblance between her and Linda Chung. Will Cheryl follow Linda’s path and successfully win the title of Miss Chinese International 2018? All result will be revealed this Saturday.

February 3rd 2:30pm, 8:10pm PST
TVB Anywhere App: TVB Live Shows & Jade (Intl.) - Hong Kong Time
February 3rd Live at 8:30pm HKT

Finalists of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 previously sent their blessings to Cheryl for the upcoming Miss Chinese International Pageant during the event appreciation dinner. Everyone is welcome to go onto MCVP Facebook Instagram (MCVPCanada) to wish Cheryl luck in bringing pride again to Vancouver.

Winner of “HK Taiwan 360° Tour” Lucky Draw Game


Aside from introducing the latest shopping hotspots and restaurants, “Hong Kong Taiwan Travelpedia” is also hosting a lucky draw for viewers, giving away one grand prize that includes one Air Canada economy class plane ticket from Canada to Hong Kong and Taipei, 3-night hotel accommodation with breakfast buffet at Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Kau U Fong in Hong Kong, a 2-day tour around Hong Kong, and airport transportation provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board, along with a 4-day tour around Taiwan with XO Tours sponsored by Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Congratulations to Ms. Susan Shum, the lucky winner of our “HK Taiwan 360° Tour” Lucky Draw Game.