All Star Charity Gala


In celebration of the 22nd anniversary of Fairchild TV, Emperor Entertainment and TVB in Hong Kong have arranged 12 superstars to Vancouver to perform at the All Star Charity Gala, hosted in partnership with Fairchild TV. The lineup of artistes included EEG’s top singers Raymond Lam, Hins Cheung, Gillian Chung, Vincy Chan, Ken Hung, Sherman Chung, and Alex, as well as TVB’s hit artistes Kate Tsui, Fred Cheng, Gloria Tang, Jacqueline Wong, and Hubert Wu. Benefiting VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, the Gala was held on July 19th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The All Star Charity Gala began under thundering sound of rhythmic drums. Chairman and CEO of Fairchild Group, Mr. Thomas Fung, along with Emperor Entertainment Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ng Yu, TVB’s Assistant General Manager, Mr. Peter Au and CEO and President of the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, Ms. Barbara Grantham stepped on stage to host the lighting ceremony, officially marking the start of the Gala.

The two Vancouver sweethearts Gloria Tang and Jacqueline Wong together with Huading Awards MC Alex, took on the roles as hosts of the Gala. All the artistes first gathered onstage to present the song ‘A Whole New World’ to the Vancouver General Hospital as a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow for its patients. The four-sided stage welcomed an audience of 3000, filling the Convention Centre with passion and excitement.

Talented star Hins Cheung was first up to perform, singing his song ‘Ardently Love’. Hins then followed up with his award winning song ‘Forever Young’ with Miss Chinese Vancouver 1st Runner Up Maggie Wu accompanying him in a beautiful dance.

Vincy performed ‘My Memories Are Not My Own’ with her beautiful and emotional vocals, and later heated up the atmosphere once again with a sexy performance of ‘Unstoppable Style’. Vincy Chan also joined Hins for a duet of ‘You are the Most Precious’, to remind everyone that a healthy body is the most precious and wish for everyone’s well being.

New generation talented singer Alex performed ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘Think of You at Night’. Alex then invited Hins Cheung, Vincy Chan and his two gorgeous co-MCs to give out autographed souvenirs to the audience.

TVB’s most adored actress Kate Tsui was next to make her glamorous appearance. With a voice just as good as her acting, Kate presented audiences with the songs ‘Love As A Tide’ and ‘Intimate Lover’.

Presenter of many hit TVB drama theme songs, Hubert Wu sang popular song ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ as well as the classic and well loved ‘Goodbye Kiss’. Next, local Vancouver-born Fred Cheng performed ‘Light My Fire’ and ‘Did You Forget’. As a Vancouverite himself, Fred garnered much applause and cheer from surrounding fans. Fred also sang a duet of ‘I Like You’ with Hubert Wu, giving fans a special treat.

Sherman Chung then presented one of her most popular songs ‘Letter For Myself’ as well as her dance number ‘SS14’. Ken Hung, who rose to popularity with his song ‘Returning to the day when I was most dearly loved’ and treated fans with the song ‘Nathan Road’. Following Ken’s solo performance, Sherman joined him onstage for a lovely duet of ‘Fool’.

This year is female duo Twins’ 15th anniversary. Gillian Chung who is skilled in singing and acting, specially prepared the Twins' classic ‘Next Stop is Tin Hau’ to commemorate this special day. The graceful and stunning Gillian also sang the song ‘Beautiful Future’ to wish patients a quick recovery. Taking a break from the wonderful music, 6 artistes including Gillian Chung, Sherman Chung, Ken Hung, Hubert Wu, Fred Cheng, and Jacqueline Wong invited 6 audience members on stage and split into EEG and TVB teams for a game of curling. Instead of regular curling, suitcases were used, bringing laughter throughout the venue. In the end, EEG beat out the other team and became the winner.

Lastly, king of both music and acting, Raymond Lam swept the entire audience in a frenzy of screams and cheers with his songs ‘Not Enough Love’ and ‘Finding You In Loving Memories’.

Aside from giving themselves all to the performance, the twelve artistes did not forget to help the Vancouver General Hospital to introduce its services and sharing tips and information on health and allow everyone to have a better understanding of the hospital and how each donated dollar is spent to bring better care to patients. CEO of VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation, Ms. Barbara Grantham presented each artiste with a souvenir to express the Hospital's gratitude towards their contribution to the Gala. It was also announced that the grand total of funds raised that evening was $1,600,000. This amazing donation is the best gift to celebrate Fairchild TV’s 22nd anniversary. As a token of appreciation for the efforts from the generous donor Mr. Jason Ko and Mr. Thomas Fung who has been instrumental in making the event possible, Raymond and Kate each presented an unique autographed item to them, Raymond's being a collection of his albums and Kate's consisting of 3 copies of TVB Magazine featuring her in different images on the cover. Lastly, special guests gathered for the cake cutting ceremony, ending off a memorable evening of entertainment and charity with sweet perfection.

All Star Charity Gala Press Conference


In celebration of the 22nd anniversary of Fairchild TV, TVB and Emperor Entertainment Group are sending a number of top artistes to Vancouver for the All Star Charity Gala, organized in collaboration with Fairchild TV, with proceeds going towards the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation. Thanks to everyone’s heated support, all tickets to the Gala dinner and concert have been sold out. Featuring artistes including Kate Tsui, Fred Cheng, Gloria Tang, Hubert Wu, Jacqueline Wong, Raymond Lam, Hins Cheung, Vincy Chan, Gillian Cheung, Sherman Cheung, Ken Hung, and Alex, the All Star Charity Gala Press Conference was held today in anticipation of the big day.

Although the press conference took place in the evening, fans were stationed at Aberdeen Centre hours in advance to save a prime spot to see their favourite stars as it is such a rare and unprecedented opportunity to meet 12 top-notch celebrities all at once. Hundreds of fans gathered from all over filling up the entire space. Flying in via the Official Airline Sponsor Air Canada, the artistes went straight to the press conference upon their arrival. As they walked down the red carpet, they were met with a passionate welcome from cheering and applauding fans. Press Conference MC’s Mary Lo and Delon Lew first invited Kate Tsui and Hins Cheung on stage to meet with local fans. Glamorous Kate is beautiful both inside and out. She expressed that although she has been very busy filming one drama after another, she would still made time to participate at this meaningful Gala. Hins’ song ‘Soul Reunion’ was the recipient of the Jade Solid Gold First Round Election Outstanding Song Award. Mary asked Hins whether he would sing his new song at the Gala, to which Hins replied that fans would just have to wait and see tomorrow night.
Sherman and Alex recently attended the EEG Singing Contest Semi-Final in Vancouver as the judges and special guest performers. Both commented that they were very impressed by the talent that the local aspiring singers possessed. Alex, who was an MC for the Huading Awards, also revealed that he will be one of the MCs for the concert tomorrow night. Miss Hong Kong Jacqueline Wong, who grew up in Vancouver, performed at shows and events for Fairchild TV before she returned to Hong Kong to pursue her career. Jacqueline shared that to be able to MC at the Vancouver Convention Centre for the upcoming Gala will be a unique experience. Singer of many hit TVB drama theme songs, Hubert Wu, smiled as he explained that he has just completed the very important task of filming on location in Japan with this year’s Miss Hong Kong contestants. Vancouverites, Fred Cheng and Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Gloria Tang were welcomed on stage with passionate support from fans.

Gloria was thrilled to continue the legacy of Miss Chinese Vancouver by taking part at the charity gala. Fred was in Vancouver for the Fans Party last year, and shared that he feels very happy to come back again within such a short period of time. Fred also mentioned that he has prepared his new songs for the Gala to show his appreciation for all the love and support from local fans. Vincy recently released her own rendition of the classic ‘Irresistible Romance’, with a breakthrough sexy image. Delon commented that this will be one of Vincy’s male fans’ most anticipated performances. Next, Ken Hung shared the touching behind story of his new song ‘Back to the Day When I was Most Loved’.

Last to come on stage was the beautiful Gillian Chung and handsome and popular Raymond Lam. This year is Twins’ 15th anniversary. Gillian revealed that she is busy preparing for their Twins concert at the end of the year and invited fans to anticipate their performance. Raymond Lam recently hurt his leg during filming, but reassured fans that he is almost fully recovered and will give 100% to the performance tomorrow night. He said jokingly that since the Gala is fundraising for the Vancouver General Hospital, even if there was a problem there would be nothing to worry about.

The 12 artistes all proceeded to sign three highly coveted souvenir posters for three lucky fans who were all elated to have been chosen. Lastly, President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan came onstage to present the artistes with the very representative RCMP bear dolls to welcome them to Canada for the All Star Charity Gala, and thank them for showing support to Fairchild TV’s 22nd anniversary as well as for philanthropy. Finally, they were joined onstage by Emperor Entertainment Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ng Yu, TVB Assistant General Manager Mr. Peter Au, TVB Controller of International Business Division Mr. Anthony Ho, Mr. Joe Chan and CEO of VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation Ms. Barbara Grantham for a commemoration photo. Together, they wished for a successful show at the Vancouver Convention Centre tomorrow evening to raise more funds for the foundation to better facilities and care for patients.

All Star Charity Gala
Concert Tickets 80% Sold Out


Tickets to the All Star Charity Gala featuring 12 popular artistes from Hong Kong including Raymond Lam, Hins Cheung, Gillian Chung, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung, Ken Hung and Alex, along with Kate Tsui, Fred Cheng, Gloria Tang, Jacqueline Wong, and Hubert Wu are now 80% sold out! $48 tickets are completely sold out while only a limited amount of other tickets are still available. The show is expected to be a full house and tickets will be hard to come by! Please act immediately! For inquiries please call Fotodigio Studio at 604-276-9326.

Fairchild Television, Emperor Entertainment and TVB jointly present
All Star Charity Gala Press Conference


To commemorate the 22nd Anniversary of Fairchild Television, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) and TVB from Hong Kong are collaborating with FTV to produce All Star Charity Gala taking place on Sunday, July 19th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Top notch artistes from the two entertainment giants will travel to Vancouver and participate in this extravaganza. Fairchild Television is honored to donate the proceeds from the Gala to the Vancouver General Hospital & UBC Hospital Foundation.

The All Star Charity Gala press conference was held today (April 24th) in Aberdeen Centre. The event was attended by Chairman and CEO of Fairchild Group, Mr. Thomas Fung and President and CEO of the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation, Ms. Barbara Grantham.

President of Fairchild Media Group, Joe Chan, revealed that the Gala was initiated by Chairman of EEG Mr. Albert Yeung, who has had a long term working relationship with Mr. Thomas Fung. Mr. Yeung proposed a partnership with Fairchild TV and TVB to produce the All Star Charity Gala as a celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of Fairchild Television. During the press conference, stars line-up was announced, including some familiar faces in Vancouver, Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Gloria Tang, the most promising new idol, Canadian born Fred Cheng and the very talented and longtime Fairchild performer and 1st runner up of Miss Hong Kong Jacqueline Wong. With these Vancouverites back home to perform for a fundraising event, this wonderful Gala turns out to be a lot more meaningful. Joining them onstage are EEG singers Raymond Lam, Hins Cheung, Vincy Chan, Gillian Chung, Sherman Chung, Ken Hung, and Alex and TVB artistes Kate Tsui and Hubert Wu.

As the pioneer Chinese media corporation in Canada, Fairchild TV strives to bring the best entertainment to viewers across the nation, at the same time giving back to the community to make a difference. Fairchild TV has named the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of the All Star Charity Gala with proceeds from the Gala going towards the Foundation. President and CEO of the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation, Ms. Barbara Grantham expressed that the Foundation is honored to be benefited from the Gala and offered her most sincere gratitude for Fairchild TV’s generosity. Ms. Grantham shared that VGH is the largest hospital in the province of British Colombia, with the most amount of experts and specialists providing medical care to over 600,000 patients per year. With the rising population comes the increase of medical needs, and the donation from the All Star Charity Gala will be of great contribution in providing medical care to those in need.

Lastly, Ms. Grantham presented a plaque of appreciation to Mr. Joe Chan to mark the launch of this charity campaign. The 12 talented artistes will shine onstage on July 19th for this most anticipated performance of the year. For event details and ticket information, please visit VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation website at, call 604.875.8233 or email