The No.1 Girl Idol Group is Born
King Maker IV Makes A Grand Entrance into Canada!

A miraculous breakthrough in recent years, the popular talent quest King Maker series has turned the Hong Kong entertainment industry upside down, ignited people's passion in Cantopop and opened the door for the younger generation!

Since 2018, Hong Kong has seen many rising stars, most notably MIRROR and ERROR, the boy groups formed by the contestants from the show's 1st season. Each member with his individual unique style has managed to steal the hearts of thousands of fans. As these idols constantly appear on various social media platforms and multiple brand promotions in Hong Kong, it is indeed hard to miss. Apart from these boy groups, King Maker has created many promising new stars from its 2nd season, like Phoebus@P1X3L, MC Cheung, Mike Tsang, and many more, who are all shining personalities in their own right with incredibly high hit rates of their songs on YouTube. While in the 3rd season, female contestants with strong vocals including Mischa Ip, Alina Lee, and Cloud Wan have found exponential growth in popularity as well. It is without exaggeration to say that the craze for King Maker is unstoppable!

When it comes to the 4th season, the organizing committee, for the first time, has decided to recruit girls only. King Maker IV was an enormous success at its launch with more than 4,000 application forms received and over 1,000 contestants auditioned. This year's goal is crystal clear: to create an all-rounded girl group. In addition to singing and dancing, the program producer, Ahfa Wong expects to incorporate acting in the competition to allow contestants to explore the various aspects of their potentials in stage performance. Having Joey Leung, last season's guest mentor and the charming star Alfred Hui as this year's instructors is simply icing on the cake. Actor Chu Pak Hong, singing artiste Stephanie Cheng, and DJ Donald Tong will also serve as judges at the preliminary.

With great anticipation, TV viewers will find many among the top 96 who have already made a debut or are themselves popular internet influencers, including Jennifer Yu, who started off as a model with her sister Zoe Yu and previously participated at the drama We are the Littles, and Michelle Kwok, the younger sister of 193 (Denis Kwok) from ERROR. In addition to Jackie Lau, a popular internet host and actress with more than 50,000 followers on social media, Fong Tsz Yan, explicitly recommended by Ahfa Wong, worked herself up the top 20 of King Maker III and has extensive experience as a dancer for numerous superstar concerts. Among many others, these contestants will definitely attract countless eyeballs.

King Maker IV is about to land in Canada! Starting from November 8th, Monday to Friday at 9:50pm, FTV1 will be there with you to discover new talents, staying close to how the competition progresses as the next all-rounded girl group is born!