Vancouver TAIWANfest Guided Culinary Tour

As a reflection of diversity in Canada, TaiwanFest launched its first ever “Dialogues with Asia” series in 2016 featuring a different Asian culture every year. Continuing last year’s success, “Dialogues with Asia” series will return with a toast to “Kanpai, Japan!”. With this theme in mind, guests will be able to explore the connection between the island nations of Japan and Taiwan, and how Japan’s colonial rule of Taiwan for 50 years has influenced Taiwanese culture.

Fairchild TV and Talentvision are strong supporters for cultural exchange, and have been media partners of TaiwanFest for many years. Leisure Talk host Mary Lo is invited to be the emcee for the Opening Ceremony. Foodies Deborah Moore and William Ho, along with celebrity Chef Denice Wai will form the judging panel for the International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational Canada (IPACC) Cooking Competition.

The much anticipated culinary tour will be participated by a group of popular TV personalities. This guided tour, which includes a Friendship Picnic, will provide a one-stop shop for everyone to experience Japan and Taiwan’s food and culture.

Aside from program hosts including Taiwanese host of City Chat, Carmen Shao and Leisure Talk host William Ho, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 and Project Boyz Power winners, will also join in for the first time. Want to become a member of this exclusive tour? Fill in the game entry form below for the chance to win a ticket!

Vancouver TAIWANfest Guided Food Tour

Date: Saturday September 2nd
Time: 11:45pm – 2:00pm
Place: Vancouver Art Gallery

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