Starting at the early hours of 7am on September 16th, Fairchild Radio AM1430 DJ's kicked off the Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day. Overwhelming support for Fairchild Radio, Fairchild Television and SickKids Hospital poured in during the eleven-hour telethon.

As of 6pm on September 16th at 6pm, the donation amount is at whopping $375,000! Thank you all for your support towards healthier future for the next generation!

Donations are being accepted until September 30th. To donate, please visit

Support Fairchild Television And Fairchild Radio AM1430 DJ’s For The Annual Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day

On September 16th, join Fairchild Radio as they kick off an 11-hour radiothon for the annual Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day. Between the hours of 7am and 6pm, tune in to AM1430 or the Facebook live stream as your favourite DJ’s complete the '500,000 Steps for the Kids' event.

Between September 12th and September 16th, you can learn more about the miracles that happen at SickKids Hospital by listening to Wyatt, Jayden, Geoffrey and Rhiannon’s tales of survival or the remarkable research that befalls behind closed doors.

Join famous singer Jacky Cheung and Fairchild and cheer on these mighty warriors as they continue their medical battle.

Your support and donations will go towards ensuring that ground-breaking medical discoveries can continue to be made to positively impact on children’s health.

A Message From The Hospital For Sick Children (SickKids): When the pandemic struck, it unleashed chaos across the country and left frontline healthcare workers physically and mentally exhausted, and many Canadians and their families devastated. SickKids is making a difference in the fight against COVID-19, from treating patients with COVID-19 to contributing to studies on the virus. At this challenging time, we need your support more than ever. Please click the link above to support SickKids.

Fairchild Media Group has been supporting SickKids for more than 20 years. Fairchild Radio will be broadcasting our annual fundraising event live. Please tune in on September 16th to listen to SickKids stories from patients and their families. Please join us to fight the greatest challenges in child health.

Donation Hotline: 647-521-0687 / 1-888-858-8010 (toll free)
Donations can also be made online at

It takes a village; together, we can help build a better future for those that come after us.

2021 Fairchild X SickKids Patient Stories

Date Story Fairchild TV 1 Fairchild TV 2
Sept. 12 (Sunday) Patient Story: Wyatt
At 20 months old, doctors found that Wyatt had a cancerous tumour and had to have his right eye removed. After receiving chemotherapy, doctors found another tumour, located in the adrenal gland and very close to major arteries.
9:20pm EST / 6:20pm PST
Sept. 13 (Monday) 8:10am 1:50pm EST / 10:50am PST
Sept. 14 (Tuesday) 3:55pm
Sept. 15 (Wednesday) 6:38pm 1:50pm EST / 10:50am PST
Sept. 12 (Sunday) Patient Story: Jayden
Jayden was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Fortunately, the cancer cells did not spread, but treatments brought various side effects that he had to overcome.
11:05am 10:20am EST / 7:20am PST
Sept. 13 (Monday) 6:10pm 8:20pm EST / 5:20pm PST
Sept. 14 (Tuesday) 8:10pm 4:50pm EST / 1:50pm PST
Sept. 12 (Sunday) Patient Story: Geoffrey
At the mere age of 10, Geoffrey had to face his biggest obstacle yet: leukemia. For 7 years, he bravely fought the disease. As time went on, the risk of rejection gradually subsided as he worked to regain his health.
Sept. 13 (Monday) 6:38pm 9:50am EST / 6:50am PST
Sept. 14 (Tuesday) 8:10am 9:20pm EST / 6:20pm PST
Sept. 15 (Wednesday) 2:40pm 5:50pm EST / 2:50pm PST
Sept. 12 (Sunday) Patient Story: Rhiannon
14-month-old Rhiannon was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Chemotherapy treatments affected her immune system, but after a 2-year battle, she overcame this terrible illness.
6:52pm 4:20pm EST / 1:20pm PST
Sept. 13 (Monday) 12:55pm
Sept. 14 (Tuesday) 12:50pm EST / 9:50am PST
Sept. 15 (Wednesday) 8:10am 8:20pm EST / 5:20pm PST
Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day
Sept. 16 (Thursday)
Wyatt 3:55pm 5:50pm EST / 2:50pm PST
Jayden 8:10am
Geoffrey 9:50am EST / 6:50am PST
Rhiannon 12:55pm 12:50pm EST / 9:50am PST

Pictures From Fairchild SickKids Fundraising Day 2020